The 5 Best Monitor Arms of 2022

Take your monitor to the next level, literally

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Attaching your monitor to an adjustable arm can transform your workstation and allow you to precisely position your screen(s) in a range of orientations. Rotate between portrait and landscape display, move your screen up and down to change from a seated to a standing workstation, and adjust your viewing angle for optimized comfort.

A well-positioned screen can reduce eye strain and other discomforts associated with long hours at the computer, and without a clunky monitor base on your desk, you free up some additional workspace. Dual monitor arms allow for additional flexibility, and let you put your screens edge to edge for an immersive display.

All of the arms on this list are designed for VESA-compatible monitors. “VESA standards” refer to a set of measurements that make your monitor’s attachment interface compatible with different kinds of mounting devices. The vast majority of monitors on the market meet these standards, but you should always double-check your monitor’s make and model to make sure it is VESA compatible.

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Best Overall

Ergotron LX Desk Mount LCD Arm

 Ergotron – LX Single Monitor Arm, VESA Desk Mount


What We Like
  • Cable management clips

  • 360-degree screen rotation

  • 13-inch pole for standing desk orientation

What We Don't Like
  • Expensive

This versatile desk-mounted monitor arm is our top pick for its durable design and wide range of adjustability. The arm itself can extend to a maximum of 25 inches and up to 13 inches vertically. It’s available with either an 8- or 13-inch vertical mounting pole, and the taller one provides a significant amount of extra height that makes this a great option for switching between seated and standing workstations.

Combined with 75-degree tilt adjustment and 360-degree pan adjustment, this mount allows for a super adjustable workstation setup. It also has clips along the arm to keep monitor cables untangled and out of the way.

The Ergotron LX can hold a single VESA mount compatible monitor with a maximum diagonal measurement of 34 inches and maximum weight capacity of 25 pounds. The Ergotron is available in black, aluminum, and white.

Maximum Size (Diagonal): 34 inches | Maximum Weight: 25 pounds | Height Adjustment Range: 13 inches | Tilt Adjustment Range: 75 degrees

Best for Dual Monitors

HUANUO Dual Monitor Mount

 Huanuo Dual Monitor Arm Stand, Height Adjustable Monitor Mount for Two 13 to 27 Inch Flat


What We Like
  • Each arm is independently adjustable

  • 360-degree arm rotation

  • Affordable

What We Don't Like
  • 17-pound weight limit per arm

If you need extra screen real estate, a dual monitor setup may be the way to go. Monitor arms allow you to customize the positioning of multiple screens and place them edge to edge without bulky bases getting in the way. This dual monitor arm from Huanuo is a somewhat bulky device, but it allows for a wide range of screen positions—including a mix of landscape and portrait orientations—for a fully customized setup. It’s also surprisingly affordable. 

Like other monitor arms, the Huanuo clamps to the back edge of your desk and extends forwards up to 25 inches. The arms can rotate a full 360 degrees to face even the back of your desk, which means your monitors can double as a shareable display during meetings. The screens can also be angled, tilted, and turned to your preferred orientation.

Each arm can hold a monitor measuring up to 27 inches diagonally and 17.6 pounds. This is a relatively low weight limit, especially for monitors with larger screens, so the Huanuo is best for small to mid-sized monitors that are more lightweight. It has built-in clips for seamless cable management.

Maximum Size (Diagonal): 27 inches each | Maximum Weight: 17.6 pounds each | Height Adjustment Range: 13.8 inches | Tilt Adjustment Range: 175 degrees

Best for Lightweight Monitors

Ergotech Freedom Arm

Ergotech Single Freedom Arm, Includes Single Aluminum Articulating Arm


What We Like
  • Streamlined design

  • Solid construction

  • 360-degree arm rotation

What We Don't Like
  • 17-pound weight limit

  • Shorter pole limits height range

If you have a lighter monitor—under 18 pounds—then we recommend the Ergotech Freedom Arm for its streamlined design and tough build. While many monitor arms are bulky and covered in plastic, the Freedom Arm is surprisingly sleek with its shorter pole, slimmer arm, and choice of gray or silver finish.

The downside of the shorter pole is that you can’t get the monitor quite as high as with a taller arm. If you want an arm that you can adjust for both standing and seated setups, you may need one with greater vertical range.

The Freedom Arm can extend forward 23.4 inches and can rotate a full 360 degrees to face any direction. It has a 14-inch vertical height adjustment range, a 135-degree tilt range and can support both landscape and portrait orientation. Built-in cable clips keep your monitor wires out of the way.

