Top 5 iTunes Tutorials

Use iTunes to rip, burn, convert, and organize your digital media library.

iTunes is one of the most popular pieces of software for digital music, and other types of media. Even though Apple’s multimedia software is mainly used for purchasing music from the iTunes Store, it can do a whole lot more. You can use it to rip audio CDs, burn music / digital music files to CD, download podcasts, listen to radio stations, or even use it as a software media player (jukebox) to organize your music library. This article showcases popular tutorials that you can follow to get the best out of Apple's iTunes software.

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Ripping an Audio CD

This tutorial shows you how easy it is to convert your audio CDs into digital music files that can be played on your computer, or iPod/iPhone. By converting your physical audio CDs, you’ll be able to take your music anywhere, and keep your original CDs in a safe place.

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How to Create an MP3 Music CD

Creating an MP3 CD can give you up to 12 music albums on one CD. It’s a great method of listening to multiple albums without the hassle of continually ejecting and inserting your original CDs. This iTunes guide will show you how to easily make an MP3 CD to take with you on your next journey, play at a party, or listen to at home on your MP3 compatible audio system.

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Remove DRM Copy Protection From Your Songs

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Is it really possible to remove DRM copy protection from the songs that you've downloaded from the iTunes Store? Believe it or not, you can do it just by using the iTunes software! If you’ve purchased songs in the past that have DRM copy protection, then you’ll know how frustrating it can be to be shackled to an iPod or your computer. Find out how to remove DRM copy protection from your purchased songs with this iTunes hack and regain your freedom!.

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Downloading Podcasts – Get Free TV shows, Radio Programs, and More!

iTunes Podcasts
iTunes Podcasts. Image Courtesy of Apple

Subscribe to your favorite TV and radio shows and never miss an episode again! There are thousands of Podcasts on the iTunes network that you can subscribe to and download for free.

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How to Listen to Thousands of Internet Radio Stations

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iTunes is often overlooked when it comes to accessing Internet radio stations. There are over 2,800 radio stations that you can tune into that cover every conceivable genre, and topic. This tutorial shows you how to make an Internet radio playlist so you can listen to free streaming music 24/7!