The 8 Best Nintendo Switch Cases of 2020

Keep your console protected where you go

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The Rundown
"Fits all your Switch essentials while still remaining relatively thin."
"A case with style on the outside to match what it holds on the inside"
"Even at its small size, the Tomtoc case still makes room to hold 10 games"
"If you really want to make sure your device is protected when you're on the move, check out this carrying case from Mumba."
"A Switch case doesn’t have to be fancy to keep your system secure and easy to tote around."
"The convenient system case is designed to hold everything that goes with your Switch"
"With a carry-all bag like PowerA's Everywhere Messenger Bag, you can travel with plenty more than just your Switch."
"This "dockable grip case" is made from a sturdy hybrid of flexible thermoplastic polyurethane"

The best Nintendo Switch cases let you unlock the full potential of the console's one-of-a-kind portability. With a system that makes it so simple and seamless to go from your big-screen TV to a different room or on a road trip, you need to feel like it's safe and secure each step of the way.

You'll find plenty of carrying cases on the market that accomplish the core task of holding on to your console, a pair of joy-con controllers, and a handful of Switch games. Some also make room for extra joy-cons, other Switch accessories, and much more. There are even cases that function as protective covers, designed to stay on your Switch and shield it from bumps and drops while you're playing in handheld mode.

No matter how you prefer to put your versatile gaming device to use, here are our top picks for cases that provide portability and protection.

Best Overall: Orzly Carry Case for Nintendo Switch

What We Like
  • Sturdy EVA polymer

  • Rubber handle for grip

  • Slots for 8 game cartridges

What We Don't Like
  • Some quality control issues

This popular case from Orzly has a hard, sturdy exterior made from ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) polymer that protects your Nintendo Switch from drops and bumps. On the outside, there's a rubber handle for easier grip, and the inside is lined with soft materials and a separate flap that covers the screen area to protect against scratches and scuffs.

With slots for 8 game cartridges, plus a large mesh pocket for accessories like charging cables and extra controllers, the Orzly case fits all your Switch essentials while still remaining relatively thin. Even if your device has a protective cover already on it, it will still fit inside this Orzly carrying case. It also comes in nine different colors to suit your preferences.

Keeping Your Nintendo Switch's Display Crisp and Clean

"The Orzly Carry Case offers the best mix of portability, protection, and price, keeping your Switch safe without burdening down your bag." Ajay Kumar, Tech Editor

Best Design: RDS Industries Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case for Nintendo Switch

What We Like
  • Hard exterior and cushioned interior

  • Nintendo-licensed designs

  • Built-in stand on newer models

What We Don't Like
  • Doesn’t hold lots of accessories

  • Some users miss interior pouch

For a case with style on the outside to match what it holds on the inside, take a look at the Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case from RDS Industries. As an officially licensed Nintendo product, the durable hard-shell case is not only built to meet the company’s protective standards, but also includes design options based on franchises like Zelda, Mario, and more. Some varieties sport tough ballistic nylon exteriors, others use resistant polyurethane (PU) leather.

Going beyond appearance, the Game Traveler’s design comes with a few extra features you don’t see on many other Switch cases. It provides game cartridge storage by way of two plastic cases, each with slots for four games. You’ll also get two even smaller micro SD cardholders that can fit in those game slots.

Finally, newer versions of the Game Traveler have a padded flap for guarding the console’s screen—this flap can fold into a viewing stand that you can rest your Switch on to play anywhere you go. This design feature replaces the storage pouch of older models, though, which some may prefer to have.

Best Slim Case: Tomtoc Slim Case for Nintendo Switch

What We Like
  • Very thin and lightweight

  • Space to hold 10 games

  • Removable carrying strap

What We Don't Like
  • Won’t fit other accessories

Sometimes portability is the priority. When you want to be able to pack your Switch up in a small space without a lot of other accessories, you’ll need an ultra-slim solution like this carrying case from Tomtoc. It offers the protection of a splash-proof EVA hard shell, packed into a profile not much more than an inch thick. Raised areas that align with the joysticks and buttons of your joy-cons keep them from being compressed if you drop the case or smash it into the bottom of a bag.

