The 8 Best Laptop Mounts to Buy in 2018

Easily convert your car into an office space

If you have a job that requires you to travel, chances are at some point you’ve wished you could bring your office with you. Vehicle mounts for laptops can make that wish come true. They are designed to make it easier for you or a partner to work on a computer while on the road. First responders, utility representatives, insurance adjusters, reporters, salespeople and many others can benefit from picking up one of these mounts.

Best Overall: Mobotron MS-426 Standard Car Laptop Mount

This no-drill mount bolts onto the passenger seat, making it easy to install, fold away or remove in minutes. Thanks to the sure-grip tray, this reasonably priced mount can hold anything from a lightweight tablet to a larger laptop. When the vehicle is in motion, this mount secures up to an 11-pound device, but if you are only using the mount when parked, it can handle up to an impressive 17 pounds. The fully-adjustable tray provides lots of working position options with 180 degrees of vertical motion and 360 degrees of horizontal motion. Customers love the quick-release lever and knob-screw that allow for quick adjustments to the working position. 

Best Budget: AA Products Laptop Mount

If you want to add a laptop mount to your arsenal of work tools, but need to watch your spending, this AA Products laptop mount is a great choice. No drilling is required for this bolt-on laptop mount that includes an extendable telescopic tube to help you maneuver your device into an optimum working position. Made from durable, but lightweight forged aluminum, the tray of the mount provides a flat workspace allowing you to complete paperwork, write notes or hold other documents when it is not holding your device. To easily remove the mount, simply use the quick-release switch found on either side of the stand.

Best Range of Motion: RAM-VB-113-SW1 Laptop Computer Mount Bracket

Though this model is a little pricier than some of the others listed, RAM mounts are often considered the “gold standard” for those who really need a reliable and versatile laptop mount. This model uses RAM’s trademark No-Drill Laptop Stand System, allowing for quick and easy installation using the passenger side seat rails. Dual swing arms provide a full range of motion and 12 inches of reach, so either a passenger or the driver can easily access the mounted device. RAM’s patented rubber ball-and-socket joint allows for additional adjustments and provides shock and vibration cushioning. This model also comes with the RAM Tough Tray, which is spring-loaded to hold screens 10 to 17 inches wide. The tray arms can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally to allow you to create a custom fit for your device.

The main downside of this model is that it is only compatible with certain Ford vehicles. However, RAM makes several other mounts that are compatible with different types of vehicles. 

Toughest Mount: Jotto Desk 4255324R ABS Plastic Desktop for Ford E-Series

Like the RAM mount, this easy-to-use laptop mount uses the existing passenger seat rails for installation – no drilling required. The smart design of the Jotto mount does not interfere with the motion of the passenger seat and provides a wide range of adjustability. The adjustable tray accommodates both large and small laptops and can be easily removed to free up space in the vehicle when needed. 

This specific model is compatible with Ford E-Series vehicles. Don’t drive a Ford? Jotto Desk sells different bases that fit multiple types of vehicles. Instead of having to purchase a whole new mount, simply look for the base you need and switch out the adjustable arm and tray. 

Best for Lightweight Laptops: Mobotron Laptop Mount + Screen Stabilizer

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced mount for a lightweight laptop or tablet, then this Mobotron mount is a great option. Like the other top mounts on our list, this mount does not require any drilling to install as long as a flat passenger seat rail is available in your vehicle. The sure-grip laptop deck comes with extendable sliding brackets to keep your device secure, while the quick-adjust tray provides 180 degrees of vertical motion and 360 degrees of horizontal motion. Simply use the two quick-release levers and knob screws to adjust the deck to your best working position. The adjustable aluminum tube provides up to two feet of height. 

Best Heavy Duty: Mobotron MS-526 Heavy-Duty Laptop Mount

If you liked the other Mobotron mount on our list, but need something that can handle a little more weight, the Mobotron MS-526 heavy-duty laptop mount might be the right choice for you. Like the other Mobotron mount, this one comes with the sure-grip laptop deck and a fully adjustable tray, but it can accommodate larger laptops up to 17 inches. Again, no drilling is required as long as your vehicle has a flat passenger seat rail with accessible bolts. Lock-in levers allow you to quickly install or uninstall in seconds, so nothing will get in the way of your work. 

Easiest to Use: Onyx Laptop Computer Car Mount

This Onyx laptop computer vehicle mount is designed with easy adjustment in mind. Made from lightweight forged aluminum, it fully collapses, so you can store it or easily move it out of the way when you are not using your device. Multiple pivot points and smart joints allow for smooth telescoping or rotational adjustments. The tray is designed with cooling holes to allow proper ventilation of your device, and the pedestal has a quick-release design so you can install or remove this mount in less than a minute. This mount even comes with multiple seat brackets that work with a wide variety of passenger seats so you can complete a no-drill installation no matter what type of vehicle you have.

Most Versatile: RAM POD I Universal No-Drill(TM) Vehicle Laptop Mount

The RAM-B-316-1U is the ultimate versatile laptop mount base. It consists of the RAM POD I universal No-Drill™ vehicle base, an 18-inch rigid aluminum rod and a single one-inch ball socket arm. You can purchase different reasonably priced compatible trays to hold different devices – everything from smartphones to GPS devices to tablets to full-size laptops – all with the RAM ball-and-socket design that makes them easy to exchange. Switching out the trays means that you only need to take as much room in your vehicle as you need for that specific device, and you know you can get the most secure fit with a tray designed just for that device’s size. At only 1.2 pounds, this base is extremely lightweight, and quickly and easily bolts to the passenger seat rail, so no drilling is required. 


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