The 10 Best Nintendo Switch Accessories

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The best Nintendo Switch accessories make this fun, versatile little console even better. The system’s innovative hybrid design makes it just as easy to play at your TV as it is to take it with you in handheld mode, and there are gadgets for whatever type of experience you prefer. Upgrade your controller situation with Nintendo's own Pro Controller or grips. Expand your storage with a memory card or your battery life with a car charger. Protect your hardware with a dedicated Switch case or screen protector.

Depending on what Switch games you play and where and how you play them, you may not need every accessory on this list. But just about any Switch owner will benefit from at least some combination of these add-ons, so take a look and see which could make your gaming life more convenient or secure. And, since many of them are relatively affordable, they’re worthwhile investments for you and your family’s entertainment.

Best Controller

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Courtesy of Nintendo

What We Like
  • Comfortable design

  • Well-built and sturdy

  • Impressive battery life

What We Don't Like
  • On the pricey side

As nifty as the Switch’s two-part Joy-Con controllers are, they’re not quite ideal for serious grownup gaming. A traditional full-sized Switch controller can significantly level up your experience, and nothing does the job quite like Nintendo’s own official Pro Controller.

The sleek wireless accessory with its larger size and textured handles feels comfortable and natural to grip in adult hands. Taking a lot of cues from the Xbox’s beloved controller design, all the buttons and analog sticks are easy to reach and satisfying to use. Overall, it’s built to a high standard of quality, durable enough to withstand being knocked around by even the rowdiest of households.

The Pro Controller comes with a USB-C to USB-A charging cable, but with an excellent 40-hour listed battery life, you can play for long stretches before needing to plug it in. You also don’t lose out on the extra functionality touches of the Joy-Cons, namely the built-in motion controls and the ability to scan amiibo figures and cards. One downside is the controller’s relatively high price tag, but it’s worth the cost for any gamer looking to sit down at the Switch for longer sessions.

Even though another set of Joy-Cons would’ve added the option for an extra player, our family was very happy with all the comfort and quality a Pro Controller provided as our next additional controller.” — Anton Galang, Product Tester

Best Grips

FastSnail Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Grips

FastSnail Joy-Con Grips


What We Like
  • Adds significant ergonomics

  • Wear-resistant

  • Nice value

What We Don't Like
  • Have to take out controllers to charge

Many Switch games offer the option for two players to split a set of Joy-Cons by holding each side of the controller sideways in their hands. It’s a clever and convenient way to let more people jump in, but a single Joy-Con is tiny and can be uncomfortable to play with, especially for adult users with larger hands. The FastSnail Joy-Con Grips—packaged as a set of two—transform each of those tiny Joy-Cons into a more traditional, ergonomic controller.

In particular, they upgrade the very hard-to-reach SL and SR shoulder buttons into full triggers that are much easier on the fingers. They also come with six thumb grip caps for the joysticks, some in larger sizes to suit your preferences.

A game-changer for couch co-op games, the FastSnail Grips are made of smooth, soft, wear-resistant rubber that you can securely snap the Joy-Cons in and out of. The fact that they protect the controllers while keeping our hands comfortable is just an added bonus. They’re also available in a variety of colors (to match the official color combinations of the Joy-Cons themselves) and are a great value for the price.

These are perfect for any fans of local multiplayer games—I sent a set to my cousin as a gift as soon as I learned he had a Switch.” — Anton Galang, Product Tester

Best Screen Protector

amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch

amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch


What We Like
  • Great clarity and protection

  • Easy to apply

  • Excellent value

What We Don't Like
  • Some users report bubbling issues

When you invest in a handheld console like the Switch, it makes a lot of sense to protect the screen from day-to-day wear and tear as much as possible—especially if you have children or are frequently on the go. With a tempered glass screen protector such as the highly-rated ones from amFilm, you get high quality, durability, and peace of mind for a low cost.

The more resilient and scratch-resistant tempered glass material is slightly thicker than simple plastic screen protectors, but it’s still ultra-thin at 0.3mm and doesn’t interfere with touchscreen functions.

Screen protectors of any kind can be tricky to apply, but the amFilm protectors come with instructions and tools to help make the process painless. Some users have reported issues with air bubbles appearing during application, so even though many were able to eventually fix the bubbling, it can be handy that the package ships as a set of three to provide a backup option.

Best Stand

HORI Compact Playstand

HORI Compact Playstand


What We Like
  • Budget-friendly price

  • Compact, user-friendly design

  • Officially licensed Nintendo product

What We Don't Like
  • Requires a flat surface

  • Plastic design is a bit underwhelming

Nintendo put a lot of thought into the Switch’s design, including a small kickstand on the back of the console so it can be played in tabletop mode. That configuration, however, doesn’t leave enough space to plug your charger into the USB-C port at the bottom if you want to power your system while you play.

