The 6 Best Mileage Tracker Apps for 2021

When your business is driving, these apps make it their business to help you.

If you operate a small business or need to track your miles for work, there's no shortage of apps for both the iPhone and Android that do this automatically. Some apps even help you track expenses and put it all in a tax-ready format. Here are six of the best mileage trackers you can use to streamline your workflow and stop manually tracking your miles. 

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Best All-in-One Expense Tracker: Everlance

Three views of the Everlance app
What We Like
  • Automatic mileage tracking.

  • Complete business expense and revenue tracking.

  • Excellent interface.

What We Don't Like
  • Very few features included in the free version.

There's a lot more here than just mileage tracking: Everlance is a one-stop shop for tracking your small businesses' revenue and expenses. You can input these items manually or the app can sync with your bank accounts and credit cards.

In fact, Everlance does so much that it's surprising it handles mileage tracking so well. It starts and stops automatically as you drive and keeps a history of your trips complete with destinations and map views. And the app organizes all this for your taxes and records.

The app tracks up to 30 trips each month for free, but to get the most out of the app you'll need to upgrade to one of the paid plans. Everlance Premium is $5 per month while Premium Plus, which throws in one-on-one training and support, costs $10 per month.

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Three views of the SherpaShare app.
What We Like
  • Wealth of features aimed at rideshare drivers.

  • Gorgeous mileage tracking logs.

  • Integrated chat tool for talking to other drivers. 

What We Don't Like
  • Interface is crowded with non-essential menus like signups for rewards and referral programs. 

A lot of mileage trackers try to be all things to all drivers, but SherpaShare is laser-focused on rideshare drivers, positioning itself a "diver assistant." It does that not just with mileage tracking, which it does automatically and effortlessly, but also with a wealth of specialized features that should appeal specifically to Uber and Lyft drivers.

There's a heatmap, for example, which lets you see where other drivers are working in real-time. Hotspot generates a list of nearby locations that are reported as popular by other drivers. And Compass builds a route for you that takes you to historically active locales.

Installing SherpaShare gets you a 14-day free trial. After that, monthly plans start at $6 per month. If you like, you can also take part in the referral program, which lets you earn money when your friends join SherpaShare as well. 

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Best for Tracking Fuel Economy: TripLog Mileage Tracker

Three views of the TripLog app.
What We Like
  • Highly polished interface.

  • Automatic mileage tracking.

  • Simple fuel efficiency reporting.

What We Don't Like
  • Paid plans are expensive.

One of the most polished looking mileage trackers you're likely to find, TripLog is a robust app that tracks expenses and generates reports, plus it automatically tracks mileage driven with no effort on your part. It has a slew of extra goodies, like the ability to track your fuel efficiency when you input your gas receipts (which you can do by taking a photo).

TripLog can even work without the app; if you want to save your phone's battery, you can even buy an $80 USB dongle that tracks your miles and syncs with your phone afterward. TripLog has a lot up its sleeve, and so it should be no surprise to learn it isn't free. You get to try it for 30 days, but after that, the paid plans start at $5 per month. 

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Simplest Mileage Logger: MileIQ

Three views of the MileIQ app.
What We Like
  • Free with Microsoft Office 365.

  • Simple, automatic mileage tracking.

  • Beautiful interface. 

What We Don't Like
  • You only get 40 free drives without subscribing. 

Most mileage loggers feel the need to do more than just track mileage. And while it might be great to also have expense and revenue tracking all in one place, there's something to be said for simplicity. MileIQ is elegant in its simplicity. It does just one thing: mileage tracking. And it does it superbly.

The app is completely automatic, tracking miles without any input from you at all. And when the drive is over, MileIQ makes sure you don't forget to classify your trips as personal or business by collecting all the unclassified trips in one place, complete with gorgeous maps of the route.

You get 40 free drives each month, but you'll want to upgrade to the paid version for $6 per month for unlimited trip logging. Even better, if you're a Microsoft Office 365 subscriber, it's included for free. 

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Superb Expense Tracking for Freelancers: Hurdlr

Three views of the Hurdlr app.
What We Like
  • Comprehensive financial features for freelancers.

  • Automatic mileage tracking.

  • Designed for modern gig workers with multiple businesses. 

What We Don't Like
  • Simply too expensive. 

No matter what kind of freelance operation or side hustle you've got brewing, Hurdlr wants to handle all your needs, from mileage tracking to expense and revenue management. You can enter receipts and invoices manually or link the app to your bank accounts, and when it comes to mileage tracking, the app can do that all by itself as well. You can even create multiple businesses in the app, which is handy for folks with multiple gigs.

You only get five days of free use of the app, which honestly, hardly seems enough to get a good sense of the app, especially given how expansive it is. After that, you need to pay $8 per month, which is also a bit pricey, and is the most expensive app in this roundup.

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Best Completely Free Mileage Tracker: Stride

Three views of the app Stride.
What We Like
  • Completely free.

  • Tracks all kinds of expenses. 

  • Generates expense reports for tax prep.

What We Don't Like
  • Mileage tracking is only sort of automatic.

Stride is a free mileage and expense tracker for your small business. A large green button in the middle of the app lets you log income and expenses, automatically categorizing each with just a few taps. You can also generate expense reports that are useful for tax prep. Remarkably, the app is completely free with no in-app purchases or premium subscriptions.

Unfortunately, Stride's mileage tracking is wonky. Yes, it is automatic, sort of. You need to remember to start tracking when you get in the car. After that, it'll track everywhere you go during the day. And then you need to stop tracking when you're done. Forget to tap the buttons, and you'll need to enter miles manually.

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