Maximum Size (Diagonal): 27 inches | Maximum Weight: 17.8 pounds | Height Adjustment Range: 14 inches | Tilt Adjustment Range: 135 degrees

Most Versatile

Amazon Basics Premium Single Monitor Stand

Amazon Basics Single Monitor Stand


What We Like
  • Solid construction

  • Holds larger monitors

What We Don't Like
  • Limited tilt range

  • Shorter pole limits height range

This monitor arm from Amazon Basics is a versatile option with a higher weight limit that is compatible with a range of monitor sizes up to 32 inches and 25 pounds. The clamp fits on desks between 0.4 and 2.4 inches thick and, like other monitor arms, frees up all that space underneath where your monitor base would usually be. It’s available in both black and silver finishes, and the design is unassuming and thin enough that it can fade into your workspace's background.

The Premium Single Monitor Stand has a few limitations on its adjustability. The first is the pole, which is less than 8 inches tall and limits the monitor's maximum height. This shouldn’t be an issue if you have a seated workstation, but if you like to switch between sitting and standing, it may not be tall enough. The second is the tilt range, which at 75 degrees is considerably more limited than the other monitor arms on this list.

Maximum Size (Diagonal): 32 inches | Maximum Weight: 25 pounds | Height Adjustment Range: 14 inches | Tilt Adjustment Range: 75 degrees

Best for Heavy Monitors

3M Desk Mount Monitor Arm

 3M Dual-Swivel Monitor Arm


What We Like
  • 30-pound weight limit

  • Larger height adjustment range

  • Two different desk mounting options

What We Don't Like
  • 27-inch maximum monitor size is limiting

If you have a particularly heavy monitor, this desk mount monitor arm from 3M is up for the job. The 30-pound weight limit is the highest on our list, making it the best choice for heavier screens. The downside is that it still has a 27-inch screen size limit, and some users who have tried to make it work with heavier, ultrawide monitors have had issues getting the arm to stay in place. 

But if your monitor is within these specifications, the 3M arm is a sturdy device with a greater height adjustment range than many of its competitors. The support pole is still relatively short at 7.5 inches, but the arm's length gives this device a full 18.5 inches of vertical range. It also has two options for mounting it to the desk: a temporary clamp mount, and hardware for a more permanent grommet mount.

Maximum Size (Diagonal): 27 inches | Maximum Weight: 30 pounds | Height Adjustment Range: 18.5 inches | Tilt Adjustment Range: 105 degrees

Final Verdict

Our top pick is the Ergotron LX Desk Mount Arm (view at Amazon), an expensive but ultra-versatile device that can adjust between seated and standing workstation orientations. If you’re looking for something more budget-friendly, the Ergotech Freedom Arm (view at Amazon) has a sleek design with a lower weight limit.

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  • What is the best multi-monitor mount?

    If you have more than one monitor that needs to be mounted to your desk, we're partial to the HUANUO Dual Monitor Mount (view at Amazon). It's an affordable mount that can hold two 15 to 27-inch monitors. It supports independent tilt and swivel for both monitors, and comes with a c-clamp and monitor cable clips for easy installation and cable management. Each arm can hold 17 pounds, which is something to keep in mind if your monitor is on the chunkier side, but this will cover most people's needs.

  • How do you choose the best monitor wall mount?

    For a wall monitor mount, you're going to want to follow criteria similar to a TV wall mount. You want to look for a wall mount that can support the size, weight, and shape of your monitor. This is especially true for those with an ultrawide or curved monitor. Wall mounts may also be more of a challenge to install since you need to put them into the drywall and studs, so that's something to keep in mind before you get started. You also want to consider if you want a fixed mount or one that supports tilt and swivel.

  • What is the best single monitor grommet mount?

    For a good arm mount for just a single monitor, we like the Ergotron LX Desk Mount (view at Amazon). It's sturdy, lightweight, and has an attractive design. It can hold most standard monitors and allows for extension up to 25 inches and a height for up to 13 inches. It's also durable, with a 10,000-cycle motion test under its belt, and features cable management features to route cords under the arm.

What to Look For in a Monitor Arm


How flexible do you need your monitor arm to be for your space? While some mounts offer only basic tilting, others can tilt, swivel, and raise to different heights. Consider how you might wish to manipulate your monitor before making a selection.


Monitor arms can mount to different surfaces; some can be attached to your wall, while others will need the support of a desk. Decide if you want your monitor to be on the wall directly behind your desk or if you would prefer a desk arm for a floating monitor.

Multi-Monitor Support

How many monitors do you use? While single-monitor setups are still popular, many people use two or even three monitors. Ensure the arm you purchase can support your entire setup.

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