Best Music Albums for Independence Day

Patriotic music and songs to celebrate Independence Day

Friends at a July 4th party in a backyard

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If you live in the United States, you'll know that one of the highlights of summer is celebrating Independence Day on the 4th of July. When the weather is fine, many people typically celebrate the event outside with a barbecue, picnic, fireworks, etc. — and as a music fan, preferably with patriotic music playing in the background.

If you can't live without music and want to create the right sonic atmosphere, then take a look at this list of albums. They contain music and songs that fit perfectly into such an occasion.

And remember, most of the albums in this top-list don't have to be downloaded completely. If you find just a few tracks in an album you like, then you can just download these instead. Cherry-picking individual tracks also enables you to compile your own music CDs if you prefer, or a playlist which can be transferred to your smartphone, tablet, MP3 player, or PMP.

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An Independence Day Celebration

An Independence Day Celebration album

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If you want traditional patriotic music with a military theme, then this huge Independence Day collection is a must. In this set, there are 60 songs to choose from which spans an impressive 4 CDs.

This collection covers just about all the well-known songs for July 4th — and more besides. There are classics such as America the Beautiful, God Bless America, God Bless the USA, and more.

The playing time for this collection is also impressive at over 3 hours. Whether you want the complete compilation, or just want to select a few of your favorite tracks, there's a great selection here worth taking a look at.

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4th July Patriotic Party Hits

Patriotic Party Hits album

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For something a bit more upbeat that's more appropriate to play at a July 4th summer party, this album is worth considering.

This compilation of 10 songs contains a selection of rock and pop hits. On the album, you'll find well-known tracks such as R.O.C.K in the USA (John Mellencamp), Living in America (James Brown), Rockin' in the Free World (Neil Young), and others.

Overall, this is a great album full of patriotic rock and pop songs that are ideal for any July 4th party.

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Songs of America

Independence Day songs for kids

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So far, we've looked at music compilations for the grown-ups. But, this one is especially for the kids. If your child or grandchild loves to sing songs, then this batch of tracks will keep them entertained for hours.

There's an excellent song selection in this compilation, and each song isn't too long either. This means it is ideal for young children to learn who tend to have shorter attention spans — they certainly won't get bored with this fun set of songs.

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Now That's What I Call the U.S.A. (The Patriotic Country Collection)

Now That's What I Call the USA album

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Is Country music more your thing? If so, then Now That's What I Call the U.S.A (country music collection) is the ideal album to accompany your Independence Day celebrations.

There are quite a lot of well-known artists in this one. Some you'll probably already know like: Carrie Underwood, Billy Ray Cyrus, Rascal Flatts, and others. In total there are 17 tracks on this CD so there's quite a few to keep you going.

If you (or someone you know) is a Country music fan, then there's a good deal of variation in this compilation to keep it interesting, and above all — entertaining.