The 8 Best iPhone X Cases to Buy in 2018

Protect Apple's hottest phone yet

The iPhone X obviously is one of Apple's best product releases yet because the company stepped up the specs in massive ways, including face recognition unlock tech and a virtually bezel-less design. All of those amazing features and gorgeous design elements call for equally gorgeous cases that also promises to extend the life of your phone. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best cases on the market, highlighting everything from slim, protective profiles to super impressive battery cases. Here’s what made the cut.

Best Overall: Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone X Case

Spigen, as a brand, has a great track record in mobile phone protection. Their Ultra Hybrid case is the flagship iPhone X protection case and it comes in five colors: black, gray, white, tan and burgundy. But the back of each case is perfectly clear to show the beauty of the iPhone X itself. They’ve even designed that clear plastic layer with a specially engineered material that won’t collect dirt and yellow over its lifetime.

That protection includes drop and scratch resistance in a single layer (no need to add an exoskeleton to a soft rubber inner case), while the colored side bumpers offer air cushion technology for everyday drops. There are ports cut out for access to your buttons and inputs, and the whole design is slim and non-intrusive.

Runner-Up, Best Overall: Speck Presidio Grip Case for iPhone X

Speck has been in the case game for a long while now, and they’ve done so with a pretty slim product line, both in numbers and in profile on your phone, too. The Presidio line is the company’s flagship set and they’ve been protecting iPhones for several generations with drop protection and a sleek look. This Grip iteration comes with matte rubber grooves on the back to prevent the phone from slipping out of your hands. The iPhone X version promises up to 10 feet of drop protection, a figure that was independently found and verified by a third-party lab.

They’ve developed a shockproof, celled material to build into their cases called Impactium, and there’s a raised bezel on the front to protect the screen from drops. They’ve put additional research into the design to create the slimmest, lowest profile dual layer case they’ve ever made. You can get all of that in seven different colors, too, so there’s an impressive number of options for an equally impressive case.

Best Wallet Case: Trianium Walletium Case for iPhone X

This wallet case looks just like your standard protective plastic case. To start, the protection is top-notch; the thing is made out of a dual layer, rugged TPU material that protects it from scratches, scuffs, and even tough drops. On the screen side of the case, there are elevated bezel lips that will prevent the screen from a direct impact if you drop the phone face down. Inside the case, there is microfiber padding so it won’t scratch when you’re taking it in and out. They’ve built in some tactile buttons that work seamlessly with the phone’s existing side rockers.

And then there’s that storage aspect. The slim, side-loaded pocket is designed to hold credit cards, IDs and even cash. They recommend a minimum of three cards to make the pocket as tight as possible.

Best Leather-Style Case: Fly Hawk PU Leather Wallet Case for iPhone X

If you’re looking for the convenience of wallet storage, but you’re looking for something a little more stylish for your iPhone X, look no further than this Fly Hawk PU Leather Wallet Case. It’s made of premium-looking (and feeling) PU faux leather, so you’ll have the look you want and durability that exceeds genuine leather. That faux leather has an added functional benefit as it provides 360-degree, full protection against scratches and shock resistance against drops. A soft rubber case holds your phone inside, and it’s designed specifically for the iPhone X so all ports and buttons are accessible.

The fold-over design stays shut via a delicate magnetic clasp, which gives you an old school, all-leather look and a secure closure. Inside, the Fly Hawk contains three card slots and space for cash, so you can keep everything you need in one place and leave your bulky wallet at home. The cover also folds back to become a kickstand that props up your phone for hands-free horizontal viewing.

Runner-Up, Best Leather-Style Case: Willnorn Premium Slim Leather Case

This Willnorn is built with a textured, almost cloth-looking exterior consisting of PU leather, which adds some cushioning and plenty of scratch protection. While it doesn’t have a folded front, it does offer a raised lip to protect the phone from front-facing falls. There is a hard plastic inner shell for further shock protection, and that shell is lined with a soft cloth fiber that will nestle the phone carefully.

There's a back set of slots that also hold cards and IDs, although it will likely only hold a few before getting too bulky. There is a small strap that, when pulled, it pushes the cards out of the pocket for easier access. And the slimness is what makes this case so great (0.8 inches).

Best Battery Case: Alphatronix BXX Battery Case for iPhone X

The Alphatronix BXX battery case has a 4,200 mAh battery that is UL-certified, which gives you an extra 150 percent charge on the phone (more than doubling the charged life of your iPhone X). You can charge that battery (and pass that charge through to the phone itself) via the micro USB port on the bottom or with the built-in Qi wireless charging capability.

The hard plastic exterior has 360-degree protection from scratches and drops. The front edges are raised with lips that protect the screen, and Alphatronix has even included a tempered glass screen protector to add to the safety. Finally, installation is simple with a two-piece design, including a standard slide-off section that frees you up to slide the phone into the case. It’s all protected by a factory warranty, too, for good measure.

Runner-Up, Best Battery Case: BEAOK Battery Case for iPhone X

This BEAOK case checks a lot of boxes when it comes to battery case features. First off, the battery is a massive 6,000 mAh, which offers you 200 percent additional charge, which they’re claiming gives you an additional 25+ hours of talk time. The Micro USB charger also offers a 1.5-amp, faster current charging speed to juice up your phone and the outboard battery super quick. Add that to the hard shell protection on the outside and the easy installation and you have a winner. The case also keeps the front of the phone bezel-free, so it’ll look great.

There are some drawbacks, such as the lack of raised lips on the front (leaving your screen vulnerable to drops), the lack of headphone port on the bottom and the heftier weight (4.2 ounces in this case). But if you’re looking to save a few bucks and score a massive backup battery, then this is the case for you.

Best for Design: Apple Leather Case for iPhone X

Whether you’re an Apple fan or not, the iPhone X (and really most of the phones in Apple’s line) have made waves in the industry for truly groundbreaking design. So, while we dug around for an insane amount of third-party cases, we ended up settling on the genuine leather case from Apple themselves for the most beautiful specimen on the list. Obviously, the case is designed to fit the phone like a glove because it was designed by the same people who made the phone. It’s made of specially tanned and finished European leather, so it will initially feel soft on the outside and will develop a natural husk the more it’s used.

There are machined aluminum buttons on the outside that match the leather case, so you’ll have access to the outside controls without taking away from the aesthetic. The inside is lined with a micro-fiber material to protect the phone when you’re taking it in and out. The case can stay on while charging, it comes in nine colors to customize any style, and at only 3.2 ounces, it adds almost no bulk to the phone.


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