The 7 Best iPhone X Screen Protectors of 2020

The easiest way to prevent a cracked screen

Best Low Cost Option: JETech Tempered Glass Screen Protector

While most screen protectors aren't particularly pricey, any saving is a good saving. The JETech option costs less than half of many competing products, partially because it's a two-pack rather than a three-pack, but also because it's just less expensive.

The 0.01"-thick tempered glass has a 9H hardness rating, helping prevent keys and other sharp objects from leaving scratches. The oleophobic coating reduces smudges and fingerprints, while rounded edges ensure a snug fit without sharp corners.

The pack includes two screen protectors, plus a cloth and dust removal sticker to ensure your screen is as clean as possible before applying the protector to it. Given the ease of installation and low price, this JETech iPhone X screen protector is an easy recommendation for our budget pick.

Best If You Need a Case: VANSIN 360 Hard Slim Case

Screen protectors are great for preventing damage to the front of your phone, but what about the sides and back? That's especially important with the iPhone X, since the glass back is just as prone to cracking as the screen, and even more expensive to repair.

The VANSIN 360 combines a slim 0.04" plastic case with a tempered glass screen protector, keeping all parts of the phone safe in the event of a drop. Precise cutouts for buttons, cameras, and sensors mean the device fits cleanly inside, and the matte, non-slip surface help keep the case in your hand even when wet.

Available in a range of colors, including some that match the iPhone X color scheme, this case is a simple and effective way of protecting the entire phone for only a few dollars more than most screen protectors by themselves.

Best All-Round Option: Maxboost Tempered Glass Screen Protector

It's rare to find a screen protector with the perfect balance of features, price and ease of installation, but Maxboost is about as good as it gets. The three-pack typically sells for around ten dollars, but despite the low price, the company hasn't skimped on quality.

It can be difficult to install protectors on the iPhone X due to the curved screen edges and lack of buttons to align with, so Maxboost has included a plastic frame to help line everything up correctly. If you do still misalign it, the protector is easy to remove — and if it cracks while doing so, you've still got two more chances to get it right.

There are also wet and dry cleaning cloths, plus dust-removing stickers. More companies should bundle these accessories, as it makes a noticeable difference to the end result.

Clarity and smudge-resistance are at least as good as competing products, and scratch protection is better than many. 

Best for Easy Installation: Trianium Tempered Glass Screen Protector

As mentioned above, applying screen protectors to the iPhone X isn't as easy as it could be, with misalignment and small air bubbles all too common.

Like the Maxboost, Trianium has included a plastic guide frame, along with three of everything: screen protectors, wet and dry wipes, and stickers for removing dust. The company has gone even further in ensuring the installation process is as easy as possible, however, including a link to their short video that explains the right approach in detail.

None of that would matter if the protectors themselves weren't any good, of course, but fortunately, they are. At 0.01", the glass is some of the thinnest you'll find in a screen protector, which means that as long as it's applied correctly, it's hard to notice it's there at all.

It's crystal clear, and does exactly what it's designed to do: protects your expensive phone screen, while being as unobtrusive as possible.

Best Name Brand: Caseology Ultra Slim Screen Protector

Many iPhone X screen protectors from well-known brands aren't really all that good, but that's not the case with this Caseology version.

The company built its reputation on making high-quality phone cases​ and keeps up the good work with this screen protector. The price is competitive with other models on this list, making it an attractive option for keeping your iPhone X in top condition.

The pack contains a pair of four-layer screen protectors, plus a microfiber cleaning cloth and dust removal stickers for cleaning your screen before you start. Unlike some other manufacturers, Caseology doesn't include a plastic guide frame — they definitely make installation easier, so it'd be nice to see one in future versions.

That's the only minor downside, however, in what is otherwise a high quality, reasonably-priced screen protector from a well-known brand.

Best for Customer Support: Anker Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Anker is well known for making high-quality, inexpensive portable battery packs and chargers, and has now branched out into screen protectors as well.

The protector itself is as good as any other on this list—you'll get two in the pack, along with alcohol wipes, microfiber cloths, dust removal stickers, and that all-important alignment frame to make installation a snap.

What makes this option stand out is Anker's reputation for offering great support. As with everything it sells, there's an 18-month warranty included as standard, and customers rave about the fast response and hassle-free experience they've had in the event of any problems.

It's rare to see such good service for a low-cost item like this, and that makes it easy to recommend.

Best for Extra Protection: Spigen Screen Protector with Sensor Protection

The company has taken the same approach to screen protectors, and the sensor-protecting iPhone X version is one of its best.

Rather than using the same large cutout at the top as much of the competition, Spigen has carefully designed its protector to cover the majority of the sensors in the iPhone X "notch", leaving only the front-facing camera and earpiece speaker open.

Spigen uses a pair of tabs, one at the top and bottom, to help you align the protector properly, and it's fully compatible with any of the company's cases.

Built by a well-respected brand and costing about the same as models without the sensor protection, it's a solid and reliable option.