Even at its small size, the Tomtoc case still makes room to hold 10 games, more than some other bulkier cases. What you won’t have room for is any other accessories beyond your console and one pair of joy-cons. You also get a subtle yet stylish exterior available in a variety of appealing designs, from camouflage to "galaxy" to solid colors like black and gray and green and pink.

If you have the even more portable Nintendo Switch Lite console, Tomtoc produces slim cases for it as well.

Best Protection: Mumba Case for Nintendo Switch

What We Like
  • Hard EVA shell for crush-resistance

  • Waterproof

  • Holds up to 20 games

What We Don't Like
  • Relatively bulky

If you really want to make sure your device is protected when you're on the move, check out this carrying case from Mumba. The hard EVA shell ensures the Switch won't get crushed in your bag or damaged when dropped from a few feet. It's waterproof as well, so liquid spills or rainstorms aren't a concern, and there's a wrist strap to help prevent drops in the first place.

Available in black, blue, and camouflage design, it's large enough on the inside to fit the Switch, even if it already has an additional protective case attached to it. A wide elastic strap helps hold your console securely in place.

There are also an impressive 20 slots for holding game cartridges, plus plenty of room on the sides and an interior zippered pouch for things like spare joy-con controllers, charging cables, and other accessories.

Best Budget: AmazonBasics Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch

A Switch case doesn’t have to be fancy to keep your system secure and easy to tote around. If you don’t regularly put it through rough conditions or need to bring a lot of accessories, Amazon’s own carrying case for the Switch gets the job done. Like most gadgets produced by the online retailer’s house brand, it gives you solid quality and protection for a very affordable price.

The soft-shelled AmazonBasics case uses a common Switch case design: there's a flap that covers the screen and holds 10 game cartridges. It can serve as a stand to prop your console up as you play, and a mesh pouch built into the lid offers a bit of extra room for joy-con straps and other small items. Its simple construction is matched by simple, unassuming solid color on the outside, available in black, red, or neon yellow.

"A basic case is all I need to travel with my Switch—making it easy and safe to pack the console and some games into a backpack. Then I can toss the charger, dock, or other controllers into the bag too if I need them." Anton Galang, Lifewire Writer

Best Full System Case: iVoler Carrying Storage Case for Nintendo Switch

What We Like
  • Made for all parts of your Switch system

  • Durable and secure

  • Easy to carry

What We Don't Like
  • Larger than standard cases

  • Some snug fits

For full gaming sessions on long trips, the accessories you'll need to bring with your Switch can start to add up. There's the console, dock, power adapter, cables, games, extra joy-cons, and any joy-con grips and pro controllers you and your friends might need. The iVoler Carrying Storage Case has room for all of the above while keeping everything protected with a tough EVA shell and soft fabric lining. An easy-to-grip handle and a removable shoulder strap make it easy to take the whole bundle anywhere.

The convenient system case is designed to hold everything that goes with your Switch, so it features dedicated spaces for all the different parts. The fit is tight enough to keep items from banging around, though sometimes it can feel a little too snug. There are slots for 18 game cards and a roomy mesh pocket for other accessories.

Best All-Purpose Bag: PowerA Everywhere Messenger Bag for Nintendo Switch

What We Like
  • Functional messenger bag design

  • Fits accessories and more

  • Comes with smaller case for the console

What We Don't Like
  • Not as protective as hard cases

  • No dedicated game holders

With a carry-all bag like PowerA's Everywhere Messenger Bag, you can travel with plenty more than just your Switch. But when you do want to transport your system with it, there are rearrangeable compartments for the dock, cables, controllers, and lots of other accessories. There's also a soft internal case just for the console itself, keeping it extra safe among everything else.

