The 10 Best Mice for iPads in 2021

The best mice for Apple's portable tablet

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The Rundown
"One of the best overall choices for your iPad is the Logitech MX Master 3."
"This mouse stands out for its versatility and ease of use, since it works beautifully across any surface."
"iPad users are already going to be big fans of Apple, so it makes sense to pair your device with the Magic Trackpad 2."
"There’s plenty to like about the budget-friendly Satechi Aluminum M1."
"Logitech’s MX Ergo is one of the top trackball options, thanks to its ergonomic and quality design."
Best for Multiple Devices:
Logitech M720 Triathalon at Best Buy
"For its mid-range price point, the M720 Triathlon has some great features that make it a really solid value."
"For a mouse that couldn’t be easier to use with the iPad, try the Magic Mouse 2."
"This awesome mouse makes use of a vertical design, with the user holding it like they’re in a handshake with someone else."
"It’s not often a completely new design emerges onto the market, but the style of the Microsoft Arc really stands out."
Best Keyboard/Mouse Combo:
Logitech K830 Media at Amazon
"The Logitech K830 Media offers not only a keyboard but also a touchpad, giving you the best of both worlds."

If you’re using your iPad for long periods of time, you’ll want to invest in an iPad stand, keyboard, and check out the best mice for iPads. Apple’s iPad is one of the most versatile and well-loved devices from the brand, letting us work, read, share photos, and browse online from anywhere, but it’s easier to use with the right accessories. 

If you’re shopping for a new mouse for your iPad, the biggest consideration is wireless connectivity or Bluetooth, since iPads don’t have ports for use with wired mice. You’ll also want to consider factors including battery life, size, ergonomics, and the ability to track across versatile surfaces so that you can work from anywhere. 

If you experience discomfort when using a standard mouse design, there are some great ergonomic options out there that support different hand positions. We’d also recommend checking out our full list of the best ergonomic mice if this is a priority for you.  

If you don’t see what you need here, you can also read through our round-ups for the best wireless mice and the best travel mice on the market. We also have a guide to connecting your wireless mouse

Best Overall: Logitech MX Master 3

Logitech MX Master 3
What We Like
  • App-specific control profiles

  • Fast and accurate scrolling

  • Long battery life

What We Don't Like
  • Large size is tough for small hands

  • Pricey

One of the best overall choices for your iPad is the Logitech MX Master 3. You can scroll quickly and accurately, thanks to intuitive controls that let you scroll via your thumb or fingers. Plus, scrolling is quiet, so your activities won’t bother anyone near you. Connect your device easily to your iPad via Bluetooth or wireless. 

One of the best selling points of the MX Master 3 is the user’s ability to customize the buttons and controls. You can set up app-specific profiles for each button which lets you quickly use your favorite programs like Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and Google Chrome. We also like that you can use the MX Master 3 on up to three different devices, making it easy to work across your laptop, desktop, and iPad, simplifying your workflow across several devices. 

If your budget allows, this is a fantastic device that works beautifully on iPads. It’s long-lasting too, with a full battery giving you up to 70 days of use. It also works on any surface, including glass, with precise and accurate controls and scrolling.

“The comfortable, sculpted design of the MX Master 3 is not only impressive, but it’s effective in reducing RSI and wrist pain.”Katie Dundas, Product Tester

Runner-Up, Best Overall: Logitech MX Anywhere 2S Wireless Mouse

Logitech MX Anywhere 2S Review
What We Like
  • Supports simultaneous connections

  • Works across multiple surfaces

  • Smooth, accurate scrolling

What We Don't Like
  • No built-in storage for USB receiver

  • Not as ergonomically-friendly as some mice

Another fantastic option is the Logitech MX Anywhere 2S. This mouse stands out for its versatility and ease of use, since it works beautifully across any surface, thanks to its 4000 dpi dark field sensor. You can also use Logitech’s Flow technology to connect to up to three devices at once. While some users report that the sculpted design isn’t as ergonomic as some, it’s a small and compact size that’s perfect for travel. 

