The 8 Best Multimeters of 2020

Checking the electrical current is a cinch with these devices

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The Rundown
  • Best Overall: Fluke 115 at Amazon, "Packed with features yet surprisingly easy to use, the Fluke 115 is the best multimeter on the market."
  • Runner-Up, Best Overall: Voltcraft VC830 at Amazon, "Can measure all standard parameters such as voltage, current, resistance, frequency, and capacity."
  • Best Value: AstroAI WH5000A at Amazon, "A multimeter that’s doesn’t skimp on functionality despite being reasonably priced."
  • Best Splurge: Fluke 289 at Amazon, "An industrial-grade multimeter that’s designed to solve complex problems related to electronics."
  • Most Affordable: Innova 3320 at Amazon, "Primarily intended for testing automotive electrical systems...can be used just as well in household environments."
  • Best Clamp Type: Etekcity MSR-C600 at Amazon, "Lets you conveniently measure AC/DC voltage and resistance, as well as run diode and continuity tests."
  • Best Multifunctional: Mastech MS8229 at Amazon, "A 5-in-1 device...can measure the intensity of light, humidity, sound level, and even temperature."
  • Most Compact: Amprobe PM51A at Amazon, "Weighing less than three compact enough to be carried in a shirt pocket."

Best Overall: Fluke 115

Fluke 115
Courtesy of Amazon

Renowned across the world for its professional-grade testing equipment, Fluke is a name that you can rely on. Packed with features yet surprisingly easy to use, the Fluke 115 is the best multimeter on the market today.

A True-RMS digital multimeter, Fluke 115 is an ideal general-purpose troubleshooting tool for field service technicians. It displays True RMS voltage and current readings with 6,000 count resolution. The multimeter can also measure continuity, resistance, frequency, and capacitance, making it perfect for quick verifications. Fluke 115 measures AC and DC current up to 10A (20A overload for a maximum of 30 seconds), and can provide minimum/maximum/average values with elapsed time to record signal fluctuations. The multimeter comes with a holster that has probe holders for easy storage, and the optional ‘ToolPak’ magnetic hanger makes hands-free operation cakewalk. 

Fluke 115’s large display is LED-backlit for easy use even in dark areas, and the multimeter is independently tested for safe use in CAT III 600V environments.

Runner-Up, Best Overall: Voltcraft VC830

Voltcraft has come a long way since its inception in 1982, and the German company now makes everything from infrared thermometers to oscilloscopes. If you’re looking for a feature-loaded and reliable digital multimeter, look no further than Voltcraft VC830.

An auto-ranging multimeter with 6,000 count resolution, Voltcraft VC830 can measure all standard parameters such as voltage, current, resistance, frequency, and capacity. It features an integrated TLD (Test Lead Detection) function that can warn the user if the test lines aren’t properly connected. Thanks to impedance switching, the multimeter can reduce the input resistance upon the press of a button, thus avoiding incorrect measurements through stray voltage. The VC830 also has a patented construction that allows the casing to be opened (for changing batteries and fuses) only after the multimeter has been disconnected from all measuring leads, ensuring user safety. Voltcraft VC830 is calibrated to ISO standards and is powered by a 9V battery pack. 

Some other features of the VC830 include low-battery function, data hold, and a duty cycle. The multimeter is approved for CAT IV 600V and CAT III 1000V usage and tested as per EN-61010 standards.

Best Value: AstroAI WH5000A

Want a multimeter that’s doesn’t skimp on functionality despite being reasonably priced? Check out the Astro AI WH5000A. With an expansive feature set and a fairly affordable price tag, it’s undeniably the best value for a multimeter.

The WH5000A is a True-RMS digital multimeter that allows you to test a wide variety of parameters, ranging from voltage and current to frequency and capacitance. You can also run tests on diodes, transistors, and temperature with the multimeter. It is designed to be used safely in both commercial settings and home environments, and even lets you troubleshoot electrical issues with automobiles. The multimeter features explosion-proof ceramic fuse tubes, and its multifunction socket can work with both capacitors and transistors. It features a large backlit LCD panel that makes it easier to work in dimly-lit areas, and the data hold feature allows information to be frozen on the display for better logging. Thanks to the built-in hanging magnet and kickstand, the device can be easily propped up and attached to surfaces. The auto-ranging multimeter has a sampling speed of two seconds and is powered by a 9V 6F22 battery. 

It's compliant with EN-61010 requirements, as well as CAT III 600V and CAT II 1000V standards, and is backed by a three-year warranty.

Best Splurge: Fluke 289

When it comes to critical operations requiring highly-precise measurements, regular multimeters simply don’t cut it. For such tasks, you need a specialized tool that you (and your business) can bank on, and that’s exactly what Fluke 289 is. If money is no object, this is the multimeter you need.

