The 5 Best Keyboard Wrist Rests of 2021

Type comfortably and say good to aches and pains

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The best keyboard wrist rests offer awesome support and comfort without costing you an arm and a leg (hopefully actually saving your wrists, in fact). You'll want to take a look at the material and design to find something that works for your setup and personal preference. Read on for all our top keyboard wrist rest picks.

The Rundown
Combines outstanding features and solid design at a great price.
A gel-based wrist pad that aims at keeping your wrists comfortable throughout the day.
Might be the best-looking wrist rest on the market.
The best option for anyone who uses their laptop with a mouse.
Best for the Office:
Redragon P023 at Amazon
An outstanding companion for the office, where space is limited and you need a lightweight solution.

Best Overall: Gimars Memory Foam Set

Gimars Memory Foam Set

Gimars’ Memory Foam Set is the best option you can buy if you want to make your time on a computer a bit more comfortable. It combines outstanding features and solid design at a great price. And since it also comes with a wrist rest for your mouse, you can use it both while you type and while you click around the Internet.

The wrist rest is made from memory foam technology that’s soft and smooth and lightweight enough to bring with you from home to work and back. It’s slow to bounce back, so it’ll conform to the contours of your wrist. And since it has a sticking mechanism underneath, it won’t slide around the desk while you type.

The mouse wrist rest offers all the same benefits and includes a groove that’s designed to fit your hand better and make for a more comfortable and relaxing position for your wrist.

Best Budget: Belkin WaveRest

The Belkin WaveRest is a gel-based wrist pad that aims at keeping your wrists comfortable throughout the day. But perhaps most importantly, its exceedingly low price makes it one of the best wrist rest options on the market.

The Belkin WaveRest is designed to limit repetitive stress disorder and ensure your wrist joints are healthy. It comes with what the company calls "GelFlex Comfort Zone" cushioning that will feel comfortable and not cause any discomfort as you use it throughout the day.

According to Belkin, its WaveRest is designed to be used for years at a time, thanks to what the company calls “durable construction.” And since it’s such a lightweight design, you should be able to carry it around with you to different places with ease.

Best Design: Kensington Duo Gel Keyboard Wrist Rest

Kensington, a company that makes a variety of accessories for computers and smartphones alike, also offers what might be the best-looking wrist rest on the market.

The wrist rest has a glossy purple and black finish with chrome accents. And although it looks rather hard on paper, it comes with a gel pillow material inside designed to give you comfort throughout the day. And since it has a glossy finish, you can easily wipe it clean whenever it gets dirty.

Kensington also included a ventilation feature in the wrist rest that the company says will ensure your hands remain cool and dry throughout the day.

The Kensington Duo is designed to be used for a full-sized keyboard, and if you don’t mind paying a few extra bucks, you can also get a combination mouse pad and wrist rest to go with it.

Best for Laptops: VicTsing Memory Foam Set

While many of the keyboard wrist rests on the market can be used for a variety of purposes, the VicTsing Memory Foam Set is the best option for anyone who uses their laptop with a mouse.

The VicTsing set comes with memory foam technology so it will perfectly conform to your body. It comes with eco-friendly materials that the company says are "super soft," and has a waterproof lining, so you won’t ruin it if you drop a drink on it.

Since wrist rests can move during use, the VicTsing option has a rubber bottom that won’t skid. And since the edges of the wrist rest have been used with the same soft material, it shouldn’t cause any irritation to the skin during prolonged use.

The VicTsing Memory Foam Set also comes with a rest for your wrist when you’re using a mouse. It’s the same material and technology as the keyboard wrist rest. VicTsing's wrist rest measures 16.1 inches across, which is the ideal size for any larger laptop you can buy.

Best for the Office: Redragon P023 Wrist Rest Pad Support

The Redragon P023 is designed for a few things. Chief among them, of course, is comfort. But you might also find it to be an outstanding companion for the office, where space is limited and you need a lightweight solution.

Redragon’s wrist rest is made from memory foam to conform to your body. According to the company, it has a soft-to-medium firmness, so if you’re looking for something a bit harder, this won’t be the wrist rest for you. And since it’s waterproof and washable, even if you mistakenly drop a drink on the wrist rest, you can simply wipe it off, clean it and keep using it.

According to Redragon, its P023 has a non-slip surface under it to reduce the chances of it moving all over the desk while you’re working. There’s also an anti-curling feature that will keep it flat on your desk and not get warped.

To be sure, the Redragon P023 comes in a variety of sizes based on what kind of computer you’re using. And although they’re all designed to be lightweight and easy to stick into a desk drawer, you can choose from a laptop-friendly model or opt for a larger desktop version. There’s also an XL model if you like the idea of a giant keyboard rest.

Final Verdict

The best wrist rest for most is Gimar's offering (view at Amazon), a springy gel delight, though Belkin's Waverest (view at Amazon) is an awesome alternative if you want to save a few bucks.

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What does it mean to be "ergonomic"?
Virtually everything designed for office use has the word "ergonomic" attached to it. Ergonomics simply means that the task is designed with the worker in mind and not the other way around in an effort to drive efficiency, health, and comfort. There really isn't a standard that anything needs to follow in order to be labeled as "ergonomic" so just about anything that could make the user experience more comfortable can be labeled as ergonomic.

What's the difference between Foam and Gel?
Gel has a tendency to be a bit squishier and cooler to the touch, whereas foam tends to be firmer and absorbs heat. There are some hybrids that have managed to bring together the best of both worlds, but the right answer for this largely comes down to personal preference.

What is carpal tunnel syndrome?
According to the Mayo Clinic, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a condition that causes numbness, tingling, or weakness in your hand.  Sometimes also called median nerve compression, this condition can stem from a variety of factors, but most commonly from repetitive wrist motions like typing. This is made worse when performing tasks where your hands are lower than your wrists, which is why having a decent wrist rest, or at the very least a keyboard that can be angled upwards is so important.

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