Hyper-fast scrolling makes it easy to scroll through long webpages, helping you quickly find what you need. The mouse’s design is fairly typical to what you’d expect, with a left and right-click, a center scroll wheel, and a pair of forward/back buttons on the side. With the rechargeable battery, you get up to 70 days of use from each full charge. If you’re looking for a convenient, easy to mouse that you can carry around with your iPad, there’s plenty to like about the MX Anywhere 2S.

Best Trackball: Apple Magic Trackpad 2

Apple Magic Trackpad 2
What We Like
  • Multitouch gestures

  • Large surface area

  • Long battery life

  • Complements iOS and macOS apps

What We Don't Like
  • Pricey

iPad users are already going to be big fans of Apple, so it makes sense to pair your device with the Magic Trackpad 2, the company’s stylish alternative to the traditional mouse. The unique angled design doesn’t even look like a mouse—while the design takes some time to get used to according to our reviewer, it’s extremely accurate and effective once you understand it. 

Like the trackpad on the MacBook Pro, there are no buttons. Rather, four pressure sensors inside the trackpad make the entire surface receptive to touch. Apple’s Force Touch technology distinguishes between various amounts of force to determine the input; for example, tapping the glass surface to click or pressing firmly to force click. It’s every bit as functional as a mouse, especially when used with apps that have good trackpad support like MindNode.

It’s similar to the trackpad that comes with your Mac, if the design seems familiar. The edge-to-edge glass surface is spacious, giving you plenty of room for productivity and efficiency. You can enjoy about a month’s worth of use per charge and Bluetooth is included. With such a large touch interface, the Magic Trackpad 2 engages the whole hand in a way that feels comfortable and natural. The battery lasts around a month between charges, and it can be charged during use. The Magic Trackpad 2 is a little pricey, but its unique design and performance are worth the money.

"I can drop my cursor right into the middle of a word or sentence, write what I need, and get back to work." Sandra Stafford, Product Tester

Best Budget: Satechi Aluminum M1 Bluetooth Wireless Mouse

Satechi M1 Wireless Mouse
What We Like
  • Inexpensive

  • Rechargeable battery

  • Ambidextrous design

What We Don't Like
  • Uncomfortable for large hands

There’s plenty to like about the budget-friendly Satechi Aluminum M1. You’ll first notice its gorgeous round design, which looks futuristic and available in cool hues like rose gold and space grey. With lightning-fast scrolling and an ergonomic design, it stands out since it’s equally effective for both right and left-hand users. The Satechi M1 mouse is a budget-friendly option for Bluetooth-enabled devices like desktops and laptops, as well as iPads with iPadOS 13.4 or later.  It has a cute, ambidextrous design and multiple color options. However, our reviewer reported that its smaller size means it’s best for smaller hands. 

This device offers both wireless and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity—for this reason, you probably won’t be able to pair with iPads from before 2011, so keep this in mind if you’re using an older device. You’ve got a range of 32 feet, which you probably won’t need for iPad use, but it’s handy if you’re also wanting a mouse to use with your laptop for presentations. You’ll note this mouse has some similarities to Apple’s Magic Mouse 2, but for a much lower price. 

The Satechi Aluminum M1 is rechargeable and comes with a one-year warranty. If you’re looking for an affordable, stylish mouse that packs more features than you’d expect for its price, try out the M1.

"The cursor tracks smoothly enough without a mousepad that I didn’t bother." Sandra Stafford, Product Tester

Best Trackball: Logitech MX ERGO Trackball Mouse

Logitech MX ERGO Trackball Mouse
What We Like
  • Adjustable angle

  • Easily switches between devices

  • Precision button for fine control

  • Long battery life

  • Six programmable buttons

What We Don't Like
  • No left-handed option

  • Uncomfortable for small hands

Many users love the convenience of trackball mice, which are stationary—the cursor is instead controlled by rolling the trackball with your finger. Logitech’s MX Ergo is one of the top trackball options, thanks to its ergonomic and quality design. Our reviewer loved that the trackball mouse is made of durable molded plastic fit to shape the right hand. The large, curved design fits gently and comfortably on your hand, with the added advantage of an adjustable hinge to control the angle of the trackball. That way, you can reduce muscle strain and work easier over long periods of time, however, note that the mouse only works for right-handed users. 

