3 Top iPhone Cases for Mobile Photography

The iPhone still remains king for mobile photography (for right now, the Samsung S10 is making a run at first place). Needless to say, the iPhone is an investment. What do you do for your investment? You should protect it to the best of your ability. Cases are one of the ways to do this. Not all cases are conducive to doing so. Many times, cases actually get in the way of photographic purposes.

We understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but to alleviate some of this we asked some people within the mobile photography community what they thought about the case and if they would purchase them. We provided them with 10 different case options and these are their top 3. These choices are based on the quality of the case, accessibility — how accessible it makes the phone for storage as well as ease of use, and aesthetics — is the case nice looking, and accessory rating — what is the value of what the case offers me as a mobile photographer.

Moment Cases

Moment Case


First up, the case from Moment. Moment is one of the premier lens makers for mobile photography. They made themselves known well by enlisting ambassadors who are not only awesome image makers but also have some clout on Instagram and other photo social networks. The folks at moment understand how to not only let you be the mobile photographer with great accessories but also provide you with the best experience. 

The cases come in three styles; Black, Walnut, and White. What is great about the case is that it lets you, the photographer, experience image making your phone feel more like a traditional camera. The case has a slight grip for you to hold and also has a traditional shutter button. The case also has a built-in lens interface to match with their lenses. If that is not enough, it also gives you a wrist strap. 

The lenses use a locking mechanism to secure the lens. This allows you to not worry about any lens detachment. Just twist and lock and your phone is ready to shoot. 

Mophie Cases

Mophie Cases


Next up is not a lens kit but a case that lends to shooters who just use the iPhone lens as their primary. The Mophie case is a must-have if you are an avid shooter. Too many people go out shooting and totally don't prepare for the loss of battery life. This case has been a staple for me for one style of shooting — street photography. This type of shooting does not necessarily need to have the additional lenses as it really shoots what you see, as you see it and does not lend to the time to add or remove a lens.

There are 6 cases for you to decide upon; the Juice Pack Reserve, Juice Pack Air, Juice Pack Plus, Juice Pack H2Pro, Juice Pack Ultra, and the Space Pack. The cases ranged from $59.95 to $149.95 at the time of this article's writing. Each case has its own unique qualities from the basic battery charger to extra battery life and even extra storage space. 

Ztylus Cases

Ztylus Case


Lastly is the Ztylus cases. There are the Lite and Metal series that are specific to the iPhone 6/ 6S/ SE. Each of these cases caters to the Ztylus lens kits: Revolver and their Prime Kit. The Revolver is a 4-in-1 lens that includes the macro, wide, angle, and fisheye. It allows you to rotate your lenses for easy access. Many lens kits have the lenses separate and you have to remove the prior lens in order to access another one.