Which Company Has the Best iPhone Family Plan?

iphone family plan
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Last Updated: July 20, 2015

Figuring out which phone company offers the best family plan for iPhone users is really confusing. There are so many options, so many scenarios and special deals and contingencies that it can be very difficult indeed for a family to figure out which phone company will charge them the least while also giving them the most. This article attempts to help you and your family do that.

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Before you check out the chart below that compares each company's offerings, it's important to understand how iPhone family plans have changed over the years. While rate plans—for individuals, families, and businesses—used to be based around the number of calling minutes allotted, companies have changed to make the amount of data shared between devices on a family plan the major cost, with unlimited calling and texting included for all plans. 

So, when picking a plan, you no longer want to worry about how much time you'll spend talking; instead, think about how much data you'll use as a family. How many apps and songs you'll download, the videos and music you'll want to stream, uploading photos and texting pictures. That will determine the major cost of your plan.

Beyond that, for some companies, the number of phones you have in the plan affects the cost, too.

 Multiply the number of phones by the monthly cost and add it to the data plan to get your family's full monthly cost. 

All new iPhones have a one-time activation fee and a require two-year contract (unless you buy an unsubsidized phone for full retail price).

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These prices and features were accurate as of the last updated date above, but given how often phone companies change their offerings and have special deals, you'll want to check out their websites before making a final decision.

1 GB$65$20n/an/a
2 GBn/a$25$80$60
3 GB$80n/an/a$70
4 GBn/a$40$90$70
6 GB$110n/a$100$80
8 GBn/a$70$110$90
10 GB$140n/an/a$100
12 GBn/a$90$120$110
14 GBn/an/an/a$120
15 GB$170n/an/an/a
16 GBn/an/an/a$130
18 GBn/an/an/a$140
20 GB$190$100n/a$150
32 GBn/a$130n/a$150
40 GBn/a$150n/a$150
60 GBn/a$225n/a$150
Share Data
Between Devices
Up to 10Up to 10Up to 6Up to 10
Overages - 1 GB$15$0.15/MBn/a$15
Rollover DataYesNoYesNo
 IncludedIncluded3-7 GB /line
based on
Text Messaging    
Wi-Fi Calling    
Per Device Cost    
Early Termination Fee    
per device$325$350$200$350
Price for 4 iPhones +
Unlimited Voice +
Unlimited Texts +
10 or 12 GB Data

(before taxes and fees)