The Hori Compact Playstand solves that issue. The lightweight plastic stand elevates your Switch so you can set it down on a surface, plug in a power cord, and play it anywhere without running out of battery.

Effortless to set up, the Hori Compact Playstand offers three viewing angles at 30, 50, and 60 degrees, though it does need to be on a flat surface to work properly. When you’re not using it, you can fold it down for storage, making it small enough to toss into any backpack, carry-on, or messenger bag.

Best Carrying Case

Orzly Carry Case for Nintendo Switch

Orzly Carry Case for Nintendo Switch

Courtesy of Amazon

What We Like
  • Sturdy EVA exterior

  • Affordably priced

  • Comes in a variety of colors

What We Don't Like
  • Some quality control issues reported

If you’re going to be traveling with your Switch in any capacity, you’ll need a way to securely carry your console, games, and important accessories. That means you’ll need a dedicated Switch carrying case, and Orzly offers one that provides an excellent combination of protection, storage, and portability for the money.

The case's outer shell is built with a durable ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) material that protects contents from the elements, while at the same time keeping everything scratch-free with a soft inner lining. The console fits snugly inside, even with most types of snap-on casings already on it.

There are also slots for eight Switch game cards, along with an interior pocket to hold small peripherals such as extra Joy-Cons and cables or headphones (but not the dock or any pro controllers). Finally, the wide assortment of available colors lets you transport your Switch with both security and style to match your personality.

A simple, compact case for my Switch and accessories opened up worlds of portable play for me. I use the case to store my games even at home—I can just throw in the console and be ready to roll.” — Anton Galang, Product Tester

Best Car Charger

HORI Nintendo Switch High Speed Car Charger

HORI Nintendo Switch High Speed Car Charger


What We Like
  • Long 6-foot cable

  • Officially licensed by Nintendo

  • Works with other devices

What We Don't Like
  • Not as fast as the dock

  • No easy storage option

The Hori High Speed Car Charger is a 6-foot fast-charging cable designed to keep your Nintendo Switch powered up while on the go. With 5V/3.0AMP of power, it’s not as quick as the Switch’s dock but it’s more than powerful enough to do the trick—without forcing you to pause the game, unlike some competitor products.

Designed with road trips in mind, this cable has plenty of range for most vehicles, meaning whether you’re crushing the game in the passenger seat or in the back seat, there’s always enough range for a jump when you need it.

This is a must-have product for anyone looking to hit the road with their Nintendo Switch, which typically has a battery life in the range of 2.5 to 9 hours on its own. While the Hori is officially licensed for the Nintendo Switch, this cable can also charge a variety of phones and tablets that charge via USB-C. This makes it the best portable car charger for the price.

Best Charging Dock

PowerA Joy-Con Charging Dock for Nintendo Switch

PowerA Joy-Con Charging Dock for Nintendo Switch


What We Like
  • Charges four Joy-Cons at once

  • Officially licensed

  • Budget-friendly price

What We Don't Like
  • Lack of color options

If you buy extra Joy-Cons, you’ll find you can charge only one set at a time by attaching them to your Switch console while it’s docked. This dedicated charging station from PowerA ensures you’ll always have enough Joy-Cons ready to rumble for couch co-op. Up to four individual controllers can snap into the dock to charge at the same time, with small LED indicator lights to show the charge level of each. A weighted base also adds stability to the unit, so each time you reach for a controller, there’s no worry about the unit tipping and falling over.

The PowerA dock charges through a USB-A cable, which you can connect to your own charging block and plug into the wall, or plug directly into the Switch dock itself. It’s backed by the Nintendo brand as an officially licensed product, though we wish more varied color options were available, especially given the variety in Joy-Con colors today.

Best Battery Pack

HyperX ChargePlay Clutch Charging Case

HyperX ChargePlay Clutch Charging Case


What We Like
  • Nearly doubles Switch battery life

  • Sturdy, ergonomic design

What We Don't Like
  • Bulky and heavy

The Switch’s battery life in handheld mode will depend on a number of factors, including how intensive a game you’re playing, but many on-the-go gamers will find themselves running low on power sooner than they might like. The HyperX ChargePlay Clutch serves as a battery expansion for your Switch, as well as a case, grip, dock, and charging station all in one.

The console docks easily and securely into it, and its 6,000mAh battery capacity can almost double how long the system will last before a charge. When you do need to power up, you can keep the Switch in and just plug it in—it will first charge the console itself, and then the case battery.