While the Everywhere Messenger Bag factors in your most important Switch components, it doesn't quite provide the same level of toughness and protection as a harder case solely dedicated to securing the Switch and its parts. What you do get is a versatile, well-organized companion for gaming on the road. It's even available in a classy Zelda or a retro Mario Bros. style to show off your love of those franchises.

Best Protective Cover: Mumba Blade Series Dockable Grip Case for Nintendo Switch

What We Like
  •  Always-on shock and drop protection

  • Comfortable hand grips

  • Doesn't block docking or joy-cons

What We Don't Like
  • Fit for dock and joy-cons can be tight

  • Doesn't fit into smaller travel cases

Do you (or other members of your household) tend to put electronics through a lot of wear and tear? The lightweight Switch can feel fragile in your hands, so playing it out in the world only adds to the feeling of living dangerously. That's why there are protective, always-on coverings like Mumba's Blade Series. This "dockable grip case" is made from a sturdy hybrid of flexible thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and resistant polycarbonate (PC) materials that protect your device from drops, shocks, and bumps. It also adds non-slip ergonomic handgrips behind the joy-cons on either side for a more secure, comfortable handheld experience.

Setting the Blade Series apart from most other Switch covers are some simple but significant conveniences. As the name implies, it lets your Switch fit into the dock without having to remove the case, so you can transition from charging or playing at your TV to wandering around freely with no added hassle. The case doesn't get in the way of your joy-cons, game cartridges, or other ports, either. As a bonus, it gives your console a distinct look and comes in five bold colors.

"Equipping your Switch with a rugged, reliable case can add a lot of peace of mind, but a big downside is always having to take the case off to dock the console or remove joy-cons. The Mumba Blade Series eliminates that hassle completely." Anton Galang, Lifewire Writer

Final Verdict

If you're frequently on the go, the best Nintendo Switch case to get is the Orzly Carry Case. It's affordable, has a hard EVA polymer exterior, and it can handle drops and scuffs. Best of all, it can hold up to 8 game cartridges, along with some extra accessories and cables. Even if your Switch already has a cover, it'll fit inside this case. If you want something minimalist and even cheaper, we like the Finite Protective Case. It won't protect your whole Switch, but the foldable leather does cover the screen and body, while also doubling as a device stand.

How We Tested

Our expert reviewers and testers haven't yet gotten their hands on any Nintendo Switch cases, but when they do, they'll evaluate a variety of factors including design, storage capacity, and overall durability. The key elements of a Switch case are how many game cards and accessories it can hold in addition to the Nintendo Switch itself, and how well it protects its contents.

To test these, we will fill the Switch cases up with as many items and accessories as we can, and determine how snugly it holds them. We’ll also put the Switch case to use, taking it on our travels and day-to-day commute to make sure it protects everything inside. Finally, we’ll look at the price and make a value proposition about each Switch case by comparing its features to competitors. All review products are purchased by Lifewire; not provided by the manufacturer. 

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What to Look for When Buying Nintendo Switch Cases

Portability - As a handheld device, a Nintendo Switch case is usually fairly portable. Most cases come with a carrying handle, a wrist strap, or extra grip to make it easier to use on the go. The trade-off is that the more protection and storage you require, the bigger and bulkier the Switch case becomes. It's also important to consider that some cases are clamshells that snap onto the Switch and make it hard to dock or detach Joy-Con's without removal.

Durability - Many cases are built out of lightweight material like hardened polycarbonate or PU leather, giving them a good mix of protection and weight. The ones with bulky TPU builds and built-in screen protectors offer more protection but add to weight. Drop protection and waterproofing often means that ports will be blocked or the Switch will need to be removed from the case in order to dock.

Storage Space - The bigger cases will have velcro straps and mesh pockets inside, giving them extra room for game cartridges and accessories. Most modestly size cases can carry 8 game cartridges and some cables. Bigger cases can carry your entire Switch, along with the dock, charger, and Joy-Con's, but they take up quite a bit more space.