The 9 Best Multiplayer PS4 Games of 2019

Hang out with friends and try these must-play titles

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The Rundown

  • Best 2D Platforming: Rayman Legends at Amazon, "Packing in over 120 levels full of various enemies, traps, and puzzles that require collective teamwork."
  • Best for Being the Bad Guy: Payday 2: The Big Score at Amazon, "Commit various heists with other players — think robbing banks, rigging an election, and even stealing nuclear warheads."
  • Best for Star Wars Fans: Star Wars Battlefront II at Amazon, "The ultimate, large-scale, war-shooter-style game where players relive famous Star Wars battles from the eponymous films."
  • Best for Fighting: Injustice 2 at Amazon, "Loaded with DC superheroes and villains along with a ton of guest stars, customizations, and jaw-dropping fights."
  • Best for Horror Fans: Dead by Daylight at Amazon, "Relying on a concoction of teamwork and stealth to rescue other players, avoid being killed, and eventually escape to freedom."
  • Best for Families: Hasbro Family Fun Pack at Amazon, "Bringing kids and parents together by combining a video game with classic board game titles."
  • Best Tactical Shooter: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege at Amazon, "A team-based strategy game that pits five against five, where one group must infiltrate and the other must defend."
  • Best Co-Op Story Mode: Far Cry 5 at Amazon, "The best PS4 title you’ll find on the list where you and a partner can venture through the main story together."
  • Best for Sports: NBA 2K18 at Amazon, "Allowing for both a cooperative and versus mode with up to four players and featuring all your favorite current season basketball teams."

Our Top Picks

Best Multiplayer 2D Platforming: Rayman Legends


Rayman Legends is one of the best 2D platforming games around for PS4 and lets you and three other players jump into a cooperative quest together seamlessly. The game received critical acclaim upon release with praise towards its gorgeous visuals, level design, controls, soundtrack and gameplay.

Family-friendly and full of charming and quirky characters, Rayman Legends has you and your friends simultaneously traverse through over 120 levels full of various enemies, traps and puzzles that require collective teamwork. Unique to its play style, the game includes timed rhythm effects where players can interact with their environment (for example, jumping to the beat of a drum or zip-lining to a guitar riff). Rayman Legends is also one of the most easy-going PS4 gaming experiences with forgiving gameplay that grants players infinite lives and a design focused solely on enjoyment without too much struggle.

Best Multiplayer for Being The Bad Guy: Payday 2: The Big Score

Feel like robbing a bank with your friends? Then Payday 2: The Big Score may be up your alley as a better alternative. Gameplay has you set on committing various heists with other players (think robbing banks, rigging an election and even stealing nuclear warheads).

With an emphasis on being rewarded for using stealth, Payday 2: The Big Score is technically a first-person shooter but relies on players to avoid being caught as they sneak around cameras, evade or silently assassinate guards, stop civilians from calling the police and operate quickly without making a scene. Players get the chance to cooperate with three other teammates and select one of 19 characters who each have their own special talents and abilities. If one of you slips up, then an alarm will go off and you’ll have to fight off assault waves of law enforcement (like the DC Police and FBI SWAT) who will make your job that much more intense. Just try not to yell at each other.

Best Multiplayer for Star Wars Fans: Star Wars Battlefront II

With 40 simultaneous players online, Star Wars Battlefront II offers the ultimate, large-scale, war-shooter-style game where players relive famous Star Wars battles from the eponymous films. The game gives players the chance to play their favorite Star Wars character, fly spacecraft and rush into battle side by side with Stormtroopers.

Star Wars Battlefront II includes five multiplayer game modes ranging from small to large where players assume the role of the Rebel Alliance or Galactic Empire. Level progression will give players more chances to customize and outfit their character's specific traits with different weapons and load outs, as well as being able to unlock bigger characters such as Darth Vader, Rey, Yoda, Kylo Ren and more that they’ll be able to play. Varied gameplay modes change up the dynamic; you'll be able to engage in full-scale wars, fight against famous heroes and villains and even pilot X-Wings and Tie Fighters in space battles.

Best Multiplayer for Fighting: Injustice 2

If you're playing Injustice 2, you'll be able to have Batman fight the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat battle against Hellboy. The best multiplayer fighting game for PS4 is loaded with DC superheroes and villains along with a ton of guest stars, customizations and jaw-dropping fights.

Injustice 2 is designed with beautiful graphics and incredible character animation sequences. As you progress in the game and win online matches, your chosen character levels up with increases in strength, ability, defense and health point attributes; you'll even be able to unlock different equipment that changes your appearance and skills. The game also provides an offline versus mode, so you and a friend can settle some scores with your favorite superheroes and villains.

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Best Multiplayer for Horror Fans: Dead by Daylight

Guaranteed to give you anxiety or bring out your inner masochist, Dead by Daylight takes four players as humans and sets them out to escape from another player who is out to kill them. Gameplay relies on a concoction of teamwork and being sneaky while rescuing other players, avoiding being killed and eventually escaping to freedom. You can be selfish if you want.

