The 5 Best Motorcycle Apps of 2023

Keep track of your rides and your maintenance. Even look for your next bike

Make your ride enjoyable with the apps that can help you become a better rider, find new routes, compute your fuel mileage, track your maintenance, and even find your next bike.

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The calimoto website
What We Like
  • Turn-by-turn voice navigation.

  • View the weather forecast before a ride.

  • Find nearby gas stations, restaurants, and biker meetups.

What We Don't Like
  • Voice navigation may be tricky to understand.

  • Slow to reroute.

  • Only provides one free map.

When you’re out on a ride, it’s important to have an easy-to-use navigation and GPS system. One easy-to-use app is calimoto. Not only can you use calimoto to plan your trips, the app generates unique routes that can take you on new adventures. If you enjoy riding along winding country roads, calimoto highlights these roads on the map. For Enduro riders, calimoto shows off-road tracks on the map.

You’ll find that calimoto is more than a GPS system. Use calimoto to plan motorcycle trips, find new routes, track your rides, share rides with other calimoto users, and view your ride statistics.

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Keep a Maintenance Log: Moto Log

Moto Log motorcycle app
What We Like
  • Open source software.

  • Add custom maintenance elements.

  • Set reminders for future maintenance.

What We Don't Like
  • Only logs one motorcycle.

  • Slight learning curve.

Keeping your bike in top shape is essential, but there are so many maintenance tasks. Stay on top of your bike’s maintenance with Moto Log. Every time you maintain your motorcycle, log the maintenance along with the maintenance type (replace, repair, or other), the odometer reading, and the cost.

Use Moto Log to track when the oil was changed, when the battery was replaced, when the brakes were adjusted, and any other maintenance tasks you want to log.

When you want to review your bike’s past maintenance, review the log. Everything is in one place. There’s also a screen that shows how much you’ve spent on maintenance.

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Track Your Motorcycle Gas Mileage: Mileage Calculator

The Mileage Calculator app
What We Like
  • Everything is on one page.

  • Calculates fuel required for a trip.

  • Saves calculation history.

What We Don't Like
  • Must change settings to US measurements.

  • Doesn’t calculate mileage history.

  • Cannot edit entries.

Entering fuel prices and mileage while at the gas pump takes time, unless you use the Mileage Calculator app. Mileage Calculator is a one-page tool that makes it easy to keep a fuel log.

Not only can you use Mileage Calculator as a fuel log, but the app also calculates miles per gallon, total fuel used, and total fuel price. The app also keeps track of your calculation history and refill history.

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Practice Your Motorcycle Riding Knowledge: Driver Start Permit Test

Motorcycle practice test at Driver Start Permit Test
What We Like
  • No registration required.

  • Based on state DMV manuals.

  • Unlimited and free practice tests.

What We Don't Like
  • Doesn’t give correct answer on practice tests.

  • Grammar and spelling mistakes.

  • App doesn’t rotate on a tablet.

Studying for your motorcycle license is easier if you have a buddy. Study for your license or brush up on your riding skills with Driver Start Permit Test. You’ll find motorcycle handbooks for all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

After you’ve read the handbook, test your knowledge with flashcards, practice tests, and a marathon test. The web and mobile apps even track your progress.

Driver Start Permit Test isn’t limited to motorcycle licenses. There are also manuals and practice tests for automobile licenses and commercial driver’s licenses.

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Buy or Sell a Motorcycle: Cycle Trader

Cycle Trader website
What We Like
  • No fee to sell motorcycles.

  • Price drop alerts.

  • Calculate payments.

What We Don't Like
  • Uses a large amount of data.

  • Search filters are not user friendly.

The end of one person’s ride is the beginning of another person’s ride. If you want to sell your bike, or if you want to buy a used bike, go to Cycle Trader. Cycle Trader lists bikes from the major motorcycle manufacturers along with some of the smaller bike makers.

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