The Best LEGO Games for the iPad

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If you do a search for LEGO games on the App Store, you may get a little overwhelmed.  It's the same feeling you get when walking down the LEGO aisle at the toy store.  There are just too many options, and as soon as you see something you think you might like, a new one catches your eye.  So which LEGO apps are the best?

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Let's start with the classic.  LEGO Star Wars wasn't the first LEGO video game or even the first to be based on a movie.  But it was the first to use the movie-to-video-game conversion where you basically went through the movie in an alternate LEGO universe.   Star Wars squashed the notion that a game based on a movie was usually a train wreck, and it set the template that has been used to convert so many iconic movies into great LEGO games.   More »

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LEGO: Lord of the Rings

While a legion of Game of Thrones fans will disagree, the Lord of the Rings is still the godfather of fantasy, and the LEGO version may be the most cinematic of any LEGO movie-to-game treatment.   As you might expect from an adventure that featured a nine-member party, you get to play a huge number of characters while solving the various puzzles.  You can even bring your own Smeagol voice when playing a Gollum, though (unfortunately) the game doesn't reward your impression.

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LEGO Movie Maker

This one makes it on the list for simply being the coolest mashup of real LEGOs and the digital LEGO experience.  It's basically iMovie with LEGOs.  The idea is to create a LEGO movie by building a scene and photographing the still images of that scene as it progresses through the action.   The cool part about this app is that it can be great for parents to play with younger kids and a fun experience for older kids who are interested in telling their own story.

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LEGO Harry Potter

 Moving back to the movie-to-game genre, LEGO Harry Potter added the nice twist of spells to the LEGO formula.  You'll find all of your normal LEGO-smashing puzzle-solving all-done-with-a-sense-of-humor fun that we've come to expect from a LEGO game, but LEGO Harry Potter is all about the spells.   And fans of Harry Potter will love the openness to really explore.  

Don't worry, you don't need to decide whether Christian Bale or Michael Keaton is the best Batman.  LEGO Batman is a unique adventure not based on any of the movies.  The basic premise is a breakout from Arkham Asylum with Batman and Robin is tasked with doing the clean up.  You'll play the first half of the game switching between Batman and Robin, but while this might seem a step down from the character-switching of other LEGO titles, you'll also get to equip the heroes in different suits that have unique abilities.    And in a fun twist, you'll play as the villains during the second half of the game.   More »

While the entire LEGO series is targeted at kids, many of the movie-to-game treatments are best suited for older kids who can understand more advanced features of games. LEGO Juniors Create & Cruise is geared for those 4-6 year olds who may have a little more difficulty understanding how to solve puzzles in LEGO Star Wars.  This simple game allows little tykes to create LEGO vehicles and drive them.   More »

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LEGO Ninjago Tournament

If you are looking fo something a bit different than the movie-to-video-game template and you want a bit more action in your game, LEGO Ninjago Tournament is the game for you.  Ninjago Tournament dispenses with the submersion in story and hooks you into a great fighting game that continuously throws new tricks and moves at you to keep you on your toes.  

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LEGO City My City

City My City is great for younger kids ready to progress from LEGO Juniors Create & Cruise but perhaps not quite ready to dive into a Star Wars or Harry Potter.  It's also a neat game for adults who like their games in bite-sized portions.  A game of mini-games, LEGO  City My City is a smorgasbord of LEGO gameplay, and as a free game, it does a good job of providing great gameplay without gouging you for in-app purchases all the time.  

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