The Best Email Apps for iPhone 2018

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The best email apps for iPhone can lit your face with a smile, too. StockUnlimited

Find the best email app for iPhone in this curated list (instead of spending hours in the App store fruitlessly trying one worthless email app after the other).

Why the Hunt for Best Email App for iPhone Started Late

When Steve Jobs first presented iPhone in 2007, email was considered a core function.

That meant iPhone came with a built-in email app called Mail. With Mail, you could access your messages everywhere. Mail was a good email program, but it was not a great one.

If you did not like Mail, you could not, for all practical purposes, access your email anywhere: deleting the Mail app was impossible, and one could not install an alternative app for accessing email either. That, you see, would have duplicated a core function.

Too Many Choices? Start Here

Email on the iPhone has come a long way since then.

In 2018, Mail is a seriously great email app, you can "delete" it if you want, and the App Store is awash in alternative email applications. Now, of course, the challenge is to find the best email app for your iPhone needs.

Want to pick without being overwhelmed by just too many options? Want to choose without becoming slave to a cycle of How long is this download going to take? → Here we go, setting up email account… uh, what's the password? Two-step what? → How does this work? → Not liking it → Delete → Repeat ↻?

There is a better way: this list is sorted from best to good, and it should let you find the best email app for iPhone in no time. By the way, when you delete an included app on an iOS it doesn't really get deleted, but it does make itself invisible.

Outlook for iOS
Outlook for iOS - Best Email App for iPhone: Corporate Email Use. Microsoft, Inc.

Outlook for iOS is fast. It starts fast. It updates fast. It lets you read, send and file mail – fast. While many email apps for iPhone feels sluggish even with these basics, Outlook for iOS progresses beyond them – fast, and far.

You can search with near-instant results, for instance, a reasonably intelligent inbox lets you see the most important emails first (thus faster), and you can postpone emails with simple swiping. With support for Exchange and IMAP accounts, Outlook for iOS is the best email app for iPhone in an enterprise environment; POP, alas, is not supported.

​Like on the desktop, Outlook for iOS comes a calendar, which is simple but functional. Unfortunately, task management is not included. Like on the desktop, you can extend functionality with add-ons, though.

Outlook for iOS supports Exchange and IMAP. More »

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Spark 1.7.3
Spark - Best Email App for iPhone: Small Business Use. Readdle Inc.

Having the best way to handle email signatures makes giving Spark a try worth it, but there is much more to like.

When you first open Spark, you are presented with an inbox grouped automatically by category (personal, notifications, newsletters and the rest). It may not be as smart as Google Inbox, but Spark's sorting is useful nonetheless. Spark is not only useful but also a pleasure to behold and use: you get one-tap replies, swiping actions (including an option to snooze email) and fast search results (which you can save as smart folders).

​Some calendar integration lets you view your schedule and set up events from emails, though neither is as smooth as Spark's email program.

Spark supports IMAP. More »

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iOS Mail 10.3
iOS Mail - Best Email App for iPhone: Casual Email Use. Apple, Inc.

"Nature works in the shortest way possible"
So says Aristotle. If you believe him – and who would doubt Aristotle? – then iOS Mail is the most natural email program for iPhone.

In lieu of algorithmic classifications, hashed tags and finely grained options, iOS Mail offers simple solutions that are good enough for most needs. You can sort out VIP senders (which you get to define) and file emails to folders, of course; you can compose emails using rich text and swipe to take action fast; most importantly, perhaps, you get beautifully rendered emails without clutter and just about nothing to learn, to find out or to puzzle.

iOS Mail supports Exchange, IMAP and POP. More »

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Zero 2.1
Zero. Mailfeed, Inc.

Don't you wish more in the world was like Tinder?

In Zero, you can swipe left (delete) and right (keep) on emails to triage your inbox. Zero even sorts the bots (newsletters) from the real people (real people) first. You can also snooze or archive right away, and this is just a glimpse at what Zero has to offer. For the Tinder-like interface is not even the first option: a fully and automatically organized and prioritized inbox is. It is split, again, between personal email and all the rest, and you can easily filter by individual senders, too.

For new emails and replies, Zero comes with a host of email templates (to which you can add your own). Placeholder text could be a tad easier to fill, but these templates are still extraordinarily helpful. Speaking of help, Zero comes with an artificially intelligent "assistant" that suggests actions (such as deleting or archiving a bunch of messages in bulk) and cheers you on. Where is that in Tinder?

Zero supports Exchange and IMAP. More »

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Newton 9.5.40
Newton. CloudMagic, Inc.

The best thing about the Newton email app for iPhone is how little you notice it.

That is not because there is so little to notice about Newton. It is that an email app that stays out of the way is a pleasant surprise among applications that advertise just how much they can do on every screen's last corner. Newton hides menus instead and instead of bedazzling with a million options, Newton, for the most part, just does the most sensible thing.

