The 6 Best Monitor Arms of 2020

Take your monitor to the next level, literally

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The best monitor arms allow you to create an ergonomic computer setup that will help you work more comfortably and efficiently. For multi-monitor setups they can be transformative, letting you position each display precisely where you want it, without having to wrestle cumbersome bases into position. Many of them even allow you to tilt or swivel your monitor and completely change orientation, from horizontal to vertical or vice versa, so your desk space can feature portrait and landscape displays.

Our top pick from Ergotron, the LX Desk Mount LCD Arm, is a perfect example of why monitor arms are so cool and handy. It looks like it's been transported to your desk straight from the set of a sci-fi blockbuster, and offers a huge amount of adjustment and rotation flexibility. It's also built from lightweight aluminum, so it's super easy to set up or move, and is sturdily, professionally designed. It's the best monitor arm out there, and a great fit for any of the best 24-inch LCD monitors from our roundup.

Best Overall: Ergotron LX Desk Mount LCD Arm

Made from sturdy yet lightweight polished aluminum, this attractive monitor desk mount boasts a sleek, futuristic appearance and comes with patented Constant Force lift technology for easy-to-use adjustability. This monitor arm allows you to extend your LCD monitor up to 25 inches, and then fold it back over the base into a compact position, so you can totally get your monitor out of the way when you need space. It also allows you to adjust the height of the monitor up to 13 inches. Ergotron claims that this monitor arm has also passed its 10,000-cycle motion test giving it an expected lifetime of many years. A neat included cable management feature routes cords under the arm and out of the way to keep your workspace tidy. 

Best Dual Monitor Mount: HUANUO Dual Monitor Mount

This bargain-priced monitor mount is the best overall for customers who want to easily mount and adjust two monitors. With the capacity to hold two 15 to 27-inch screens, this mount will free up lots of valuable desk space. Tilt and swivel each monitor independently to achieve the most comfortable working positions and eliminate screen glare. This mount comes with a c-clamp for easy installation and monitor cables clip onto the arm, providing a tidy solution for all those wires. Note that each arm only holds 17 pounds, though, so this might not be the best choice if you are using very large or heavy monitors. 

Best Wall Mount: Mount-It! Computer Monitor Wall Mount

For many people, a desk-mounted monitor arm will serve their needs best since it provides more maneuverability. But if you are in a small work zone and need to clear off even more desk space, you can opt for a wall monitor mount. Though this wall mount requires drilling and therefore has a longer installation time than the others on our list, customers will love the incredible price. This wall mount, made from premium cold-rolled steel, holds 12 to 24-inch monitors, but can support a weight capacity of up to 40 pounds. Though wall mounts are generally not as maneuverable as desk mounts, this one still provides up to 15 degrees of tilt up or down and 180 degrees of swivel at each joint, plus it can accommodate monitors in either portrait or landscape orientation. Installation hardware is included. 

Best for Lightweight Monitors: Ergotech Freedom Arm

If you have a monitor under 17.8 pounds and less than 27 inches, this budget-friendly pick should work well for you. The Freedom Arm comes with a VESA-compliant plate, a lightweight aluminum articulating arm and a desk clamp base. This monitor arm has an impressive range of motion with an overall height adjustment of 14 inches (and a full extension range of 26.7 inches). You can also tilt your monitor up 90 degrees, down 45 degrees, pan 180 degrees and rotate a complete 360 degrees, so you can easily view your monitor in portrait or landscape orientation. The included desk clamp easily attaches to desks up to 2.5 inches in thickness.

Most Versatile: Amazon Basics Premium Single Monitor Stand

The Amazon Basics premium single monitor stand wins the versatility prize since it works so well for multiple different situations. You can clamp it onto desks as thin as .4 inches or a thick as 2.4 inches, and it holds monitors up to an impressive 25 pounds. It can also accommodate LCD monitors up to 32 inches and includes an extendable and retractable arm. Tilt your monitor up to 70 degrees back and 5 degrees forward and easily rotate from landscape to portrait mode for simple maneuverability. Made from sturdy yet lightweight aluminum and VESA-compliant, this monitor stand can also extend your monitor outward up to 25 inches (and it only takes a simple motion to push it out of the way when not in use).

Best for Large Monitors: 3M Desk Mount Monitor Arm

Customers love that this sturdy monitor arm provides enough clearance that they can use it with very large monitors. This tough 3M product holds monitors up to 30 pounds and is VESA compliant. You can choose to use the included clamp to attach it to desks up to 4.25 inches thick or you can use the included grommet mount hardware to permanently install it to desks up to 2.25 inches thick. The monitor arm, though very strong, is cleverly designed to be hollow, so that you can run your monitor cables through them, neatly solving the problem of having cords all over your desk space. The monitor arm provides 7.5 inches of height adjustability and extends up to 19.5 inches from the base. 

Final Verdict

The Ergotron LX is a killer monitor arm and will likely be the best fit for most. But if you're looking for a cheap solution to mount two monitors at once, HUANUO's offering is a perfect (and inexpensive) option.

What to Look for in a Monitor Arm

Flexibility - How flexible do you need your monitor arm to be for your space? While some mounts only offer basic tilting, others can tilt, swivel, and raise to different heights. Consider how you might wish to manipulate your monitor before making a selection.

Mounting - Monitor arms can mount to different surfaces; some can be attached to your wall, while others will need the support of a desk. Decide if you want your monitor to be on the wall directly behind your desk or if you would prefer a desk arm for a floating monitor.

Multi-monitor support - How many monitors do you use? While single-monitor setups are still popular, many individuals use two or even three monitors. Ensure the arm you purchase can support your entire setup.