Top 10 Best Looking Xbox 360 Games

The Xbox 360 has been around for 10+ years now, which means it has had plenty of time to build up a huge library of gorgeous looking games.  Here are our picks for ten of the prettiest looking games you can play on the system.  The order of the list doesn't really matter, they're all great looking.

Gears of War set the bar for Xbox 360 graphics pretty high in 2006, but it was polished and perfected later by Gears of War 3.  Gears 3 looks totally gorgeous with the best lighting, particle effects, and explosions in the series.  It still looks fantastic even today.

Alan Wake still stands as one of the best horror games on Xbox 360, and even going on 5+ years old, it still looks awesome.  The lighting effects are absolutely top-notch, which isn't surprising considering that light is your greatest weapon in the game.  Everything else looks fantastic too, of course.

The DiRT series of rally racing games has always looked good, but they peaked on Xbox 360 with DiRT 3.  The best looking car models.  The best lighting.  The best weather and dust and smoke effects.  DiRT 3 looks absolutely gorgeous.

We still prefer the gameplay in Fight Night Round 3, but if you're looking for pretty visuals, Fight Night Champion is the clear winner (and it does play pretty well, too).  The character models are simply outstanding and the animation is perfect, but details like cuts and bruises showing damage during the fight are simply awesome.  Not only that, but the crowd even looks great in this game!

It seems cute and cuddly at first glance, but don’t pass up Viva Pinata because you think it is a kids game. The fuzzy little piñatas are amazingly great looking, and the gardens they inhabit are lush and completely wonderful. The animation is also very good, and just sitting back and watching your piñatas play around in your garden is one of the simple joys of videogames that is too often overlooked.

The Crysis games are synonymous with great graphics, and Crysis 3 is the best looking of the three.  It is just stupid great looking all around with amazing lighting and special effects and stunning environmental detail.

It is neck-and-neck between DiRT 3 and Forza 4, but we have to give the best overall racing game visuals on Xbox 360 to Forza 4.  A new lighting engine was implemented in this game that makes the game look awesomely realistic.  The really fascinating thing is that as great as Forza 4 looks on 360, Forza 6 on XONE looks even better.  Turn 10 really knows what they're doing.

The Xbox One version of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare got all of the attention, but the 360 version was actually really great as well.  It stands as easily the best looking CoD game on Xbox 360 with awesome special effects and environmental detail.

The best looking fighting game on Xbox 360 is undoubtedly one of the various versions of Dead or Alive 5.  Say what you will about the female fighters' jiggling assets, the game looks amazing.  Great character models with realistic skin textures.  Awesome environmental detail.  Fighters even pick up dirt and sweat and water as they fight that changes how they look. The game is just stunning.

Halo was always a series that looked good, but was never on the bleeding edge of visuals.  Until Halo 4, that is.  Halo 4 is crazy stunningly good looking.  The first level will blow your mind, and it stays consistently gorgeous from there on.  Some folks didn't dig the gameplay direction the series went in here, but you have to respect the visuals.

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