The 8 Best NFC Cameras to Buy in 2017

Find the top cameras that offer near field communications

There was a time when transferring photos from one smartphone or camera device to another without the touch of a button sounded too Hollywood. Fast forward to today and transferring pictures via NFC (near field communication) is available near and far, in devices large and small. While it’s accurate that most NFC-ready camera models also include WiFi connectivity, WiFi can be spotty and not always readily available. Whether you’re remote in the wilderness or in the middle of downtown, NFC is ready whenever you are. Whether you want something point-and-shoot or professional grade, there’s an NFC camera option for every budget.

Nikon’s Coolpix P900 is a standout NFC-ready camera that features an outstanding 83x optical zoom and a 166x dynamic fine zoom super telephoto lens. Said another way, the P900 can focus on a subject around 2,000 meters away or up to 4,000 meters away on its dynamic fine zoom. The P900 and its zoom all center around a 16-megapixel image sensor that offers full manual exposure control via a dial on the top of the camera. At just under two pounds, the P900 is highly portable and full of additional features, including HD video, up to 360 shots per charge and built-in GPS for location recording of every shot you take.

Whether it’s for birding, taking pictures of wildlife from a distance or for travel, the P900 is ready for you to put down the binoculars and get shooting. Once you’ve snapped pictures, the Nikon continues to standout thanks to “snapbridge” which allows for quickly sending photos wirelessly via NFC to compatible smartphones or tablets.

Canon’s PowerShot line has been one of the most successful point-and-shoot lineups in recent years and for good reason. Portability, excellent picture quality and reasonable pricing make this line stand out among mountains of competition. The PowerShot SX720 is an excellent Canon product featuring 40x optical zoom and a 20.3-megapixel sensor and a six-image processor to help deliver excellent low-light images. Capturing 1080p full HD video on the three-inch LCD allows for easy viewing from a wide angle. Additionally, the SX720 features Intelligent IS, which helps provide correction to shaky videos or images allowing the photographer to concentrate on finding that perfect shot.

With NFC on board, the SX720 is ready for quick and easy photo transfer. Connecting via NFC requires just a single tap to connect to a compatible Android device. If you haven’t installed the app on your Android smartphone or tablet, the download screen will display the first time you try an NFC connection. Even if the SX720 is off, connecting via NFC will turn the camera on, establish a connection and begin photo and video transfer to the now-connected device.

Featuring a one-inch, 20.1-megapixel sensor and Canon's proprietary seven-image processor, the PowerShot G7 X Mark II is a standout camera for the price. At 1.4 ounces, the G7 X packs a lot of bite for its size, with an intuitive LCD touch panel that allows for easy setting changes even while capturing a photo. Plus, there's full HD 1080p MP4 video with stereo sound that can play right back on your TV via the built-in HDMI output.

While the video quality will more than impress, the G7 X's capability of continuously shooting speeds of up to eight-frames-per-second helps ensure you don't miss any sudden movements of fast-moving subjects. This is one feature parents are sure to love! Throw in one more unique feature with remote shooting via Canon’s camera connect app with any compatible smartphone or tablet and you’re still just scraping the surface of what this camera can do.

Beyond the inclusion of WiFi, the G7 X offers built-in NFC support, which eliminates the need to open Canon's Camera Connect app on your smartphone. A simple touch to a compatible Android device will launch the Camera Connect app and, voila, image transfers will begin. Canon's quick and easy NFC transfer is the guiding light for all other NFC-enabled devices. In the words of Steve Jobs, it just works.

Don’t let Panasonic’s camouflage coloring fool you. This tough camera is more than ready to take whatever you can throw at it. It’s adventure-ready rugged exterior is waterproof, shockproof, dustproof and freeze-proof. The 16.1-megapixel sensor delivers great photography while capturing images up to ISO3200 in full resolution. If you’re looking to take the Panasonic 20,000 leagues under the sea, its Advanced Underwater Mode helps compensate for the red tones lost underwater by creating a more natural shot. If you happen to run into a giant squid, you’re all set with full HD 1080p video mode that can easily capture fast-moving sea creatures.

Alongside its tough outer shell, the TS6Z includes optical image stabilization to offset any physical handshakes that can occur while pressing the shutter button. The included torch light helps record beautiful movies in dusky underwater environments and even if the camera is not active, the light can still be used to help illuminate objects. Regardless of where you capture photos, whether it’s high in the sky or underneath the sea, the TS6Z jumps right into NFC mode. All it takes is a single touch to an NFC-ready device and the pictures move right over.

