The 10 Best Mashups on the Web

What is the Best Mashup?

Web mashups are skyrocketing in popularity. A mashup's ability to take information from different areas of the web such as Google Maps and Twitter and combine that information into a small application can create some unique, useful and downright entertaining results.

The best mashups are both visually appealing and either useful or, at least, entertaining to the point of needing to come with a warning label not to view at work if you want to get anything done.

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Weatherbonk Mashup
Image of Weatherbonk.

Description: If you have ever wanted to be a weather forecaster or traffic reporter, Weatherbonk is the web mashup for you. Combining Google Maps with multiple weather resources including WeatherBug and the National Weather Service, WeatherBonk is the best mashup for pretending to be a forecaster. Weatherbonk also gives traffic details and you can even plot out a trip with weather information included.

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Best Mashup - HousingMaps
Image of HousingMaps.

Description: A great mashup for anyone in the market for a new home, HousingMaps takes information from Craigslist and combines it with Google Maps to create a great utility for finding a house for sale or one for rent. The sheer usefulness of this site makes it one of the best mashups on the web. More »

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Best Mashup - Findnearby
Image of Findnearby.

Description: If you've ever become frustrated trying to hunt down a hard-to-find item, look no further. FindNearby is the best mashup for locating items near your location. It even has a special version for finding that ever-elusive Nintendo Wii.

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Image of Mapdango.

Description: By combining Google Maps with information from several useful websites like Flickr and Wikipedia, Mapdango is 'the' mashup for finding out more about a specific location including current events and weather.

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Popurls Mashup
Image of Popurls.

Description: If you are really into social news, Popurls is the best mashup for keeping a handle on things. Popurls displays the latest and greatest from sites like Digg and as well as images from Flickr, YouTube videos, and much more. This makes it the best mashup for finding out what's hot on the web right now. More »

Twittervision Best Mashup
Image of Twittervision.

Description: Twittervision is a great mashup that allows you to see tweets across the map in real time. You can also switch to 3D mode to see tweet coming from a revolving Earth as seen from space. More entertainment than useful, Twittervision can be quite mesmerizing. More »

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Flappr Mashup
Image of Flappr.

Description: Flappr is a mashup for Flickr fans wanting to find a better way of browsing through photos. Flappr uses Flash to provide a slick interface to Flickr and a visual method of finding cool images. It's the best mashup for browsing Flickr. More »

Image of NewsGlobe.

Description: The best mashup for getting your news in an entertaining way, Newsglobe plots realtime news stories on a globe of the earth using Yahoo's top stories RSS feed and hooking it into Yahoo! Maps to create an excellent visual tool for keeping up on what's going on in the world. More »

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Twitter Answers

Image of TwitterAnswers.

Description: Tap into the power of the world's most popular micro-blogging and chatting service, Twitter, and use it to get quick answers to questions with this great mashup.