The 8 Best Koss Headphones of 2019

These top-rated headphones will be music to your ears

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If you haven’t heard of Koss, you should — they specialize in making some of the most diverse sets of headphones the world has ever seen. The company has been around since 1958 and introduced the first set of high fidelity stereo headphones to the world with their SP-3 model. Jump 60 years into the future and Koss still dishes out a magnificent line up of headphones. Looking for some of the best-balanced headphones? You’re in for a treat: Below are the best Koss headphones on the market to date. The lineup ranges from everything from re-released futuristic style headphones and wireless sweat resistant sports earbuds to more specialized and finely tuned models specific for gaming experiences and studio work.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Koss KPH30i On-Ear Headphones with In-Line Microphone & Remote

It is very hard to find the best Koss headphones overall because they’re all so good, but the KPH30i stands out with its perfect equilibrium: They're sleekly designed, built-to-last, lightweight, affordable, and tech-balanced that show what Koss is all about and what they’re capable of delivering.

The KPH30i is exceptionally priced for what it gives you: 15 to 25,000Hz frequency, 60 ohms impedance, 101-decibel sensitivity and more. The feature-packed headphones have a four-foot-long rugged cable with a modern in-line microphone and remote for ergonomically navigating through playlists and taking calls while the headband is patented with a spring-reinforced strain relief for its listeners. They come in black and white.

Best for Studio Work: Koss Pro4S Full Size Studio Headphones

As diverse as Koss is in their lineup, they make an impressive set of solid studio headphones that answer to the demand of the craft. The Koss Pro4S are built for the studio with focused fine-tuning for creators to pick out their specific sounds and a contoured sealed cushioning to keep it all in.

Built with a sturdy aluminum construction, the Koss Pro4S are a durable pair of headphones equipped with full-sized over-ear ear-cups made of memory foam cushioning and a D-profile that fully encapsulates your ear so you can pinpoint audio. Dual choice entry means the Koss Pro4S give you the power to choose either the left or right cord entry, so you can monitor multiple headphones and even further identify audio. The headphones deliver a robust performance on sound with their 10 to 25,000Hz frequency range, 35 ohms impedance and a 99-decibel sensitivity all fined tuned in an unbiased flat response adjustable by you.

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Best for Sports: Koss BT190i Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

The BT190i headphones are built for active listeners and the earbuds use unique in-ear clips that stay still during vigorous workouts. The BT190 are a wireless Bluetooth 4.1 set of earbuds encompassed in a soft silicone shell that seals comfortably inside your ear, blocking out any outside noise. Their rechargeable lithium-ion battery gives six hours of playtime with 80 hours on standby. The sweat-resistant headphones include a remote on its wire, so listeners can navigate through their playlists, turn power on/off and pick up calls. The high dynamic audio drivers give you a 20 to 20,000 frequency range. Colors come in blue/green, dark gray, white and coral, and every pair includes three cushion sizes so you can adjust your ears to a preferable fit.

Best for Affordability: Koss UR23i Headphone

Koss UR23iB Headphone blue
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The Koss UR23i headphones have giant cushioned ear pads and an accessible modern remote and in-line microphone that you’d expect from something more pricey. Perfect for personal listening, the full-sized .6 pound UR23i peel out a whopping 20 to 20,000Hz wide frequency range with 32 ohms impedance and 94-decibel sensitivity. It’s built with a straight, flat tangle-free durable four-foot cord with an in-line mic and easy button control. Surprisingly, though it doesn’t include noise cancelation, the UR23i’s big ear-cups dampen out intruding ambient noises. Colors come in green, blue, white and black.

Best for Gaming: Koss GMR-540-ISO Closed-Back Gaming Headphones

Engineered for gaming, Koss’s GMR-540-ISO are made with a closed-back design and have custom engineered acoustics that gives listeners a fully immersive world of 3D sound. The lightweight 15.2-ounce headphones are designed to enhance your gaming experience and are outfitted for long periods of use.

The GMR-540-ISO uses D-Profile cushioned ear-cups that mimic the shape of your ear to immesh you into a gaming world that blasts out a 15 to 22,000Hz frequency with 35 ohms impedance and 103-decibel sensitivity. The headphones come with an eight-foot extended cable with a detachable boom mic, as well as four-foot standard headphone cable with a one-touch microphone, allowing for a varied experience that’s customizable to gamer’s communication preferences. Gamers who own the GMR-540-ISO admire the comfort, bass response and adjustable custom fitting sling headband for proper wear.

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Best Wireless Connectivity: Koss BT539i Wireless Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones

Koss brings to light its best wireless pair of headphones with the BT539i. The Bluetooth 4.0 connected set of headphones address common pain points for listeners by offering a long battery life, integrated microphone, exceptional comfort with D-profile pillowed cushioning, as well as ergonomic user-friendly controls.

The Koss BT539i utilizes high-resolution dynamic audio drivers that pour out a frequency range of 10 to 20,000Hz with a 97-decibel sensitivity and 38 ohms impedance. On the outside of the right ear, a navigational interface awaits user control with a design scheme similar to iPod interfaces; there's a volume up and down, a giant play/pause talk button, as well as a track skipping option. The BT539i offers 12 hours of playtime on a single charge, with 40 hours of standby time, and it's able to fold flat for easy travel mobility and includes a detachable cord too.

Best for Noise-Cancelation: Koss SP540 Full Size Dynamic Headphones

Designed with memory foam contour sealed cushioned D-profile ear-cups, the Koss SP540 are full-sized headphones that provide over-ear sound isolation. They’re the best Koss headphones on the list for noise-cancelation, giving a re-sounding precise sound with an emphasis on listener comfort.

The Koss SP540 seals listener’s ears off and isolates them in a realm of consistent sound reproduction with 10 to 25,000Hz frequency ranges that utilize a Dynamic Element to reproduce precision tuned clear highs, filling mids and smooth lows. It has a 99-decibel sensitivity with 35 ohms impedance and includes a 4.5-foot detachable straight cord. The SP540 can fold flat for portability, making them easy to travel with, and they come included with a carrying case.

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Best for Old School Cool Design: Koss Porta Pro Limited Edition

The Koss Porta Pro is such a fan favorite that it’s gotten two limited edition releases with newly upgraded features that make it more modernized to standard headphones. The 1980s-style futuristic looking headphones are lightweight (6.4 ounces) and give off a remarkable bass response.

The Koss Porta Pro Limited Edition headphones come with adjustable temporal pads that ease the strain on listener’s ears, while open-air cushions provide relaxation and situational awareness. Newly upgraded, it comes with an integrated-microphone on its four-foot dual entry cable and boasts a wide frequency of 15 to 25,000Hz with 60 ohms impedance and 101-decibel sensitivity. Oxygen-free copper voice coils give listeners a deeper bass and signal clarity when speaking through the mic. The headphones come with a hard carry case.

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