Straight out of the box, you’ll notice the 15 to 45mm lens kit on Canon’s EOS M10 mirrorless camera. At 10.6 ounces without the lens, Canon offers an 18-megapixel sensor with ISO ranging from 100 to 12,800. Its six-image processor is included and helps to deliver Canon’s typical standout photo quality. The hybrid CMOS AF II helps provide accurate autofocus to capture fast moving subjects at up to 4.6 fps. The three-inch, 180-degree flip touchscreen LCD display is just what the selfie-master needs and is paired with easy menu navigation and playback of both photos and video.

As a mirrorless camera, the EOS M10 is capable of capturing DSLR-quality images in a much smaller and compact package. The included 15 to 45mm lenses features a special retraction mechanism and image stabilization system that helps differentiate the mirrorless camera from typical point-and-shoots. The lens is interchangeable with a variety of other sizes that can all be purchased separately for capturing different types of photography such as telephoto, macro shots and more. Like the rest of its Canon brethren, transferring photos via NFC is just as easy as touching the NFC icon on the camera to the associated NFC-compliant Android device.

At the very high end of Sony’s point-and-shoot lineup is the DSC-RX100 V. With a higher price tag comes a standout feature set, including the world’s fastest hybrid autofocus system and the world’s fastest continuous shooting speed at 24fps.

Along with the autofocus system, the RX100 features a 20.1-megapixel sensor that can even capture 4K movie recording. Rounding out the highlight features is the capability to capture eight-megapixel stills from recorded 4K video and two-megapixel stills from full HD video during video playback on the camera. Sony’s point-and-shoot more than lives up to its promise and price tag with a slew of extra features, including a super-speed anti-distortion shutter and a selfie-ready three-inch LCD display.

Once you’ve captured the perfect shot, Sony has made moving images off the camera easy with NFC connectivity. Transferring photos via NFC is all done through a “one touch connection” to available Android smartphones or tablets with NFC already on board. A quick touch of the devices after setting up Sony’s PlayMemories Mobile app found in Google’s Play Store and pictures transfer right over.

Nikon's Coolpix S7000 offers an excellent point-and-shoot option that's both NFC-compatible and ready for close-ups of distant action. Right out of your pocket, the S7000 20x optical zoom and 40x dynamic fine zoom offer more power than you'd expect from such a small camera. The S7000 optical zoom goes from wide-angle, which is great for portraits and landscape shots, all the way to telephoto, which is perfect for capturing a sporting event or concert. The superb zoom pairs beautifully with 18 different scene modes allowing the camera settings to match the environment, including the beach, snow, sunset and more. 

Additionally, the 16-megapixel S7000 captures 1080i video with four-axis vibration reduction to help shoot smoother and more stable videos. The inclusion of Target Finding AF (auto-focus) aids in picture taking by assisting the photographer in identifying the target and providing intelligent autofocus before pressing the shutter button. With all these features, Nikon's inclusion of NFC makes transferring photos to any NFC-compatible smartphone or tablet a breeze. Utilizing Snapbridge, Nikon allows camera owners to share photos whether they’re on a remote safari or right in the middle of town.

A Nikon entry into the mirrorless camera space, the J5 comes right out of the box with a 10 to 30mm lens or, for almost double the price, can be purchased with a 10 to 100mm lens. As a mirrorless camera, Nikon prides itself on the J5 taking DSLR-like quality images with its 20.8-megapixel sensor. The addition of 105 phase-detection autofocus points helps the J5 identify and easily capture any desired subject. The J5 was designed to be faster than its DSLR rivals and provide image quality and low-light performance that traditional point-and-shoot cameras are unable to achieve. With a 180-degree tilting touchscreen, the J5 offers full manual control along with on-board effects, scene selection and a slew of other standard mirrorless camera features.

At 8.2 ounces, the J5 is no bigger than most other point-and-shoot cameras, save for the interchangeable lenses. Amazon reviews rave about the crisp and clear shots, as well as easy to use full HD 1080/60p video, time-lapse and slow-motion sequences. The Nikon can pair with any 1 NIKKOR lenses or add an optional FT-1 mount adapter and boost your image capture quality with NIKKOR DSLR lenses.

Once you've mastered the J5’s standout photo quality, moving pictures off the device is as easy as one, two, three. With NFC on board, sharing photos on-the-go, even in remote locations, is as simple as touching the camera to a compatible Android device for instant photo transfer.

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