The 7 Best Cooking Games to Play Offline

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If the idea of fulfilling fast-paced food orders, commanding your own restaurant, and designing scrumptious goodies sounds like a good time, then check out our roundup of the best cooking themed games for your devices. Whether you prefer to game on your iPhoneiPad or Android smartphone, we've got a fantastic food game for you to enjoy.

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The Classic From Japan: Cooking Mama Let's Cook!

Cooking Mama Let's Cook!
What We Like
  • The classic Cooking Mama game lands on iOS devices.

  • Fun minigames to keep players entertained.

  • Fun and colorful app design.

  • New restaurant features expand the experience.

  • Includes stickers for use in iMessage.

  • Expansion packs, including seasonal options, are always available to keep you from running out of new recipes.

What We Don't Like
  • Persistent flashing advertisements for in-game expansions can become quite irritating.

  • Some players might find the game mechanic repetitive after a short amount of time.

The Cooking Mama franchise has offered a rich cooking experience ever since it was released on the Nintendo DS over a decade ago. Now, fans of the series can continue their adventure with Cooking Mama Let's Cook!, a new variation of the game for iPhone and iPad users. Create varying food dishes, manage a miniature restaurant, and indulge in over thirty different mini-games all along the way to become the best chef for mama.

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Fast-Paced Cooking Action: Cooking Fever

Cooking Fever
What We Like
  • Fast-paced and exciting food-based gameplay.

  • Comfortable controls for commanding your kitchen.

  • A wide variety of foods to serve.

  • Fun, colorful, and bright scene design.

  • Play for no cost, with a few ads.

  • Over 300 game level to play through.

What We Don't Like
  • The game uses an ‘energy’ system which requires you to wait for a set time or pay to advance.

  • Some items are locked away for paying players only.

Take over the town with your cooking skills in Cooking Fever. The essence of the time-management game genre is served up in this fast-paced cooking game. Advance through different restaurants, preparing a wide variety of dishes for your customers. If you want to step into the kitchen and feel the heat, Cooking Fever will have your fingers flying on your tablet or smartphone.

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Good Pizza, Great Pizza: Make Pizza, Master the Oven

Good Pizza, Great Pizza
What We Like
  • Absolutely beautiful hand-drawn graphics styling.

  • Easy to understand pizza crafting system.

  • Fun sound effects from customers that add to the overall feel of the game.

  • In-game purchases are available, but not necessary.

  • Included pizza-themed stickers for iMessage.

What We Don't Like
  • Gameplay might be a bit slow at first for some players.

  • The game might make you hungry for pizza.

Opening this game instantly instills a warm feeling within those who set their eyes upon its comforting hand-drawn design. Good Pizza, Great Pizza is a mobile game that keeps gameplay straightforward but still challenging. Build pizzas, but keep an eye on how much cheese you use or you might just bankrupt your business. Have fun serving over eighty different customers and taking down the rival pizza shop across the street.

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Cooking Dash: Flow is Back in the Restaurant

Cooking Dash
What We Like
  • Diner Dash fans can continue their adventure on mobile.

  • The successful mechanics from the original game are adapted well for the touchscreen.

  • Cooking show backdrop adds a fun and fast-paced experience to the game.

  •  The game is constantly updated with new dishes and levels.

  • Levels are bright and feature bold designs.

What We Don't Like
  • The game uses an ‘energy’ system which requires you to wait for a set time or pay to advance.

For those familiar with the popular PC game, Diner Dash, this game's protagonist, Flo, needs no introduction. Bringing over many of the original gameplay mechanics from the PC-based original, Cooking Dash places you in the center of a cooking show where you must cook and serve food as fast as possible, while an onslaught of viewers cheers you on. If you loved the original, we think you will enjoy this mobile adaptation of the game.

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Cooking Craze: Get Cooking and Get Moving

Cooking Craze
What We Like
  • Varying game mechanics have you racing for both customer satisfaction and time limits.

  • A wide variety of cuisine options depending on the level.

  • Extremely bright and colorful neon designs keep your eyes visually interested.

  • Seemingly endless levels to keep playing to your heart’s content.

What We Don't Like
  • The game uses an ‘energy’ system which requires you to wait for a set time or pay to advance.

  • In-game addons and starter packs are very ​heavily advertised.

Another fast-paced cooking game, Cooking Craze, is an excellent option for those who want to build out their cooking empire, while having fun working with a variety of different cuisines. Start in a donut food truck, and quickly work your way up to burger restaurants, pancakes houses, and more.

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My Bakery Empire: Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Sweet Empire
What We Like
  • Cooking mini-games bring the excellent gameplay of Cooking Mama to the world of baking.

  • The colorful game design is visually attractive.

  •  Create custom cakes and pastries with a fun and interactive design system.

  • Ads can be removed if desired for a one time fee that is quite reasonable.

What We Don't Like
  • You must purchase the full version of the game to access everything such as the ultimate bake pack and baker dress up addon.

  • The game might feel a bit slow paced for some players.

If the thought of staring at beautifully design cakes, chocolate eclairs, and other pastries makes you hungry then you may want to look in the other direction. A game aimed directly at the heart of sweet tooths, My Bakery Empire brings a Cooking Mama style game experience to the world of desserts. Bake your heart out, and expand your bakery into a full-sized empire.

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Food Truck Chef: Put Your Cooking Skills into Gear

Food Truck Chef
What We Like
  • A wide variety of food to cook, starting with a pasta truck and moving up to BBQ, Pizza, Tex-Mex, Baking, and more.

  • Ability to decorate your food truck to match your style.

  • The fast-paced gameplay is addictive.

What We Don't Like
  • Doesn’t feel as polished as some of the other options available in our list.

  • Game mechanics don’t introduce anything truly new or revolutionary.

Similar to other fast-paced time-management cooking games, Food Truck Chef instantly demands you keep your eyes peeled or risk burning food. Travel across the world with your food truck, and cook an endless number of dishes from your van, which somehow manages to fit a twelve pot stove range and an industrial-sized oven in the back.