The Best Kids Sites on the Web

Find a Good Kid Web Site

There are so many great kids sites out there on the Web; here's a few that I visit with my own kids:

Science For Kids

  • Science Toys: " Make toys at home with common household materials, often in only a few minutes, that demonstrate fascinating scientific principles."
  • Cool Science for Curious Kids: from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute; explore biology with all sorts of really interesting articles and interactive games.
  • Bill Nye the Science Guy: Can I just say how much I love Bill Nye? He's long been a favorite in our house.
  • MadSciNet: Anything called the "24-hour exploding laboratory" just can't be wrong.
  • NASA Kids Club: Anything from NASA is bound to be incredible, and NASA Kids Club is no exception to that.

Biology for Kids

  • Kid's Planet: Includes facts, games, a teacher's section, and even information how kids can act to save endangered species.
  • National Wildlife Federation: the official home of Ranger Rick and more; you can click on the Wildlife link and get more specific animal info.
  • A Guided Tour of the Visible Human: There's an enormous amount of information here; great for the budding biology major.
  • Human Anatomy Online: Pick a system, any system - skeletal, digestive, muscular, etc.
  • KidsHealth: this is a really good kids health site aimed towards kids, instead of parents. A great resource for science research but also an excellent source for questions such as "what is puberty?"
  • DinoDictionary: "With profiles of over 300 known dinosaurs, immerse yourself in a wealth of knowledge about the giants that roamed the earth so long ago!"

History for Kids

  • History for Kids: all sorts of good stuff here, organized by regions (China, India, West Asia, etc.).
  • America's Library: from the Library of Congress. Meet famous Americans from history, explore the United States, and watch videos or hear audio from American history.
  • BBC History for Kids: so much good stuff here. Interactive timelines, games, and lots of great information.

Government Sites for Kids

Kids Books and Kids Stories

  • Professor Garfield: Interactive stories, comic strip creation, and reading/writing practice from the iconic Garfield himself.
  • Storyline Online: from the Screen Actors Guild Foundation; an online streaming video program featuring SAG members reading books out loud.
  • Seussville: come on, it's Dr. Seuss! Need I say more?
  • The Magic School Bus: The Magic School Bus has done more to advance interest in science with my kids than almost any other resource.
  • Harry Potter: fans of Harry Potter will enjoy this site full of great Harry Potter news and fun interactive games.
  • International Children's Digital Library: "a library for the world's children....that provides free access to children's books from around the world."
  • StoryNory: free children's audio stories; great for burning onto a CD.
  • Kiddie Records Weekly: My favorite kid's site. My kids love listening to these classic stories.

Sites that Can Help With Reading

  • MoreWords:"More Words is a way to search word lists. It's a crossword puzzle solver, anagram lister, codeword decoder, and a helper for other word games."
  • Discovery School's Puzzle Maker: An excellent word search puzzle maker that allows you to make your very own word search puzzle; lots of options here.
  • Make Your Own Word Search Puzzle: a simple (and easy) word search puzzle generator that you can use your own words in.
  • Over 30,000 word search puzzles at the time of this writing in all sorts of different categories.
  • Not for word search puzzles exactly, but in the word search arena - this is a crossword puzzle clue help and analyzer (very cool).
  • FunBrain Word Search: Select the level of difficulty and then play against the computer.
  • Word Search Factory Lite: Free download of a software program aimed towards educators to make word search puzzles with vocabulary, etc.

General Kid Web Sites

  • PBS Kids: All the best PBS kids shows are represented here, from Barney to Mr. Rogers, and each show has its own games and interactive educational fun stuff.
  • Discovery Kids: Discovery Kids is a great kids portal, with lots of fun interactive games, videos, and information about various shows on the Discovery network.
  • National Geographic Kids: One of the best sites on the Web for kids. Games, cartoons, even a printable coloring book.
  • HowStuffWorks: Want to know how pretty much anything works? This is the place to go.
  • Sports Illustrated for Kids: a great way for kids to learn about their favorite sport.