A downside of the HyperX ChargePlay Clutch’s big battery is that it makes the device pretty hefty, but it should still be just fine for most adults to hold. The grips add comfort and ergonomics that make longer play sessions more manageable. It also has a kickstand for tabletop mode. You can then detach the rubber handgrips on either side and put them together as a single connected Joy-Con grip.

Best Adapter

GuliKit Route Air Pro Bluetooth Adapter

GuliKit Route Air Pro Bluetooth Adapter


What We Like
  • User-friendly

  • Compatible with a variety of devices

  • Low latency ensures smooth, clean audio

What We Don't Like
  • No passthrough port

The Nintendo Switch supports headsets that connect only via a headphone jack, which can be pretty limiting. The GuliKit Route Air Pro Bluetooth adapter is an affordable, easy-to-use Bluetooth adapter that’s great for connecting up to two Bluetooth-enabled headphones to your Switch or Switch Lite. Its compatibility with other devices, such as the PS4 and PC, is simply icing on the cake.

Its modest, slim design ensures the Route Air Pro doesn’t interfere with the Switch during use, and its low latency means you’ll enjoy smooth, clean high-quality audio without lag. It’s not a dealbreaker, but there's no passthrough port. This is a little annoying, forcing you to choose between charging the Switch or using the adapter and your headset.

Best Memory Card

SanDisk 128 GB High-Speed MicroSD Card

SanDisk 128 GB High-Speed MicroSD Card with Adapter


What We Like
  • Ample storage for casual users

  • Fast read/write speeds

  • Great value for the price

What We Don't Like
  • Barely scratches Switch's 2TB supported max capacity

While the Nintendo Switch has 32GB of built-in memory, this is rarely enough for most players’ needs. A digital copy of the popular Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, for example, requires 14GB just by itself. For most Switch owners, especially those looking to download games from the Nintendo eShop, a microSD card for the Switch is one of the first and most important accessories on the list.

Essentially any microSD card can work with the Switch, but it’s hard to go wrong with SanDisk and its well-earned reputation for developing reliable memory cards. The SanDisk Ultra 128 MicroSDXC memory card has fast A1-rated performance that’s ideal for loading and playing games and apps. We’ve found that 128GB of storage is often a nice combination of size and value for most casual players, but SanDisk also offers microSD cards ranging from 200 GB to 1TB for the most die-hard needs.

I realized right away that I would need more memory for my Switch, but even then, my first microSD card quickly filled up. Don’t hesitate to get a larger capacity than you think you need, within a reasonable price.” — Anton Galang, Product Tester

Final Verdict

For serious players, Nintendo’s own Pro Controller is a worthwhile comfort and usability upgrade over the Switch's small Joy-Cons, and it’s a well-made controller in any regard. Other valuable accessories, including amFilm’s tough tempered glass screen protectors and Orzly’s durable carrying case, help keep your console safe, while memory expansions such as the SanDisk Ultra 128GB MicroSDXC Card ensure you have enough space for all your games and save files.

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What to Look for in Nintendo Switch Accessories

Ease of use - Many of the accessories in the Switch ecosystem require installation of some kind, whether it's as simple as grips for your Joy-Cons or as complicated as a new hardware shell. The best of them will be easy to install and come packaged with clear, concise instructions that even the most novice user can follow.

Utility - The rampant success of the Switch means the market is flooded with add-ons looking to ride Nintendo's coattails. A lot of these extras add little to nothing to the Switch experience and some, instead of being welcome conveniences, can actually make the Switch more difficult/annoying to use. Consider your actual use case before picking up any accessory.

Price - While one of the cheaper consoles currently available, the Switch is still a fairly hefty investment, and the games are another price sink that can get pretty steep (especially with the way Nintendo games very rarely go on sale or get discounted over time). Accessories shouldn't also represent a huge spend, and luckily you can find a lot of them at very reasonable, consumer-friendly prices. Be sure to shop alternatives before you pull the trigger on any accessory.

  • Are any accessories required to play the Nintendo Switch?

    You can start playing using just the items that come with the Switch—plus the games you want to play. You can play with two players if the game supports using a single Joy-Con sideways, but you’ll need additional Joy-Cons or pro controllers for multiplayer modes beyond that. A microSD card will also be necessary if you’ve run out of storage space, and traveling with your easily damaged Switch without a case or some kind of protection is not advised.

  • Will all Nintendo Switch accessories work with the Switch Lite?

    Only accessories that are compatible with the Switch Lite can be used with that console. Some of the more universal products such as memory cards and USB-C chargers or adapters can work with both, but you’ll want to check the descriptions to be sure. Cases and screen protectors usually have versions designed specifically for either full-sized Switch consoles or smaller Switch Lites. Even if the Switch Lite technically fits inside a larger case or dock, the improper fit could be quite damaging to the device.

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