Three Awesome Minecraft Mini-Games!

Bored? It's time to play some Minecraft Mini-Games.

Minecraft mini-game screenshot

Over the years, Minecraft has spawned many new creations from its various players. Many people have ended up making Mods, Adventure Maps, Texture Packs, Redstone Creations and many other various expressions of art for the game we all know and love. Something that many people did not see coming in the very beginning of Minecraft, however, was the Mini-Games. When people found out that they could essentially create their own games with their own goals in Minecraft, people went nuts. In this article, we will be discussing a few great Mini-Games to play in your free time.


Sunburn screenshot

In the Mini-Game SunBurn, players are spawned on a three-tier tower of clay blocks. From the moment the match starts, players must begin running. As the players begin running, the blocks underneath will change a different color. Each color the block changes represents a state the block is in. If a block is white, it has been untouched. If a block is yellow, the block has been touched once and will turn orange the next time it is touched. If a block is orange, the block has been touched twice and will turn red if touched again. If a block is red, the block has been touched three times and is one more touch away from being deleted entirely. When blocks begin to get removed, this causes trouble for the players constantly running. Consider it Spleef, but in this version of Spleef, you constantly have to move.

This Mini-Game can be played with any amount of players and is available for download on the website. This Mini-Game is also available to play if you own a Minecraft Realms server under the Mini-Games section.

Splatoon in Minecraft

Splatoon screenshot

The very creative and intelligent Redstone genius, SethBling, blessed Nintendo fans and Minecrafters around the world when he released his Splatoon in Minecraft Mini-Game. Using Command Blocks, SethBling made a very close replica of Splatoon using green and purple Wool to represent the different colors of paint in Splatoon. When playing Splatoon in Minecraft, the objective of the game is to cover as much area of a map with your team’s color. At the end of the game, whatever team covered the largest percentage of the map wins the round. There are three tools that can be used to cover the map in your color, as well as be used as a weapon against enemy players. The three weapons available for players to use are Splattershot (Snowballs), Splat Charger (Bow and Arrow), and the Splat Roller (Stick). Each weapon has its own method of covering the map and own method of combat, making for very interesting gameplay when combatting against enemy players.

The Splatoon in Minecraft mini-game is available for download from the website and is also available to play if you own a Minecraft Realms server under the Mini-Games section.

The Survival Games

Survival; games screenshot

When it comes to Mini-Games, this is an oldie, but a goodie. If you’ve ever heard of “The Hunger Games”, The Survival Games is essentially that, but much quicker and completely voluntary. Players are thrown into a world and must find items to use against their enemies in head-to-head combat. When playing The Survival Games, players must outsmart their opponents with either brute force or their wits.

There are many different types available to play of The Survival Games, each version having a slight twist. A great version to play of this Mini-Game is the Mineplex version. To access this specific type of The Survival Games, you can log on to the official Mineplex server at either the IP address, or the IP address.

In Conclusion


There are many great Mini-Games available to play online. If you’re looking for something to play, these Mini-Games should definitely work. With a quick search online, you’ll find hundreds of Mini-Games and servers that host them. Hopefully, these games give you some enjoyment!

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