Best LCD Monitors for Graphics Work

Selection of Various Size High Color LCD Monitors for Computer Graphics Work

Anyone who works on computers for graphics knows that color representation is critical. Having a display that can produce the most accurate colors to the real world is vital to the artist, designer or photographer when working on their computer. The average consumer LCD monitor typically fails to meet their exacting color standards. Of course, it is critical to ensure that any LCD for graphics is color calibrated. So, if you are looking for an LCD monitor for your PC used in graphics work, check out my selection of the best LCDs in various sizes for color and graphics work.

Best 32-Inch 4K Display - NEC PA-322UHD-BK-SV

To get the best detail for very minute work with images, a large high resolution display is ideal for graphic artists. The NEC PA-322UHD display offers a very large 32-inch display with a full 4K or UltraHD display resolution. The 32-inch panel used for the display uses the new IGZO technology that allows it to get some great color while using less power than traditional LCD panel technologies. In fact, it can display up to 99.2% of the AdobeRGB color space. To make sure that the display continues to offer the best color possible over its life, NEC also offers this version with its SpectraView color calibration unit. This ensures that digital artists can be sure that there work on their PC will be accurate to their final product. The downside here is of course the price which is typically around $3500.

Best 30-Inch Display - Dell UP3017

Want a large 30-inch display but don't want to have to pay the premium for a high quality 4K display? The Dell UltraSharp U3017 is a great lower cost option available. The 30-inch display panel uses more traditional IPS technology but still offers a nice 2560 x 1600 display resolution for highly detailed work. The display offers some great color support with up to 99% of the AdobeRGB color space. The best part is that Dell with their PremierColor program calibrate the displays at the factory to offer some great out of the box color. While list priced are typically around $1500, it is possible to find it for less making this much more affordable than professional 4K displays.

Best 27-inch 4K Display - ASUS PB279Q

Not everyone has the space for a large 30-inch or larger display on their desk. If you want a display that still can reach 4K resolutions with some good color attributes, the ASUS PB279Q may be the solution. It should be noted that the IPS displays in this category generally do not offer the best color ranges, but this Professional monitor does cover the full sRGB color space which is sufficient for many. One interesting feature that ASUS offers is a picture in picture mode that allows up to four different standard 1080p high definition video sources to be displayed on the screen at the same time for easy switching between different work sources. The display is far more affordable than the larger 30-inch displays with list prices of just $699 meaning you can get several for a multiple monitor setup if your PC can handle it.

Best 27-inch Display - Dell UltraSharp UP2716D

On big issue that many 27-inch 4K displays face is the inability to properly support the higher color gamuts. They may have the detail, but they lack the color. Dell's UltraSharp UP2716D may only have a 2560x1440 resolution but it offers full support of the AdobeRGB and sRGB colors spaces plus support for the REC 709 and DCI-P3 often used in video work. Combine this with the Dell PremierColor factory calibration and this display offers some of the best color available on the market. Pricing may be a bit on the high side compared to some other displays but even at the full list price of $899, it is an incredible display that is great for anyone doing professional graphics work.

Best 24-inch 4K Display - Dell P2415Q

Sadly, Dell does not make a UltraSharp 24-inch display with 4K video support. This is partly a problem with the supply of high quality 24-inch Ultra HD display panels. While they may offer great resolution, they tend to lack the color performance of most of the larger displays. This of course does offer the advantage of them being much more affordable. The display still does offer up to 99% coverage of the sRGB color space but less when it comes to the AdobeRGB. In addition, it is not factory calribrated to the same levels as the PremierColor displays the company offers. Still, it is one of the best 24-inch display panels for those that want 4K resolutions. List price for the display is $550.

Best 24-inch Display - ASUS PA248Q

If you have a limited budget and desk space for the display, than the ASUS PA248Q makes for a good option for those needing a solid display for graphics work. The 24-inch panel uses a somewhat non-standard 1920x1200 native resolution that gives it a slightly higher resolution than many others. It uses IPS technology and offers some good color that is color calibrated by ASUS but not to the same levels as Dell's PremierColor displays. It features a full 100% of the sRGB color spectrum which is good enough for many users. Best part about this is that the display can often be found for under $300 making it one of the most affordable of the professional level displays.


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