The 10 Best Kid Coloring Apps of 2022

Coloring fun for kids of all ages

With an Android or iOS device, you don't need to carry crayons to keep your little ones busy and engaged. Coloring apps for kids are great for self-expression, practicing fine motor skills, and having fun, without any mess. Here are our picks for the 10 best coloring apps for kids and toddlers rated by features, ease of use, and appeal.

Digital coloring isn't just for kids. There are a number of online coloring sites and coloring apps for adults, as well.

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Best for Dog Lovers: Coloring Book of Dogs by ME-ZZ

Black and white image of dog is surrounded by paintbrushes and paint.
What We Like
  • Drawing and coloring for all ages.

  • Realistic painting experience.

  • Many dogs to choose from.

  • Available in multiple languages.

What We Don't Like
  • Must upgrade to the paid versions to eliminate ads and unlock more pictures.

  • No Android version.

The Coloring Book of Dogs app is for anyone of any age who loves dogs. Color pictures of some of the world's most popular puppies or use a blank page to draw your own canine companion. This iOS-only app works great on MacBooks and iPads, and its brush tools are perfect for little fingers. Kids will also love the app's zoom and video replay features.

Download and use Coloring Book of Dogs for free. For an ad-free experience and additional pictures to color, upgrade to its paid version for $2.99.

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Most Unique Coloring Book App: Anti-Coloring Book Collection

Anti-Coloring Book coloring app for kids
What We Like
  • Encourages kids to use their imaginations.

  • No pre-conceived drawings.

  • Fosters active self-expression.

What We Don't Like
  • No Android version.

The Anti-Coloring Book Collection is a unique iOS-only app that costs a flat fee of $1.99. Still, its unique focus on self-expression is worth the price. Based on the idea that children need to think to truly create art, this app is designed to spark ideas and imagination in kids of all ages.

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Best Augmented Reality Coloring App: Color Quest AR

Color Quest coloring app for kids
What We Like
  • Learn about body parts, health, fruits and vegetables, and more.

  • The unique augmented reality feature brings kids' creations to life.

  • Save work as photos or videos.

What We Don't Like
  • Need to pay for a subscription to unlock more features.

Color Quest AR is a unique health-education app that incorporates augmented reality to bring kids' colorful creations to life. Fun characters guide your child through facts about nutrition and the human body and come to life in AR when colored. These coloring adventures include playing games, winning badges, and unlocking more characters.

The app is free to download and use for iOS and Android devices. You'll need to upgrade to a $1.99 monthly subscription ($19.99 yearly) to unlock more characters.

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Best Creative Coloring App: PicoToONs

PicoToons coloring app for kids
What We Like
  • More than 100 beautiful, cartoon-like illustrations.

  • Unique drawing tools, patterns, and special effects.

  • Add text to drawings.

  • Save, re-do, and undo features.

What We Don't Like
  • Must upgrade to a paid version to unlock more content.

If you're looking for a way to keep your little one creatively engaged for a while, PicoToOns is a wonderful coloring app filled with fun illustrations and both color and texture-based tools. The app's toolbox is filled with brushes, crayons, pencils, glitter, stickers, and special-effects tools to help your kids create bubbles, stars, fur, and more. The app aims to help children experiment, use their imaginations, and push the boundaries of what's normal.

PicoToOns is free to download and use for iOS and Android. You'll need a $1.99 upgrade to unlock all the app's features.

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Best Pixel Art App: Color by Number

Color by Number iOS app for kids
What We Like
  • Brings color-by-number art to the digital age.

  • Fun, easy, and relieves stress.

  • Share your work with friends on social media.

  • Upload your own images to color.

What We Don't Like
  • Need a paid upgrade to unlock all its features.

The Color by Number app is more appropriate for older kids or kids with extra patience and dexterity. This app takes the concept of physical color-by-number coloring books and adds a digital twist. Tap the color you want to start with and color the corresponding pixels. If your younger child likes the app, it's also a great way to teach number recognition.

