The 5 Best Linux Torrent Clients of 2019

Download movies and music using torrent software that's right for your distro

Best Torrent Clients Linux

While you don’t typically hear about torrents and torrent sites as frequently as during their heyday in the 2000’s, they’re still the fastest way to download large files. They’re also still a convenient and universal way to share files with one or more people without an external service or server. These five open source Linux torrent clients make working with peer-to-peer sharing simple, and some boast some seriously powerful features.

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Deluge: Great Torrent Client to Set Up a Dedicated Torrent Server

Deluge on Ubuntu

What We Like

  • Client/Server option

  • Bandwidth management

  • Simple Interface

What We Don't Like

  • Advanced configurations can be complex

Deluge is easily one of the most beloved torrent clients for Linux, largely due to the flexibility it brings to the table. You can use Deluge as a standalone torrent client, like any other, or you can configure Deluge in a client/server setup. In client/server mode, one computer is your torrent server, downloading or seeding torrents, and the other is simply the client you use to manage it, allowing you to set up a dedicated torrent server and access from just about anywhere.

Deluge also comes with plenty of controls to manage your torrent queues and bandwidth allocations. It also offers the ability to manage your download folders, network ports, and proxies.

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qBittorrent: A Powerful Linux Torrent Client With Powerful Security

qBittorrent on Ubuntu

What We Like

  • Network interface selection

  • Excellent controls

  • Simple interface

What We Don't Like

  • Options may be overwhelming

qBittorrent is another super popular client written in Qt, making it ideal for fans of KDE Plasma. That, by no means, limits it to only Plasma, though. qBittorrent is a fantastic option on any Linux system.

This client is packed with features that make it one of the best for anyone who wants complete control over their torrents. qBittorrent offers options for managing your torrent queue, setting bandwidth limits, and allows you to easily prioritize your torrents. You can set specific download directories and even receive automatic emails when a torrent is done downloading.

One of the best hidden gems within qBittorrent is the ability to limit your torrent activity to one interface or IP address. If you’re torrenting over a VPN, this adds an additional degree of assurance your private information won’t leak out online as you share files.

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Transmission: No Nonsense Torrent Software

Transmission on Ubuntu

What We Like

  • Uncomplicated

  • Includes most important controls

What We Don't Like

  • Might be too limited for some things

Transmission is the default torrent client of the GNOME Project, and comes with just about any Linux distribution running GNOME, including Ubuntu; Transmission might be the best no-nonsense torrent client.

Transmission offers most of the basic controls you’d expect for setting download directories, bandwidth limits, and controlling your queue, but that’s about all. It doesn’t get too fancy, so if you’re just looking to download the occasional file or ISO, Transmission might be your best bet.

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RTorrent: Torrent From the Command Line

RTorrent On Ubuntu

What We Like

  • Loads of control

  • A true CLI client

What We Don't Like

  • Steep learning curve

On Linux, there always needs to be an option for die hard command line fans. Sure, Deluge actually does have a command line client, but RTorrent is designed for the command line, and there's no graphical version.

Like most Linux command line favorites, RTorrent relies on plain text configuration files to set your torrent preferences. As a result, it offers a ton of flexibility and options you get to explicitly pick and choose, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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WebTorrent: Stream Your Torrents

WebTorrent on Ubuntu

What We Like

  • Innovative

  • Saves HDD space

What We Don't Like

  • Can't download torrents

  • Still in beta

WebTorrent is something different. Instead of downloading torrent files, it allows you to stream torrents and view them in real time over the web, hence the name. It's an interesting and innovative idea because it saves precious hard drive space in a big way. WebTorrent, by its very nature, gets you to your content sooner.

This one is a fairly new open source project, but it's extremely promising. While you probably want another torrent client on hand for actual downloads, WebTorrent has a definite niche to fill, and it does a great job of it.