The MX Ergo Plus works with more than just iPads. It can pair with two devices and switch between them instantly, controlling two devices with one small footprint. Since it doesn’t need to move, it’s even comfortable to use on the couch. This makes it a great choice for people who display laptop screens on their televisions. There are six programmable buttons that can be customized with Logitech Options, which also enables Logitech Flow. Logitech Flow allows the use of mice and keyboards across devices. Its large size makes it unsuitable for traveling, but the MX Ergo Plus is powerful enough to control every device in the house.

"The trackball rolls smoothly under the slightest pressure from my thumb."Sandra Stafford, Product Tester

Best for Multiple Devices: Logitech M720 Triathalon

Logitech M720 Triathalon
What We Like
  • Sturdy, comfortable design

  • Works across three devices

  • 24-month battery life

What We Don't Like
  • Not rechargeable

For its mid-range price point, the M720 Triathlon has some great features that make it a really solid value. One of these features is Logitech’s Flow technology, which allows you to pair and then seamlessly move your cursor across three different device screens. This could be very handy if you have your iPad set up as an additional screen to accompany your laptop or desktop computer. The mouse runs on a AA battery, and while a rechargeable option is preferable, the M720 Triathlon lives up to its name and lasts two full years before the battery needs to be replaced. 

It offers good value for money as well, as this mouse has the premium build and feel that you’d expect from a higher-end mouse. The ergonomic design fits comfortably into your hand and gives you several customizable buttons, plus a hyper-speed scrolling wheel for fast controls. 

With Logitech’s Flow technology, you can pair your mouse with up to three devices, which is useful if you frequently jump between your iPad and a desktop.

Best Minimalist: Apple Magic Mouse 2

Apple Magic Mouse 2
What We Like
  • Seamless integration with iPad

  • Multi-touch design

  • Fantastic design and build

What We Don't Like
  • Not very ergonomically-friendly

  • More expensive than its competition 

If you’re an Apple purist, you know how beautifully Apple products pair with one another. For a mouse that couldn’t be easier to use with the iPad, try the Magic Mouse 2. This slim, portable mouse is minimalist and stylish, but can still perform everything a traditional mouse can. 

Thanks to Apple’s Multi-Touch technology, you can easily scroll and swipe anywhere, and the well-loved left and right click functions still work too. The optimized base means it’s easy to work on just about any surface without resistance. Thanks to built-in Bluetooth and a rechargeable battery, giving you up to 70 days of use, it couldn’t be easier to set up and use. Or, if you’re short on battery life, a quick one-minute charge gives you up to three hours of use.

While the stylish design means that the mouse may not be as ergonomic as some, it’s sure to appeal to Apple fans and design aficionados.

Best Ergonomic: Logitech MX Vertical

What We Like
  • Unique design is comfortable to use for hours

  • Fast recharging

  • Sculpted design is different than anything else

What We Don't Like
  • No option for hyper-scrolling

  • Not designed for very small or very large hands

One common complaint about using a mouse is pain in the wrists, arm, and fingers. To avoid this, an ergonomic mouse like the Logitech MX Vertical is just what you need. This awesome mouse makes use of a vertical design, with the user holding it like they’re in a handshake with someone else. This takes pressure off the wrist, reduces muscle strain, and drastically cuts down on how much you need to move your arm when operating. The tall, sculpted design might look strange, but it’s incredibly comfortable to use—even though it’s bulky, it’s lightweight and easy to master. 

You can pair the MX Vertical with up to three devices and you’ve got four months of use on a full charge, making it a durable and useful mouse for office use. Users also have four customizable buttons that can be personalized to your liking. However, like many ergonomic mice, it’s designed to fit the “average” hand, so try it out before purchasing if your hand is smaller or larger.

Best Design: Microsoft Arc ELG-00001

What We Like
  • Highly portable

  • Design is unlike anything else

  • Comfortable and easy to use

What We Don't Like
  • Limited functionality and controls

  • Expensive

It’s not often a completely new design emerges onto the market, but the style of the Microsoft Arc really stands out. The minimalist, ambidextrous design works as a curved arch, yet can also snap flat for travel or storage when not in use.  It weighs less than three ounces and is just 0.56 of an inch thick, making it the perfect travel mouse—it’s so slim that you could probably fit it into the same pocket as your iPad. Users can also select from a wide range of colors including sage, lilac, and soft pink.

