The 11 Best Micro USB Cables of 2022

Keep your devices charged and easily transfer data

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The best micro USB cables should be durable and able to charge your phone or other devices at full speed. Micro USB cables used to be the most common cable and port for charging everything from smartphones and tablets to Bluetooth headphones and gaming mice, but these days USB-C is more common. Despite that, there are still plenty of devices that use micro USB cables. Our top choice for most people is the Fuse Chicken Titan Loop M at Amazon. Aside from the unique name, it's highly durable with steel around the wires to prevent tangling and breakage. It also supports fast charging and data transfer.

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Best Overall: Fuse Chicken Titan Loop M

Fuse Chicken Titan Loop M

Courtesy of Amazon

When you need to charge your phone, the best kind of cable is the one you’ve got on you. You don’t want to carry around a long cable that’ll get tangled and take up a ton of space, and you also don’t want one that’ll get damaged while stored in a bag, pocket, or purse. This is where the Fuse Chicken Titan Loop M cable comes in. This Micro USB cable is built with steel around the wires to make it extremely durable. It can also fold around on itself to create a loop that easily attached to keychains or bags. This cable can charge, with some fast charging supported, and transfer data.

Best Splurge: Smart&Cool Gen-X 3 in 1 Magnetic Charging Cable

Smart&Cool Gen-X 3 in 1 Magnetic Charging Cable


Though a bit more expansive than some models, Smart&Cool’s GenX cable can come in handy if you need more options beyond just the Micro USB connection. This five-foot model uses a similar type of magnetic nib that stays plugged into your devices to easily connect to the cable. But, this version includes nibs for Micro USB, Lightning, and USB Type-C. So, in addition to data transfer and fast charging, you get plenty of versatility.

Best Reversible: JianHan Reversible Cable

JianHan Reversible Cable


Magnetic tips are one way to simplify plugging in Micro USB cables, but JianHan has a product that takes another route. The Micro USB and USB-A ends of this cable are both made to be reversible. The special design lets you plug it in without worrying about whether it’s upside down. For the affordable price, you even get three cables of varying sizes, with a six-foot, three-foot- and 1.5-foot cable included. These cables can transfer data and support some fast charging.

Best for Reliability: Rampow Cable

Rampow Cable


Sometimes you don’t need anything too fancy, but just something that’s just trusty. Rampow has a 6.5-foot Micro USB cable that will allow you to transfer data and charge devices quickly thanks to thick 21 AWG cables inside. This cable supports QuickCharge 2.0, making it a great pick for your devices that use that fast charging standard. This is a braided cable, which is often less prone to tearing or getting cut open to expose the wire. And, Rampow has backed the durability of this design with a lifetime warranty.

Best Angled: CableCreation Angled Cable

CableCreation Angled Cable


Sometimes a normal Micro USB cable isn’t the best one for the job. The straight connection found on the ends of most cables can make them inconvenient when you want to hold the device, tuck it away somewhere, or keep it plugged in in a specific position and orientation. CableCreation has angled Micro USB cables that plug in and then make a 90-degree turn. These are braided cables that support data transfer, and one reviewer has said they support QuickCharge 2.0 for fast charging. These are extra affordable in packs of two, and come they come in multiple sizes.

Best for Multiple Devices: Belkin Cable With Adapter

Belkin Micro-USB Cable With Adapter

Courtesy of Belkin

Belkin has a handy cable to make your life easy and make your friends’ lives easy, too. While most Micro USB cables would just have the Micro USB connection at the end, this one also keeps an adapter on the end that can convert the Micro USB to a Lightning connector. In other words, you can charge your device or an iPhone with this cable. So, if you’ve got multiple devices or are surrounded by friends who are always running out of battery, this cable has you covered. It can also transfer data using both connectors.

Best Longevity: Belkin Mixit Duratek

Belkin Mixit Duratek


If you’re often rough on your USB cables and have run into lots of broken connectors or torn cables, then this one might be for you. Belkin’s Mixit DuraTek Micro USB cable is built to be extra tough. The connectors at each end are enclosed in hard aluminum cases. The ends of the cables also are reinforced to handle a lot more bending than a basic cable, so it can handle more drops and use. Inside, it’s even reinforced with Kevlar. This cable supports data transfer and fast charging, and Belkin backs it with a five-year warranty.

Best 2-in-1: CableCreation Cable With Adapter

CableCreation Cable With Adapter


There’s not just one company that makes a cable ready for both Micro USB and Lightning connections. CableCreation has an affordable and handy 2-in-1 cable that has a Micro USB end. But, attached to that end is a Micro UBS-to-Lightning adapter, giving you an easy way to carry around one cable while having the option to charge and transfer data on both Android smartphones and iPhones, among other devices. This cable comes in a four-foot size or an easily portable 0.8-foot size, both of which are affordable.

Best Three Pack: NetDot Magnetic Cable Pack

NetDot Magnetic Cable Pack


NetDot has an affordable, quality option for anyone who needs multiple cables and has multiple devices but wants the convenience of magnetic connections. For the price of some single Micro USB cables, NetDot offers a three-pack of 3.3-foot cables with Micro USB nips that can stay permanently plugged into your devices. Then, when you need to plug the devices in, you just need to put the magnetic end of the cable close to the nib and it’ll snap right on. These cables support fast charging and data transfer, though data transfer is only supported with the cable oriented in one direction. Charging, meanwhile, works in either of the cables orientations.

Best 15-foot: Monoprice Long Cable

Monoprice Long Cable


Monoprice has the cable you’ll want for any extra long connections you might need to make. This is a 15-foot cable with a simple design and an affordable price. It’s available in black or white. While there’s little about it to get really excited about, it should prove handy. Both ends of the cable have some simple reinforcement, and there's a ferrite choke that can help prevent issues with data transmission and interference. If you need something simple, reliable, and long that you’ll generally keep plugged in (rather than plugging and unplugging frequently), this is a good option.

Best 6-Foot: Anker PowerLine 6ft Micro USB Charging Cable

Anker PowerLine 6ft Micro USB Charging Cable


Anker is one of the better known brands for cables and charging accessories. The company offers high-quality compenents for a reasonable price, and the Anker PowerLine 6ft. is no exception. It consists of a six foot long micro USB cable that's reinforced with "bulletproof aramid fiber" to make it stronger than the average cable. According to Anker, it can stand up to more than 5,000 bends, so you don't have to worry about it fraying or getting tangled in your pocket. Fast charging and data transfer are both supported, along with a 18-month warranty.

Final Verdict

The best micro USB cable to get is the Fuse Chicken Titan Loop M (view at Amazon) for its impressive durability, ability to attach to keychains, and support for fast charging and data transfers. For a feature-packed option, we like the Smart&Cool GenX Nylon Braided 3-in-1 (view at Amazon). It comes with a variety of adapters to let you use it with micro USB, USB-C, and Lightning cables, and supports fast charging.

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