Fluke 289 is an industrial-grade multimeter that’s designed to solve complex problems related to electronics, plant automation, power distribution systems, and electro-mechanical equipment. Having advanced data-logging capabilities, it lets you graphically review up to 15,000 recorded events and readings with the on-board "TrendCapture" utility.

With 14x zoom, you can view and analyze data in detail even without a PC. Fluke 289 comes with a selectable AC filter that allows for steadier readings even when the input signal is noisy, and its low pass filter makes for accurate voltage and frequency measurements at the same time. The multimeter’s real-time clock can automatically timestamp saved readings, while the True-RMS AC voltage and current makes for accurate measurements on non-linear signals. The tool can measure up to 10A (20A for 30 seconds) and has a capacitance range of 100mF. Using on-board help screens, you can easily know more about all measurement functions.

Backed by limited lifetime warranty, Fluke 289 has a large 50,000 count resolution. It comes pre-calibrated with a new NIST-traceable calibration certificate.

Most Affordable: Innova 3320

There’s no point in spending hundreds of dollars on an industrial-grade multimeter if you’re only going to use it occasionally. Thankfully, there are many affordable multimeters that are just as good, with Innova 3320 being one of them.

Innova 3320 is a UL certified digital multimeter that lets you safely and accurately troubleshoot a variety of electrical issues. While it’s primarily intended for testing automotive electrical systems, the multimeter can be used just as well in household environments. Innova 3320 comes with auto-ranging scales that eliminate the need to dial the correct range when taking measurements. It has a single-setting resistance function for voltage (AC and DC), and the 10 Meg Ohm impedance makes it safe for testing automotive systems, including battery and breakers. Ideal for troubleshooting home electrical outlets, wiring, and fuses, Innova 3320 features a large and easy-to-read digital display.

Innova 3320 is U/L certified and comes with protective rubber corner guards for enhanced drop protection and is backed by a standard one-year warranty.

Best Clamp Type: Etekcity MSR-C600

Instantly recognizable because of their ‘jaws’, clamp-type multimeters are particularly useful because they allow current to be measured without de-energizing the circuit. If you need a reliable and feature-laden clamp multimeter, get Etekcity MSR-C600. 

The MSR-C600 is an auto-ranging clamp multimeter that lets you conveniently measure AC/DC voltage and resistance, as well as run diode and continuity tests. Its ‘jaws’ allow AC current (up to 400A) to be measured in conductors of up to 26mm, without any circuit interruptions. The included test leads make voltage measurement a cakewalk, with readings displayed on a large and legible LCD display. Etekcity MSR-C600 comes with data hold function that lets you log readings for later reference. The multimeter automatically enters sleep mode after 15 minutes of inactivity for energy conservation and can display overload values as well. Powered by two AAA (1.5V) batteries, it comes with a handy carrying pouch that lets you take the device anywhere.

Etekcity MSR-C600 is CAT II 600V and CAT III 300V compliant. It’s backed by a one-year warranty and lifetime support from the manufacturer.

Best Multifunctional: Mastech MS8229

Need a multimeter that can do a lot more than just measure different electrical parameters? Say hello to Mastech MS8229. What makes the MS8229 different from the rest is all the extra functionality baked into it. A 5-in-1 device, this digital multimeter can measure the intensity of light, humidity, sound level, and even temperature. Having overload protection and low-battery indication functions, it provides audio-visual warnings to prevent the test leads from being wrongly connected. It has a 4,000 count resolution and can test all standard electrical parameters, such as AC/DC voltage, current, frequency, and capacitance. You can also run continuity and diode tests, and the data hold function lets you freeze the information on the LCD display for more accurate readings.

Mastech MS8229 comes with auto power off feature and is powered by three AAA (1.5V) batteries. Apart from a set of test leads, you also get a K-type thermocouple with it.

Most Compact: Amprobe PM51A

Even though regular multimeters aren’t really that big, lugging them around can be, at times, quite a hassle. If you’re looking for one that you can easily carry anywhere, Amprobe PM51A is the answer.

Weighing less than three ounces, Amprobe PM51A is compact enough to be carried in a shirt pocket. But don’t let the diminutive size fool you, as it’s packed with features. A fully auto-ranging multimeter, the PM51A can measure AC/DC voltage, resistance, continuity (with beeper), capacitance, and frequency. It comes with an oversized LCD panel that can not only display readings but also information about battery and other modes. The maximum/minimum reading mode can be used to track sudden increase/decrease in the readings, whereas average sensing functionality provides accurate readings when measuring current/voltage having a sinusoidal waveform.

Amprobe PM51A is certified for CAT II 600V and CAT III 300V installations. Tested in Fluke’s safety labs, the multimeter is backed by a one-year warranty.