It’s a high-quality build that’s comfortable to use for hours at a time, but it does have fewer buttons and customizations than some of the other mice reviewed here. Battery life gives you about six months of use and you can easily connect to your iPad via Bluetooth 4.0. The Microsoft Arc is a great companion for your iPad, especially if you’re interested in design and aesthetics.

The stunning curves of the Arc are sure to appeal to artists and creative types and it’s easy to pair with your iPad.”Katie Dundas, Product Tester

Best Keyboard/Mouse Combo: Logitech K830 Media

Logitech K830 Media
What We Like
  • Backlit keyboard increases effectiveness of your iPad

  • Comfortable to use on your lap

  • Smooth and accurate touchpad

What We Don't Like
  • Large

  • Keyboard can be a bit noisy

Many users love the convenience and portability of the iPad, but one common complaint is that they can be uncomfortable to type on for extended periods. For this reason, many people prefer to pair it with an external keyboard. The Logitech K830 Media offers not only a keyboard but also a touchpad, giving you the best of both worlds. This is useful both on the go and at home since you don’t need to carry around both a keyboard and a mouse.

It’s a large keyboard, at 15.1 x 5.6 x 1.7 inches, that’s comfortable to use, with a keyboard backlight that dims or brightens automatically, depending on the amount of light in your room. The device is plastic, which helps make the keyboard more affordable, but it also means that it’s more lightweight and flimsier than some of its competitors. 

When it comes to the trackpad, it’s smooth and easy to use. Using two fingers you can scroll, left and right-click, or zoom in and out. It’s an affordable and useful device that you can pair with your iPad via wireless or Bluetooth.

Final Verdict

One of the best overall mice for your iPad is the Logitech MX Master 3. With a wealth of customizable buttons, fast scrolling, and a comfortable and durable design, you can use it for hours with ease. Another fantastic choice is the Logitech MX Anywhere 2S Wireless Mouse. It works beautifully across multiple devices, on any surface, and its small size is great for travel.

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How do I connect my mouse to my iPad?
Unlike your desktop or laptop, you’ll notice that your iPad doesn’t have external ports. This means you’ll need to connect your mouse wirelessly—which is why it’s important to buy a wireless mouse if you want it to work with your iPad.

You’ll connect your mouse via wireless or Bluetooth. Your new device will come with instructions, but essentially you’ll need to either pair it with your iPad’s Bluetooth or look for the wireless network name of the mouse on your iPad. It’s simple and you’ll be up and running in seconds. 

Which mice are compatible with iPads?
All of the mice reviewed above are iPad-compatible, but any wireless or Bluetooth-enabled mice should work fine—just be sure both the mouse and your iPad can connect to the same version of Bluetooth. If you’re in doubt, read the packaging or search for the mouse online to read more about its connectivity options. 

How do I know if I need an ergonomic mouse?
Many of the mice reviewed here are ergonomic, meaning they are designed to fit comfortably in your hand, reducing wrist and finger pain. If you tend to feel sore after extended periods of online work, you might want to try an ergonomic mouse. Generally, anyone who spends long hours working on their iPad can benefit from ergonomic support.

What to Look for in a Mouse for your iPad: 

Wireless Connectivity - Most Bluetooth mice will connect to modern iPads relatively easily, but since most iPads don't have a USB port, connecting a mouse via a USB receiver can be a bit more challenging. If you want to connect a wired USB mouse or a wireless mouse with a USB dongle, you’ll need a Lightning-to-USB Camera Adapter. 

Comfort and grip style - Are you right or left-handed? Do you prefer a claw grip mouse, a palm grip, or a top grip? Make sure the mouse you choose will be comfortable, especially if you plan on using it for long periods or across multiple devices. Since you’ll probably be taking your iPad mouse with you on the go, you may want a smaller, more lightweight mouse that can easily fit in a bag.

Customization options - Do you want a mouse with programmable buttons? Maybe you want to be able to switch between continuous and ratcheted scrolling? Check out the customization options the mouse offers, the mouse’s companion software, and make sure it’s compatible with your device.

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