The 5 Best Nintendo Switch Apps of 2023

Sure it's a great gaming platform, but with the right apps you can do a little bit more

Whether you want to check out your favorite streamer on Twitch or just chill and watch a show, these apps have you covered.

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Twitch app running on the Nintendo Switch


What We Like
  • Can earn Channel Points.

What We Don't Like
  • Can't broadcast from Switch.

  • Can't send bits to creators.

Watching gaming on a gaming devices is the norm now and, thanks to Twitch on the Switch, your favorite streaming is always at hand. Keep in mind this method is really for consumption only, it's not as full-featured as on other devices. Still, if you have your Switch with you anyway, you won't miss out (and the screen is likely bigger than your phone anyway).

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Streaming Video: Hulu

Hulu is open with popular shows displayed in a grid formation.
What We Like
  • Tons of great shows including Hulu Originals.

  • Easy to navigate to find the shows you want to watch.

What We Don't Like
  • Some paid plans include commercials.

Watching TV via a streaming service is how more and more people are accessing their favorite shows and movies. Hulu delivers everything that you've already seen, along with awesome original content, and a plan that allows you to access live TV.

You can search for specific titles, add items to your watchlist, and browse by category if you aren't entirely sure what it is you want to watch.

Hulu does require a subscription and offers several different tiers. If you don't mind commercials you can get Hulu for a reasonable price (although you can spend quite a bit with Hulu's higher tiers).

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Comic Book Reader: InkyPen

A Star Trek comic is displayed with a menu above and below the comic itself.
What We Like
  • Large library of comics from a variety of sources.

  • Easy to find and save the comics you want to read.

What We Don't Like
  • No access to Marvel or DC comics.

  • Book mode can be clunky and difficult to use.

Comics have been a way to tell stories that aren't ideal for screen or book for decades now. In the past to get your comic fix you'd need to drive to your local shop and pick something up, or wait for a delivery from your merchant of choice. InkyPen gives you another option, delivering comics right to your TV with the help of your Nintendo Switch.

InkyPen is an excellent way to get your comic fix without ever having to leave the couch. It's got a great UI to make finding comics easy, the ability to pin your favorites so you can get back to them, and a huge selection for you to read through. InkyPen works on a subscription model so you do have to pay each month.

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Music Creator: KORG Gadget

Various different soundboards are displayed within the Korg Gadget app.
What We Like
  • Access to 16 synthesizers and drum machines.

What We Don't Like
  • No import or export features.

  • No support for MIDI controllers.

KORG Gadget is fairly well known as music creation software, and now it's available on Nintendo Switch. This app allows you to use a variety of different synthesizers, drum machines, and sound effects to create your own music.

KORG Gadget is a fun way for up to four people to create music together, although it is limited by the fact that you can't import or export the music that you create. You can still share with other Switch users, which lets you share at least a little bit.

Whether you love music, or you want a fun activity for your musically inclined kids, this is a fun buy. KORG Gadget can be snagged for $48.

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Videos: YouTube

YouTube is open with various videos displayed on the recommended page of the app.
What We Like
  • All of your favorite YouTube content is available.

What We Don't Like
  • YouTube's algorithm may recommend videos unsuitable for younger users.

YouTube is the #1 place on the internet to find videos. Whether you want cute animals, the daily news, sketch shows, gaming streams or much of anything else, they are the website you want to spend time on.

The app has been available since November of 2018, allowing Switch users to access a larger mobile screen than the one on their phones, making it easier than ever to catch up on your favorite channels while riding the subway on your commute.

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