The 8 Best Nintendo Switch Accessories of 2019

Make sure to score these add-ons and enjoy your gaming system even more

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The Rundown

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Best Controller Accessory: FastSnail Joy-Con Grips

If you’re used to traditional controllers, the FastSnail Joy-Con Grips make for the best add-on to your Joy-Con controller. Joy-Con controllers are small, but FastSnail provides a convenient mold that transforms them into a more natural feeling controller.

FastSnail Joy-Con Grips are ergonomically designed with an accommodating grip to make handling gaming easier. They’re wear-resistant and designed with a player’s comfort in mind for intense gaming even with the small Joy-Con controllers. Besides enhancing your gameplay, the FastSnail Joy-Con Grips provide a protective shell for your Joy-Con by guarding it against scratches and dirt. Colors come in black, red and blue, as well as yellow. Every order comes with a two-pack.

Best Screen Protector: amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The amFilm company is known for its top-notch screen protectors, and they make the best one for the Nintendo Switch. The ultra clear high definition screen protector provides a 99.9 percent transparency and protects against bumps, scratches, as well as overall wear and tear with its 9H hardness level.

The amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector is ultra light and thin (.3mm thick plastic) and due to its specific design with the system, is easy to install on your Nintendo Switch’s game screen. You don’t have to worry about air bubbles going underneath the protector either. The kit included comes with two glass screen protectors, wet and dry wipes, a squeeze card, dust removal stickers and an installation user’s guide. 

Best Playstand: HORI Compact Playstand

The Nintendo Switch is made for portable playability and the Hori Compact Playstand makes it easier to set it up anywhere. The lightweight stand is compact, affordable and also officially licensed by Nintendo.

The Hori Compact Playstand measures at 3.8 x .9 x 6.7 inches and weighs only 6.4 ounces. The stand can provide the perfect positioning for gaming with the Nintendo Switch with three different angles (30, 50, 60 degrees) and folds flatly into place when not in use. The stand is made with rubberized grips, so your Switch stays securely in place, but it also has a breathable space for charging.

Best Carrying Case: ProCase Hard Shell Case

The ProCase hard shell is the easiest, safest and most convenient way to travel with your Nintendo Switch. The hard shell traveling case is made durable and large enough to carry your Nintendo Switch neatly all for under $15.

ProCase makes a tidy little carrying case that fully protects your Nintendo Switch from any scratches. It’s made with a velcro that secures your console and controller in a stable and convenient position. The case boasts large storage with mesh pockets, so you can secure accessories such as a charger, cable, slim power bank, two extra Joy-Cons and eight game card slots. Hestia Goods even offers a full refund or replacement if you’re not satisfied with the case.

Best Portable Car Charger: Nintendo Switch High Speed Car Charger by HORI

Power is nice and when you’re traveling on the go with your Nintendo Switch, there’s no better way to harness power with HORI’s Nintendo Switch High Speed Car Charger. Hori’s High Speed Car Charger is perfect for any family on a road trip or a traveler who doesn’t want to worry about a low battery on their Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch High Speed Car Charger by HORI quickly charges your Nintendo Switch with a 5 volts / 3.0 amps of power. The compact charger is made of a durable plastic casing and has a six-foot cable, so players in the back seat can enjoy a charge without any snag. Nintendo – which takes its brand seriously – officially licenses Hori’s High Speed Car Charger, so you’re assured a high-quality product that will work in harmony with your Nintendo Switch.

Best Custom Mod: Bonafide Hardware Replacement Housing

If you want to stand out from the crowd, there is nothing cooler than modifying your Nintendo Switch with Bonafide’s Hardware Replacement Housing. The unique shell housing replacement transforms your Nintendo Switch with a transparent color scheme that gives the console its own style.

Don’t worry if you’re a beginner – Bonafide’s Hardware Replacement Housing comes with very clear instructions for users who want to make absolutely sure they get it right the first time. Also note that colors come in blue, green, gray, pink, purple and transparent.

Best Controller: Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller makes gaming on the Nintendo Switch easier for traditional gamers, thanks to its dedicated controller design. The first party controller by Nintendo is ergonomically designed and makes for the best controller all around. Consider it as Nintendo’s answer to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers.

Sure, the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers are fun, but gamers who want a familiar controller scheme will find comfort in the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. The wireless controller comes packed with motion controls, HD rumble, as well as a built-in Amiibo functionality, so you can utilize it with every Switch game on the market. The controller comes with a USB-C to USB-A charging cable, too, allowing for a 40-hour battery life upon full charge.

Best Charging Station: Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Dock by BD&A

Simple, convenient and slick, BD&A’s officially licensed Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Dock makes juicing up a breeze. It takes up very little space, measuring at .2 x .1x .2 inches and has a weighted base for stability. The design is also complementing to the Nintendo Switch console’s style.

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Dock can charge up to four Joy-Con controllers. The dock allows for an easy slide design functionality to hold your multiple Joy-Cons. LED indicators on top show red when each controller is charging and green when fully charged. The charging dock takes approximately five to six hours for a controller with zero battery life to get a full charge, making it viable to switch between controllers if necessary.