Download and use Color by Number for free on Android and iOS devices. You'll need a paid subscription to unlock all available coloring pages.

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Best Physical-Digital Hybrid Coloring: Quiver 3D

Quiver 3D coloring app for older kids
What We Like
  • A unique hybrid of physical and digital coloring.

  • Educates kids about animals and the environment.

  • Take photos and videos of your kids' creations.

  • Great for older kids.

What We Don't Like
  • Need a paid upgrade to enjoy all its features.

Quiver is another app that uses augmented reality to bring kids' creations to life in 3D, but with a twist. Download, print, and color Quiver coloring pages and then view pages through the app and watch pages come to life.

This app includes educational coloring pages to help kids learn as they have fun, exploring themes related to animals, the Earth, and more.

The app is free to download and use for iOS and Android. You'll need to pay $2.99 to unlock all its features.

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Best Coloring App for Toddlers: Toonia Colorbook

Toonia app with a robot graphic in red and black with paint options on the side.
What We Like
  • Engaging and educational for young colorers. 

  • Supports multitouch, so your child can work with friends.

  • Beautifully designed themes and color pages.

  • Change modes to color outside the lines.

What We Don't Like
  • Need to upgrade to unlock more pages and patterns.

  • No Android app.

Younger children will love the Toonia Colorbook app, which features beautiful pages and themes with music, cute characters, and a slew of patterns and colors to unleash creativity. The app supports multitouch, which means your child can color with friends and siblings, learning to share as they create. Save, share, and print your child's work from the app, or download and print pages for offline coloring.

Toonia Colorbook is free to download and use for iOS. You'll need to upgrade to unlock more patterns, colors, and pages.

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Best Glowing Neon Doodle App: Kids Doodle

Kids Doodle neon drawing Android app for kids
What We Like
  • Glowing crayons and neon tools make this app unique.

  • Movie mode plays back your child's artwork as a movie.

  • Share artwork on social media.

What We Don't Like
  • Need to upgrade to eliminate ads.

  • No iOS app.

Kids Doodle is a unique and engaging Android app for kids that uses tools like neon, fireworks, and glowing crayons to create imaginative doodles and drawings. Your child will use 24 coloring brushes and bright colors to create images that are unlike anything other apps can generate. Store images in a gallery and share them on social media.

Kids Doodle is free to download and use for Android. You'll need to upgrade to eliminate ads.

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Best 3D Coloring Fun: Color by Number Voxly

Color by Number Voxly coloring app for kids
What We Like
  • 3D makes this app an engaging experience. 

  • Kids of all ages and adults will like this app.

What We Don't Like
  • Premium memberships are a little pricy.

The Color by Number Voxly app brings coloring to life in complete 3D. With easy color-by-number functionality, create 3D images that look like they'll pop off the screen. Voxly makes it easy to share artwork with friends and family through Instagram, Facebook, and messaging apps. New content is added to the app weekly.

Voxly is free to download and use for iOS and Android. If you want to eliminate ads and unlock more content, you'll need a weekly ($9.99), monthly ($19.99), or yearly ($29.99) subscription.

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Best Preschool Coloring App: Baby Coloring Book for Kids

Baby coloring book app image of alien creature
What We Like
  • It's a coloring game, not just color pages.

  • Lessons help develop fine motor skills.

  • Developed with child-education experts.

What We Don't Like
  • Need to pay for the full version to unlock more features.

Baby Coloring Book for Kids, known as Coloring Book for Kids on the Google Play Store, is designed to help toddlers explore their creative side as well as develop fine motor skills and logic. Fun characters guide your child through drawing lessons and coloring pages with princesses, dinosaurs, robots, aliens, sea creatures, and more.

Baby Coloring Book for Kids is free to download and use for iOS and Android. You'll need to upgrade to the $7.99 full version for all the topic packs and features.

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