The 8 Best Nintendo Switch Cases of 2019

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Best Overall: Orzly Carry Case for Nintendo Switch

Orzly Carry Case for Nintendo Switch

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This sturdy case from Orzly has a hard EVA polymer exterior that protects your Nintendo Switch from drops and bumps. On the outside, there's a rubber handle for easier grip, and the inside is lined with soft materials and a separate flap that covers the screen area to protect against scratches and scuffs.

With slots for eight game cartridges, plus a large mesh pocket for accessories like charging cables and extra controllers, the Orzly case fits all your Switch essentials while still remaining relatively thin. Even if your device has a protective cover already on it, it will still fit inside this Orzly carrying case.

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Best Slim Case: Fintie Protective Case for Nintendo Switch

Want to look after your Switch and create a more comfortable gaming experience at the same time? Take a look at the Fintie Protective Case, which attaches to the console to protect the screen and body, and also folds out to act as a device stand as needed.

This slim, PU leather case comes in a limited range of colors and designs, covering the sides and back of the Switch at all times. When it's not being used to protect the screen, the front flap can be folded out of the way and attached magnetically to the back or folded to create a stand that props it up while you play.

All ports remain accessible while the case is attached, and you can detach the joy-cons from the side as needed. You'll need to remove the case when docking the Switch, however.

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Best Protective Case: Mumba Case for Nintendo Switch

Since the Switch is often used as a handheld gaming device on the go, there's always a risk of damage from dropping or hitting it on something solid. That's where Mumba's protective case comes in — its rubbery polycarbonate shell takes the brunt of any impact. There's also a cut-out for attaching an optional lanyard or strap for easier transportation.

Available in a range of colors, the snap-on case adds plenty of shock and scratch protection. As an added bonus, it also provides extra grip when you're playing, reducing the chance of dropping the Switch in the first place. Since the case doesn't cover the screen itself, you'll likely want to add a clear screen protector to protect from scratches.

All of the ports remain accessible, although the case does cover part of both the main unit and joy-con controllers, so you'll need to remove it if you want to detach the controllers. 

Best Carrying Case: Mumba Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch

If you want to protect your device when you're on the move, check out this carrying case from Mumba. The hard EVA shell ensures the Switch won't get crushed in your bag, or damaged when dropped from a few feet. It's waterproof as well, so liquid spills or rainstorms aren't a concern, and there's a wrist strap to help prevent drops in the first place.

Available in black, blue, and camouflage design, it's large enough on the inside to fit the Switch, even if it already has a case on it. A wide elastic strap helps hold it securely in place.

There are also 20 slots for holding game cartridges, plus plenty of room on the sides and an interior zippered pouch for things like joy-con controllers, charging cables, and other accessories. 

Best Charging Case: FYoung Switch Stand Charging Case

There are many things to love about the Switch, but the battery life — which can last anywhere from two to six hours — isn't one of them. If you're on a long journey, or just want to game away from the confines of a power socket, you'll find yourself running out of juice long before you're ready to stop.

That's where the FYoung Switch Stand Charging Case comes in, combining a carrying case and stand with a 10,000mAh battery to effectively double your gaming time. Connect your Switch via a small charging cable and you can power up while playing, both when the device sitting flat inside the case or propped up on the case stand. The battery can also power up your phone or other devices as needed.

The case itself has a pair of bungee straps to keep the Switch secure in transit, and holds up to eight game cartridges in dedicated slots. There's space for two joy-cons, and a zippered mesh pocket for other small accessories.

Best Style: Palisade Nintendo Switch Waxed Canvas Carrying Case

Not every Switch carrying case has to look like, well, a Switch carrying case. If you're after something more subtle and stylish, yet still spacious enough to be useful, check out Palisade's waxed canvas version.

Priced around the same as most of the plastic and nylon equivalents, this slimline case looks more like a pencil case than something housing a gaming console. The waxed canvas exterior is durable and water-resistant, so it can handle a bit of dirt or rain with no problem.

A couple of magnetic snaps keep the lid flap secure, and pockets on the front and back provide storage for (slim) accessories like cables, game cartridges, and joy-cons. The softer, checked fabric on the inside helps protect against scratches and marks on the screen.

The case is only a little wider than a Switch with joy-cons attached, ensuring a nice snug fit with no extra bulk.

Best for Travel: ButterFox Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch

Most Switch cases have space to hold up to a dozen different game cartridges, but if you're an avid gamer who's going to be away from home for a while, that might not be enough. There's no such problem with the ButterFox Carrying Case, however, which has an impressive 19 card slots available while still staying relatively thin.

Not only does it have space for a large games library, but this inexpensive, well-designed case also fits a couple of SD cards as well. There's also a zippered pouch for other accessories like charging cables, battery packs, and joy-cons. It also has a grippy handle on top to make it easier to transport, and a handy pull-tab inside to help lift the Switch out from its snug enclosure. A velcro strip secures one of the internal flaps over the top of the console screen to keep it secure and protected in transit. 

Best for Storage or Transport: Hermitshell Hard EVA Switch Carry-All Case

If you need somewhere to store all your Switch gear (this could be useful if you are moving, live in a dorm, or simply want a place to tuck away your gaming accessories) most typical carrying cases aren't going to be big enough to hold all the different bits and pieces. Not so with Hermitshell's Carry-All case, which, as the name suggests, has room for a vast range of extras.

Shaped like a small suitcase, the hard outer material offers protection from all but the hardest of falls. A zipper runs the full length for ease of access, and there's an included shoulder strap to make it easy to carry. On the inside, there's space at the bottom for everything from the docking cradle and AC adapter to a Pro controller and more. Each sits inside its own section of cut-out foam to keep it secure and prevent jostling in transport.

The lid has slots for 18 game cartridges, plus a couple of mesh pockets to drop in things like earbuds, cables, and other small accessories. 

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