Must-Have Phone Photography Accessories

Taking photos with your smartphone? You still need accessories

Like big camera photography, your mobile camera is not the only thing that you need when you are out and shooting. Depending on the type of shooting you are going to do, you should be ready at all times on what you plan on carrying with you. With mobile photography, it is crucial that the accessories you have are as mobile as your smartphone visual imaging device!

With that said, I have been able to try out many accessories and these are the ones that I believe are must-haves for mobile photographers. 

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 Photo from Amazon

The Monoshot is on to something. It's lightweight and has some awesome features. I'd say right now this is the tripod to get if you are a smartphone photographer or even just someone who likes to take pictures.

The Monoshot is essentially a monopod but again the features help make it a mobile photographer's must have. It has a universal smartphone mount for all models and includes a 1/4" inch mount for those of you who also dabble with the GoPro.

The one feature that I think is the best for this accessory is its Bluetooth Shutter remote. It is universal so you can use it with an iOS or an Android.

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Nomad Charge Key

Nomad Charge Key


Although it is not a charger, the Nomad Charge Key is awesome because it is the charging cable that you will always have with you, provided you carry around a set of keys.  

If you are like me, you do not bring around your 3- or 6-foot charge cable with you all the time.  So when your phone's charge is low and you're in a pinch for a charge, you have your charger but don't have your cable – Nomad comes in for the save.  

The build quality is great and you really don't have to worry about it getting broken while in your pocket. 

This is a universal product.

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Moment Lenses

Moment lenses

There are many lens attachments for mobile photography. My personal feeling is that the Moment lenses are the best out there for serious mobile photographers.

There are two companies that are definitely the leaders in this industry based on long-standing, build quality, and imaging. Moment has a slight edge over Olloclip because of its ease of use.

This is for iOS devices only.

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iBlazr Wireless LED Flash

iBlazr Wireless LED Flash


There are a few LED Flash units out there on the market for mobile photography. The Concepter crew began with the iBlazr and has come out with its second generation product, the iBlazr 2.

I believe that these flash units are the best on the market and the iBlazr 2 is the best of the 2 from the company. It is a wireless LED flash unit that is perfect for low light photography. 

It works with the built-in camera apps for both iOS and for Android. You can adjust the color temperature. It's great for whenever you truly need a light source for your images.

This is universal.

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Piconizer storage on the go

The Piconizer by Maktar is an ingenious accessory for all iOS devices that have the lightning connector. With the use of an app, the photographer can then pull all photos and videos off of an iOS device without ever having to plug into a desktop or use a Wi-Fi connection.

Why is this important? Storage space on our smartphones can be eaten up really quick. The Piconizer helps you alleviate storage space on the go. Having this can be handy if you are an avid picture taker.

This is for iOS devices only.

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