The 6 Best Music Apps for Android

The best free music apps, mp3 players, and streaming services

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The best music apps for Android let you play the music you already own, while also offering a streaming service to find and play new music. Here are the best Android music apps that can improve your overall music experience, whether you're strictly interested in your existing music library, or discovering something new.

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Google Play Music: Overall Best Music Player for Android

Screenshot of Google Play Music app
What We Like
  • Overall best music app

  • Best integration with Google Assistant

  • Works as a free mp3 player

  • Connects to Play Music or YouTube Music services

  • Great suggestions

What We Don't Like
  • Poor selection of podcasts

Without a subscription, Google Play Music can be used to play music files stored on your Android device, as well as individually purchased tracks. With a subscription, you can stream music from its library of over 40 million tracks, which includes YouTube Music Premium.

Although Google Play Music doesn’t have as many tracks as Amazon Music Unlimited, it's more reliable when it comes to finding what you're searching for. When searching for new music, Google Play Music is better able to cope with spelling mistakes than other streaming services, something you might expect from Google. It's also integrated with Google Assistant, enabling you to ask for exactly what you want to listen to, even when offline.

If you’re after a fully featured mp3 player, there are better options out there, but with Google Play Music, you get a free, fully functional mp3 player without any ads.

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MediaMonkey: Best Free Music App for Android

Screenshot of MediaMonkey Android music app
What We Like
  • Simple clean interface

  • Powerful features are easy to use

  • No ads in free version

  • Browse by artist, album, composer, genre and more

  • After choosing genre, browse artists, albums or tracks

  • Wi-Fi sync and folder browsing for small fee

What We Don't Like
  • No streaming service

  • Podcast subscriptions require PC sync

If you want to play mp3 files stored on your Android device, MediaMonkey is the best free music player for Android; the Pro version is the best overall player. It has an easy to use, clean interface, and loads of powerful features, like a great graphic equalizer.

It has different browsing modes for albums, classical composers, podcasts, and audiobooks, as well as a fully featured mp3 tag editor supporting multiple genres for a single track. For a small one-time fee, you can upgrade to the Pro version, allowing you to sync your music collection with a PC over Wi-Fi, browse by folders, and more.

The PC version of MediaMonkey is also great and worth using if you want to sync your music collection. It can also be used to download podcasts you've subscribed to.

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Spotify: The Original Music Streaming App

Screenshot of Spotify Android music app
What We Like
  • The original music streaming service

  • Browse your library by playlists, artists, and albums

  • Lots of playlists available

  • Better selection of podcasts than other services

What We Don't Like
  • Less songs than Google Play Music or Amazon Music Unlimited

  • Podcast selection still very limited

  • No genres in your library

Spotify is the original music streaming service and it continues to have a strong following. If you’ve been using it for some time, there’s no need to switch, but Google Play Music does provide a better app experience. The Spotify app lacks some of the features of Play Music, such as browsing your library by genre.

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Amazon Music: Amazon’s Music Streaming Service

Screenshot of Amazon Music app on Android
What We Like
  • The most songs of any music streaming service right now

  • Some music included with Prime subscription

What We Don't Like
  • Limited library browsing options

  • Not as well integrated as Google Play Music

Amazon Music connects to two different music services: Prime Music and Music Unlimited. Prime Music has 2 million songs and is included with an Amazon Prime subscription, while Music Unlimited has far more music, but must be paid for as a separate subscription service.

The app itself isn’t as polished as Play Music. For example, when you select a genre, you’re presented with a complete list of all songs in that genre, which can make browsing difficult if you have a large collection.

If you don’t want to pay for a streaming service, but you already have a Prime subscription, it’s worth looking at Prime Music. It may also be worth a look if you use Alexa for voice commands on your Android device.

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Musicolet: Browse mp3 Files by Folders

Screenshot of Musicolet Android music app
What We Like
  • Free

  • No ads

  • Browse by folder, album, artist, or composer

What We Don't Like
  • Unable to browse by genre

  • No sync

  • No podcast subscriptions

Musicolet is another fully featured mp3 player allowing you to browse your music collection by folder, album, artist, or composer. If your music is primarily organized in folders, and you don’t want to pay to listen to music, this may be a good alternative to MediaMonkey.

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BlackPlayer: Free and Simple Music Player for Android

Screenshot of BlackPlayer on Android
What We Like
  • Very simple interface

  • Free

  • No ads

What We Don't Like
  • Can't browse by artist or genre

If you want a very simple mp3 player to listen to songs stored on your Android device, BlackPlayer may be for you. It doesn’t allow you to browse by genre or artist, meaning it probably isn’t suitable for large music collections. If you only need a basic mp3 player, though, consider Google Play Music; remember it works just fine as an mp3 player without the subscription.