​With that, err, out of the way, on to the noticeable things Newton can do: it has a fantastic email sending process that not only lets you schedule exactly when you want your email delivered but also can inform you when a message was opened – or just alert you to follow up if you do not receive a reply for a while.

Scheduled or not, if you hit "Send" accidentally, Newton lets you undo – again without any options or drama. While Newton also lets you postpone (snooze) the reading of emails, it does not offer to sort your inbox automatically and could be of more help – unobtrusively, of course – composing emails.

Newton supports IMAP. More »

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Inky 3.3
​Inky - Best Email App for iPhone: Encrypted Email. Arcode Corp.

Email encryption has been around for a long while, a bit like that replacement battery for the smoke alarm you bought 4 years ago. You know you should be using it, and, as with encrypted email – you do not.

Inky brings easy email encryption to the iPhone. Inky not only encrypts and digitally signs emails by default and without fuss (people not using Inky or an S/MIME email program can read encrypted emails on the web), though, it is also a more than capable IMAP email program.
It starts with organizing email. In Inky, you can apply hashtags as labels to emails so you can quickly find them again. What's more, Inky applies a host of those tags automatically so you can find, sort and filter easily. Automatic hashtags include #doc, #contact, #package and #unsubscribe.

Inky also computes relevancy, a bit haphazardly it seems. Maybe that is why relevancy is displayed as a drop of sweat. For quick, relevant replies, Inky offers a list of quips you can send as replies with one tap. You can edit the list, of course; unfortunately, you cannot undo tapping "Send" for these replies – or emails in general.

​Inky is a bit complex and could be faster, but its encryption and general utility can be worth the investment in time.

Inky supports Exchange and IMAP. More »

Email by EasilyDo 1.4.1
Email by EasilyDo. Easilydo Inc.

​EasilyDo's Email is not the digital assistant it claims to be; it is a fantastic email program that gets the important things right.

First, the "assistant" claim: Email by EasilyDo does not offer you the emails you need to see at any time without prompt; it does not reply to messages on its own or even suggest likely text to use. It does, however, suggest recipients based on frequency and can filter and use emails by type – bills, booking and shipment notifications as well as email subscriptions.

​For the latter – and here is where the important things have already started going very right – Email lets you find all messages fast (search in general is awesomely fast and useful), delete the whole bunch in an instant and unsubscribe with a single tap. When you do read newsletters and marketing emails, Email lets you block read receipts. When you wan to read later, Email offers convenient snoozing; when you tapped "Send" too fast, Email lets you undo.

​Possibly the most important thing about an email app is, of course, its speed. Email by EasilyDo gets this one very right.

Email by EasilyDo supports Exchange and IMAP. More »

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Polymail 1.44
Polymail. Polymail, Inc.

​Polymail comes with a host of features from email (and attachment) tracking to scheduling delivery to message templates. If you cannot tell already, Polymail is geared toward the professional. Consequently, some of the features are limited to a subscription service.

Unfortunately, Polymail does not work with Exchange accounts directly yet and supports IMAP only.

No matter the edition and account, Polymail lets you postpone emails for later reading. This, like a few other oft-used function is accessible using a swipe menu whose actions you can customize. The Polymail inbox is always a plain list of emails sorted by date, though: you can filter it to show only unread emails but it never organizes or groups itself.

Polymail supports IMAP. More »

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Airmail 1.5.3
Airmail. Bloop S.R.L

Airmail does everything, it seems, and then some (seriously, try it if you don't believe me). Here's what I mean:

Turn emails into to-do items or add them to the calendar? At your service! Schedule an email to be sent later? Of course (using Exchange and Gmail). Organize with folders and labels as you like? Sure. Block a sender? Right in the app. Undo send? Airmail has you covered for a few seconds. Snooze an email? For how long would you like to postpone it? Pick actions available from new mail notifications? You bet. Add files from cloud storage as attachments? Here you go. See an email's full source code? In Courier. Lock your email with Touch ID? Thumbs up from Airmail.

In this manner, it goes on and on. Of course, so do menus and options and buttons in Airmail. There is much to do, a lot to tap and plenty to configure. Not everything is as obvious, unfortunately, and there is little explanation to be found. Also, while Airmail does include a smart, filtered inbox, its implementation is not the most elegant, search is unstructured and not all that smart, and Airmail could help more with smart email templates or text snippets.

Airmail supports IMAP and POP. More »

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Yahoo! Mail 4.14.1
Yahoo! Mail. Yahoo! Inc.

Names and titles can be deceiving at first. Yahoo! Mail is for Yahoo! Mail accounts – and for a few others, too (Gmail, What is not deceiving about the Yahoo! Mail app for iPhone is the friendly, simple face it presents at first.

Without confusing through a multitude of options and actions, Yahoo! Mail lets you star mail to highlight it, file it in folders, search fast and get your inbox filtered by a handful of useful categories (including people, social updates, and those important travel emails). For sending email, Yahoo! Mail shines with impressive image sending and attachment support as well as its unique and colorful email stationery.

Yahoo! Mail supports Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, and Outlook Mail on the Web. More »

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