Best iPhone Game Developers

Top 5 Game Developers for the Apple iPhone

There are innumerable iPhone gaming apps currently available in the App Market. Developing gaming apps can be a huge job for coders, who work day and night to create just one app for users’ entertainment. Here is a list, not of the best iPhone games, but of the top game developers for the Apple iPhone.

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Gameloft Platinum Sudoku
Image courtesy Gameloft

Gameloft is probably the most popular, as also the most impressive, game developer for the iPhone.

Known for creating several oft-played games such as Bejeweled, Puzzle Bobble and Brain Age, Gameloft has also been releasing regular updates on classics such as Uno, Breakout, Battleships and many of its iPod games as well.

Gameloft’s masterpiece is indisputably the Platinum Sudoku, which is also quite reasonably priced.

Gameloft is one developer that has made and continues to make a huge contribution to Apple’s gaming apps.

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game by MobileAge
Image courtesy MobileAge

MobileAge, known for its Shanghai Mahjong, is the other most popular game developer for the iPhone. not only does it come with great graphics and visuals, but it also offers the user a number of customizable options to choose from.

Their Blackjack 21 has also become very sought-after, containing cool graphics and an amazing betting system, which transforms the otherwise boring game into an addictive piece of art.

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Ambrosia Software

Pyramid game
Image courtesy Ambrosia Software

Ambrosia Software impresses with their element of surprise. This multi-game manufacturer for Apple devices is truly versatile and keeps churning out several interesting and addictive games for all of Apple’s devices, including the latest iPad.

The most popular games from this developer are Aki Mahjong, Mondo Solitaire and Mr. Sudoku.  

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Trism game by Demiforce
Image courtesy Demiforce

Demiforce, the single-game wonder for the iPhone, is one of the smaller, but hugely popular, game developers for the iPhone. Their singular game, Trism, has become a big hit with iPhone and iPad users alike.

Taking advantage of the iPhone’s touchscreen display and accelerometer features, this game comes with great graphics, several interesting levels and multiple play modes. Now, Demiforce is also offering support for the Apple iPad.

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PopCap Games

Peggle game by Popcap Games
Image courtesy PopCap Games

PopCap Games is admittedly not as good as, say, Gameloft. But there are some reasons why they are being included in this list. Their Bejeweled and Bejeweled 2 cost way too much, but they do contain good graphics too, which does look impressive enough.

Their game, Peggle, was probably the most impressive Click Wheel iPod game ever made. There is also Peggle 2 now, so we are expecting them to come out with further interesting releases in the future.