Best Free and Legal BitTorrent Websites

The Best Legal P2P Services for Music, Videos, Books, and Games

There are many P2P websites on the internet that are popular, but the vast majority of them provide links to copyrighted software and media files. If you want to know the best places to get free and legal music, videos, and other types of files, then you need to go to one of the best legal P2P sites. In general, these legal BitTorrent websites have links to files that are covered by the Creative Commons License. A file covered by a CCL is safe to copy and distribute. 

Grateful Dead in Concert 1989 - Irvine CA
Thousands of concerts by "trade friendly" artists such as the Grateful Dead can be downloaded from Tim Mosenfelder / Getty Images

If you like listening to live recordings of concerts, then is worth checking out. Download legal bootleg recordings of bands and artists using your favorite BitTorrent client. he downloaded files are in the lossless Flac format so downloads can be hundreds of megabytes in size, but the quality is excellent. is a community site where fans share recordings, and the site has built up a large selection covering many bands.

The Vuze Network contains a legal selection of P2P sources that you can use to download media using the free Vuze BitTorrent client. The Vuze software client is easy to use thanks to a straightforward interface that features a filter system you can use to fine-tune the results. Using the legal BitTorrent network that Vuze offers, you can search for a whole host of media including music, videos, movies, TV, and audiobooks. There's also a dedicated music section that contains a wide choice of genres.

The Internet Archive is an enormous collection of movies, silent films, books, TV shows, and news coverage of important events. The site is completely legitimate. The archive isn't easy to navigate, but it is filled with interesting content.  

Legit Torrents has more than 3,700 legal links that cover music, movies, books, games, anime, apps, and other types of content. This legal file-sharing site also has a selection of software that not only covers Microsoft Windows but also Mac and Linux platforms. A nice feature of Legit Torrents is being able to see what the current top 10 legal torrents are through the Extra Stats menu. Focusing on the music content of the website, downloaded files are a mix of MP3, Ogg, and Flac formats.

All the content of this site is in the public domain and completely legal. If you are a fan of old science fiction movies, you can watch till you drop using Public Domain Torrents. The site is all about movies and offers a good selection of classics and B-movies in every category. 

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If podcasts are your thing, Bitlove is the place to go for a vast selection of legal, downloadable podcasts. You can filter by language, which is handy because some podcasts are in languages other than English. You can also filter by type.

If you are into gaming, check out Game Updates. This site offers legal torrents for gamers. Signup isn't required to download, only if you want to upload. Use the search box or click one of the popular torrents listed on the home screen. You must have a BitTorrent client installed to download files.