The Most Popular and Useful iPhone Mail and iPad Mail Tips

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Learn what a few taps and pinches will do. Here are the most popular tips and tutorials for iPhone Mail and iPad Mail. You may not have realized everything you can do to read, compose, and organize your email. You can also swiftly update your contacts and calendar with items from email, and get notified of important messages.

How to Make iPhone Mail Sync More, All or Less Mail

Wondering where all your old emails have gone or wishing iPhone Mail would show only the most recent? Here's how to choose how much mail iPhone Mail downloads from an Exchange email account.

How to Access Gmail or Yahoo! Mail with iOS Mail

You are not limited to just using one email account with iOS Mail. Here is how to add your Gmail account and how to add your Yahoo! account. Similarly, you can add most other kinds of email accounts.

How to Pick Folders to Push in iPhone Mail

Push email is not for the Inbox alone. Here's how to have any Exchange folders' contents pushed to your iPhone Mail.

How to Make Swiping Delete (or Archive) for Gmail in iPhone Mail

Want to swipe and delete, not archive and keep mail in iPhone Mail? Here's how to make iPhone Mail delete messages when you swipe them, even in Gmail.

How to Make an iPhone Delete or Keep Mail from POP Servers

If you delete an email in iPhone Mail, you want it gone from your server. Here's how to make iPhone Mail delete messages from a POP account. While you are at it, why not also change how often iOS Mail checks for new messages?

How to Create Folders to File and Organize Mail in iPhone Mail

Don't want to archive a message yet and don't want to keep it in your inbox either? Here's how to create a new folder to take it in iPhone Mail. Once you've created folders, you'll also want to know how to delete them as well.
(In addition, iOS Mail offers a bunch of useful smart folders you can add.)

How to Search Mail in iPhone Mail

Looking for a particular email? Let iPhone Mail help you scan senders, recipients, and subjects, even on the server if it supports that.

How to Set Up Contacts for Group Mailing in iOS Mail for iPhone and iPad

Want to pick one contact instead of three, seven, nineteen? Have to mail many efficiently? iOS Contacts lets you set up groups to address, say, an email message to multiple recipients with speed and ease using iOS Mail on iPhone and iPad. Also, learn how to email "undisclosed recipients" using iOS Mail without a preset group.

How to Move or Delete Messages in Bulk with iPhone Mail

Want to take a bunch of messages in iPhone Mail and delete them with a few taps and swipes? Want the same for moving mail, too? Here's what to do. Also, see the instructions to delete all emails in a folder when you no longer want them. You may also want to learn how to mark messages as spam and move them to a junk mail folder. If you pick up mail from a POP server, you may also want to know how to keep it or delete it on those systems.

How to Set Up Your iPhone Mail Signature

Don't tap your every email's finishing lines. Have iPhone Mail insert them automatically: here's how to set up an email signature in iPhone Mail.

How to Add VIP Senders and Get Notified in iOS Mail

Important senders' emails first: add to (and remove from) the list of VIP senders in iPhone Mail and iPad Mail to have key incoming messages collected automatically in a separate view. Once you have designated VIPs, you can also set how you want to be notified about emails from them.

How to Create Calendar Events from Emails in iPhone Mail

The invitation is in the mail. With iPhone Mail, it's easy to get it out, too, turning date and time mentioned in an email into calendar events with verve and swift finger.

How to Send a Photo or Image with iPhone Mail

Easily share your best photos (as well as screenshots and images you've saved from the web) by sending them inline with iPhone Mail. You may not have realized that you didn't have to send them from the Photos app, but could insert them into an email using a long tap and scrolling to find the options to send photos, videos, and attachments.

How to View Text With Larger Type in IOS Mail

You can change the iPhone email font size if you having trouble reading tiny text. Here is how to change the settings for Mail and several other apps.

How to Save a Message as a Draft and Continue It Later

Can't continue tapping right now? Tap two more times and save your message as a draft—to be later—in iOS Mail.