Sure, it’s a simple game, but Dead by Daylight does a perfect job of building tension and anxiety as you crouch in a field of corn, hear your heartbeat and see your “friend” in the distance — the monster — run around with a chainsaw chasing after your other “friend” — are you going to save them? Players are rewarded with points that can unlock perks and items by taking chances such as facing their fears, going unseen or fixing machinery correctly. Players playing as humans will get the tactical advantage of a third-person view, while players assuming the role of the killer will see in a first-person view with a terrifying aura ability that makes tracking easier.

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Best Multiplayer for Families: Hasbro Family Fun Pack

The Hasbro Family Fun Pack is four games in one: Monopoly, Scrabble, Risk and Trivial Pursuit all in virtual form without the need for setup and cleanup. With up to four players, families can get together and pick one of the four classic titles that all come to life in a 1080p high definition display.

The family game night is alive, and the Hasbro Family Fun Pack makes it easy for anyone to pick up a PS4 controller and jump right into the action. Monopoly gives a beautiful visual presentation set in a 3D world where the board comes to life as you roll dice and narrowly avoid your sister’s hotel property on Boardwalk. Risk will turn your son into a young Napoleon as the family competes for fun-filled global domination. Trivial Pursuit will test the brains with general knowledge and pop culture questions, while Scrabble will unveil Mom’s wordsmith power. Hasbro Family Fun Pack brings kids and parents together by combining a video game with board games that’ll sure to entertain, form bonds and create grudges.

Best Multiplayer Tactical Shooter: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Designed around multiplayer, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is a fun and addictive, first-person, tactical shooter that requires your utmost cooperation and communication. The team-based strategy game pits five against five where one group must infiltrate and the other must defend.

Sure, it’s difficult, but Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege can be rather rewarding when you pick it up since it challenges players to scout out areas, be familiar with their settings, pinpoint locations and set up strategies to overcome their opponents. Players will get the chance to select 38 different characters that fit their play style, each with their own unique abilities, custom load outs for weapons and utility equipment along with speed and armor ratings. Players will be matched head-to-head based on their skill level in online casual or competitive matches or take it easy by playing cooperatively in a terrorist hunt mode where they fight off enemy AI.

Best Multiplayer Co-Op Story Mode: Far Cry 5

The highly-talked-about, action-adventure, first-person shooter game is the best PS4 title you’ll find on the list where you and a partner can venture through the main story together. Far Cry 5 does an amazing job as a video game with highly detailed environments, a unique and crazy plot and nonstop action where you’ll be ambushed by everything, including cult members to wildlife.

Played cooperatively online, Far Cry 5 puts you and your friend together as U.S. Marshals set forth on investigating a mysterious cult in the middle of nowhere. The story-driven plot unfolds as you both remain stranded in a forest and have to work together using a variety of weapons to fight against enemies, complete objectives and avoid the wrath of the wild that will occasionally try to kill you. Far Cry 5 takes dedication and will take you and your friend about 25 more hours to complete, but you’ll enjoy every minute of it as you both drive away in your getaway car, sick your dog on enemy combatants, evade explosions and even get in fistfights with bobcats, bears and boars.

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Best Multiplayer for Sports: NBA 2K18

It’s time to finally settle the score with your friends in deciding which basketball team is the greatest of all time with NBA 2K18. The game allows for both a cooperative and versus mode with up to four players as they select some of their favorite current season basketball teams, including classics like Phil Jackson’s legendary 1990s Chicago Bulls with Michael Jordan and the Los Angeles Lakers during their Showtime era. Players will get to perform passes, fake-outs and other abilities to change up their style while taking well-timed and precision shots. NBA 2K18 shines with its attention to detail in real life character and court models, animations, sounds and physics that gives off one of the most realistic PS4 gaming experiences.

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Test Results: Rayman Legends (Best 2D Platforming)


What We Like

  • Great value

  • Cool visuals

  • Co-op feature

What We Don't Like

  • Not much of a plot

  • Some levels too difficult

  • Sometimes hard to keep track of your character in multiplayer mode

Rayman Legends
Rayman Legends
Rayman Legends
Rayman Legends
Rayman Legends
Rayman Legends
Rayman Legends

“The game is 100% worth purchasing,” raved one of our testers. “With extra levels, a second game’s worth of content, and great replayability, you'll get your money's worth.” Its “unique and playful” visuals were another plus, according to one reviewer. It was also a fun game to play with multiple people: “Its co-op feature makes it an amazing game for partners or best friends to play together,” one tester said. In terms of negatives, one reviewer felt that it “doesn’t have much of a plot” and that “some levels are very hard—the average platform player will struggle to beat them.” One tester also thought that playing with more than one player can be a little confusing: “It can be hard to keep track of your character,” she said, “especially if you’re playing co-op with four players.”