The 8 Best MacBook Pro Cases of 2019

Keep your MacBook safe from potential damage

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Best Overall: Fintie Protective Case for MacBook Pro

Fintie Protective Case for MacBook Pro

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Fintie has a reputation for producing high quality, well-priced cases for tablets, laptops, and other devices, and its MacBook Pro versions are no exception. Combining a durable plastic interior with a soft PU leather exterior, and available in a range of attractive colors and designs, the case gets all the basics right.

Designed for the most recent 13-inch MacBook Pro models, without or without TouchBar, the Fintie case is rugged enough to protect your valuable laptop from knocks, scratches, and minor drops without being overly heavy or bulky. Installation is a straightforward two-step process, clicking the base and lid of the laptop into the separate case sections.

Generous cutouts ensure access is retained to all of the MacBook's ports, even when connecting accessories with bulky plugs. Unlike some competing cases, there's full ventilation cut into the bottom of the case to maintain airflow.

The style, utility, and sharp pricing of this Fintie case make it our top case pick for recent MacBook Pro models. The company also makes versions for a range of older models.

Best for Maximum Protection: Urban Armor Gear Rugged Case

If you're the kind of person who gives their electronics a hard time, or you know you'll be using your MacBook in challenging conditions, spending a bit of money on a rugged case will likely be a wise investment.

Urban Armor Gear's (UAG) version certainly looks the part, with its strong protective shell and impact-resistant rubber bumpers on each corner. A non-slip grip helps your laptop stay in your hands even in damp conditions, and the top and bottom solidly lock together to prevent it from opening in transit or when dropped. The durable appearance is backed up by a military drop test rating, providing confidence your MacBook will survive even fairly major impacts.

Even with the extra protection there's plenty of ventilation on the bottom of the laptop, and good access to all of the ports. The case provides a very snug fit, which can be a double-edged sword—it helps keep the laptop safe, but can be difficult to remove. If you don't plan to take your MacBook in and out of its case very often, however, and want maximum protection, this is a great option.  

Best Budget: Kasillo MacBook Pro Case

Just after a no-frills case for your MacBook Pro, and want to spend as little as possible on it? Look no further than this Kasillo option, available in a few different colors. The hard two-piece plastic shell helps keep scratches and dents at bay, and is easy to attach and remove as needed. Port cutouts let you attach most cables and accessories without needing to remove the case, and there are plenty of ventilation slots cut into the bottom. Rubber feet on each corner help lift the laptop slightly to aid airflow and keep it from moving around on slippery surfaces.

Compatible with most recent MacBook Pro 13" models, the case also ships with a silicone keyboard cover to protect from dust, crumbs, and spills, along with a simple mouse pad. For basic protection at an unbeatable price, it's hard to go past this Kasillo case. 

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Best for Premium Look and Feel: Twelve South Journal

Apple's MacBooks are quality pieces of equipment, with a strong focus on design. If you'd like your case to have an equally premium look and feel, check out Twelve South's luxurious Journal case.

An unusual mixture of laptop case and sleeve, made from waxed, full-grain New Zealand leather, the Journal looks like a standard high-end leather portfolio while being carried. Once unzipped, you have the option of keeping the laptop inside the case while in use or removing it entirely.

Soft microfiber material on the inside helps avoid minor scratches, while the reinforced corners and spine provide a degree of impact protection. A hidden interior pocket under the laptop, accessible via a convenient pull tab, provides a secure place to store documents.

Available for the most recent versions of both 13" and 15" MacBook Pros, the Journal is the ideal high-end case to accompany Apple's top of the line laptops. It will fit almost any model of the correct size, recent or otherwise. 

Best for a Better Typing Angle: BRAECNstock Kickstand Case

Most MacBook Pro cases don't do anything more than provide protection for the laptop inside them, but BRAECNstock manages to offer a little more than most at a similar price.

The rugged, rubberized two-piece shell easily clips onto the base and lid. Both sections are largely transparent, letting the original color and Apple logo show through. The base has dozens of ventilation slots to help prevent overheating, as well as a pair of flip-out plastic legs to significantly lift the back of the laptop and provide a better keyboard angle for extended typing sessions. If you prefer not to use them, large rubber feet on each corner still assist with airflow and prevent the laptop from moving around on the desk.

Made from a mix of hard plastic and softer TPU, and available in several colors, the BRAECNstock Kickstand Case is an attractive and useful option. 

Best Super-Thin Case: Air Armour Invisible Shell

Want a little extra protection for your expensive laptop, without the size and weight that comes with most cases? As the name suggests, Air Armor's Invisible Shell is barely visible at a glance, while still preventing most everyday scratches and marks.

At just 2.2 ounces and 0.01 inches thick, the two-piece plastic case is remarkably thin and light. Attaching to the laptop using an adhesive backing rather than traditional clips or other mechanisms, it can be a bit fiddly to get the sections to fit perfectly the first time, but it's possible to detach and adjust the case as needed.

The case retains full access to all ports, along with the rear ventilation. Made to fit recent MacBook Pro models with or without the TouchBar, the Invisible Shell is available in the same colors as the MacBook range itself, helping maintain the illusion there's nothing there at all.

Best for Customization: KEC Laptop Case for MacBook Pro

Many laptop case manufacturers offer a few different colors or designs to help customize the look of your laptop, but very few take it as far as KEC. The company offers over 40 different case options across the various different MacBook Pro models, from space-themed versions to several attractive marbled designs, bright geometric shapes, subtle watercolors, and many more.

Each part of the two-piece case combines hard plastic (for durability) with a rubberized oil paint for a softer texture and better grip. Wide cutouts ensure there's enough room to plug in chargers, headphones, and most accessories, while the base has both vented slots and feet on each corner to provide adequate airflow. 

The company also includes a similarly-patterned keyboard cover with each case purchase, a nice touch that helps prevent crumbs and liquid from getting inside. If you want to make sure your laptop stands out among the sea of identical MacBooks in Starbucks, one of these KEC cases is the way to do it.  

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Best for Useful Extras: Se7enline MacBook Pro Case

Available in nearly 20 different colors for the latest 13" and 15" MacBook Pro models, Se7enline's cases have plenty to recommend them. Made from an attractive matte plastic that's transparent enough to let the Apple logo shine through and provides good protection without attracting smudges and fingerprints, the two-piece case has all the features you'd expect: cutouts for easy port access, ventilation slots for airflow, and rubberized feet to keep the laptop from sliding around.

Where Se7enline stands out from the crowd, however, is the range of accessories it ships in the box. There's a separate sleeve for extra protection and easy transportation, and a pair of keyboard covers, one each for models with and without a TouchBar.

There's also a keyboard cover for protection from dirt, water, and those inevitable toast crumbs, along with a clear screen protector, and several silicone dust plugs to keep dust out of the laptop ports when they're not in use.

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