The 12 Best iPhone Cases of 2019

For the iPhone 7 to the XS Max

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Best Case for iPhone XR: Spigen Ultra Hybrid Crystal Clear Case

If you picked the iPhone XR, chances are you picked it because you wanted a beautiful, colorful device. That also means you probably don’t want to cover it up with a bulky, solid-color case. But because most of the construction of the device is glass, you do need that extra protection. That’s where this clear Spigen Ultra Hybrid case comes in. This is the crystal clear version, which means it’s the cleanest see-through option they could make while still providing drop and scratch protection. The bumper-style edges are made of TPU for increased protection against drops, and the PC back is perfectly transparent to let your device's beauty shine through. The whole thing is only about 0.15 inches thick, so the slim, sleek design of the phone won’t be bulked up. There’s a bezel around the camera opening to add a bit of extra protection. And the material allows for wireless charging signal pass-through, so the wireless charging capability of the iPhone XR (one of the standout features of this device) won’t be impeded. It’ll run you just over $10, so the price is right, and when it comes down to it, this slim profile case lets your iPhone XR truly shine.

Best Battery Case for iPhone XR: Swaller Battery Case

The look of this case from Swaller is very similar to Apple’s proprietary case, right down to the fold/peel back manner in which you install the phone — but it's considerably less expensive. There’s a 4,000 mAh battery, which affords your phone 25 more hours of talk time, 15 hours of data usage, 16 hours of average video playback, and 65 hours of music and audio. It’s important to note that these are just estimates, and the exact numbers will be different in real life depending on how heavy your use is in each category.

But a 4,000 mAh battery is a pretty sizeable capacity, and in this case, it doesn't make the phone too bulky. There are bright LED indicators that tell you how much battery is remaining in the case. There’s pretty solid drop protection, with added rigidness along the sides and a raised edge for face-first drops. The case leaves plenty of room for a Lightning cable, and it’s even compatible with the standard Apple EarPods. It doesn’t support wireless charging — and there won’t be guaranteed compatibility with CarPlay — but these are common drawbacks for battery cases.

But a 4,000 mAh battery is a pretty sizeable capacity, and in this case, it doesn't make the phone too bulky.

Best Wallet Case for iPhone XR: ESR Metro Wallet Case

At face value, a wallet case gives you added convenience. You can protect your phone and not have to carry around a wallet. This option from ESR has a nice two-tone design, with the top being high-quality cloth and the bottom being solid grade PU leather. It's only 0.07 inches thick, making it one of the thinnest cases on this list, and it also means that there won’t be a whole lot of weight added. The wallet slot on the back is slanted to allow for easier access to your cards, but it’s really only designed to carry your most-used card or two, plus a little cash. The leather is wrapped around the edge and a bit on to the bezels of the front of your phone, which actually has a protective function — it affords the case a bit of extra shock protection. Our color choice here goes for the heathered gray and soft brown, because it adds a good deal of character to the case. If you’re going to cover up your iPhone XR, you might as well do it with a great-looking case.

Best Case for iPhone X/XS: TOZO Ultra Thin Hard Cover Case

The iPhone X is one of the most beautiful phones to come out in recent years (strictly because it is basically 100 percent screen), so you don’t want a big bulky case taking away from the aesthetic. But, by the same token, you also don’t want your new investment to be destroyed on the first drop. The TOZO case fits both bills. For starters, it’s only 0.35mm thick, so it fits the phone like a glove, but it’s also made of a hard, matte, semi-transparent black plastic that will prevent it from slipping out of your hand and protect it from scratches and minor drops.

The area just around the camera (which, itself, protrudes a bit from the phone) is raised with a lip so that a drop on the back won’t crack the camera lens. Also, because the case is so slim and form-fitting, there are holes cut out precisely for the volume rockers, the lightning input and even tiny individual holes for each of the bottom microphone ports. All in all, it’s a pretty meat and potatoes case that will let the beauty of the phone shine through without leaving it as vulnerable as if the phone didn’t have a case.

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Best Battery Case for iPhone X/XS: Alpatronix iPhone X Battery Case

The iPhone X battery case from Alpatronix is has a 4,200 mAh battery provides 150 percent additional charge, giving you essentially two and a half full charges on your phone on a single go. The case protects with a 360-degree scratch guard that has been officially Apple-certified to work with all the functions and buttons on the phone, so you get protection and functionality tied together.

The two-piece construction allows for easy, slide-on installation that won’t force you to bend your phone out of the case. The USB charger passes the connection through, too, so you can leave your phone in the case when charging and syncing. But the real calling card for the case is that it passes through the Qi wireless charging that Apple put into the phone. It’s a big deal ​because this is the first time Apple has included wireless charging on their phone out of the box, so it would be a shame to cover it up with a case. This case doesn’t do that.

Best Wallet Case for iPhone X/XS: Dockem Luxe Wallet Case

This Dockem Luxe Wallet Case is one of the best minimalist options out there for iPhone X or XS users who still want some card-carrying functionality in their case. The construction is built around a DuraFlex inner shell that provides decent shock protection. Dockem is calling the outer casing “UltraGrip twill-style leather,” which in our opinion looks great with the heathered texture and also gives you a grip-friendly texture to cut back on accidental drops.

There are two card slots on the back, and Dockem recommends that you don’t put more than one card in each slot for proper access to the cards. But, even with those two cards in the phone, you’ll only add about 14mm of thickness to your sleek new phone. One final point: If you have an iPhone X, this case will work perfectly. But if you have an XS, the camera bump on the back (which is larger in the XS), might fit a bit tightly.

Best Case for iPhone XS Max: Spigen Tough Armor

The Tough Armor line from Spigen is a premium option if you’re looking to give your phone that extra bit of protection. There are two layers of drop protection: an outer rigid layer and a softer, rubbery layer inside of that. The materials are military grade, allowing for what Spigen is calling "AirCushion technology." This all amounts to a really standout level of protection for your phone. It will add a bit of bulk to the phone, but Spigen has taken some measures to minimize that — there’s only technically 0.15 inches of added thickness to the device (sitting just above the XS Max’s camera ledge). The edges of your phone are a bit wider as a result of this case, but Spigen has taken steps to give it an ergonomic design, meant to fit more comfortably in both your hands and your pocket. Plus, the bulkier case gives it room for additional features, like the built-in kickstand.

Best Battery Case for iPhone XS Max: Ztesy Battery Case

With a phone like the iPhone XS Max, battery life is a huge consideration. With a massive OLED display, there are a lot of pixels for your phone's built-in battery to power. That’s why a solid battery case is a great investment, because it will give you a ton of extra screen time and some protection. This Ztesy case has a massive 6,000 mAh battery that offers up to 180% extra time on your phone. While that figure will vary depending on your use, you’ll almost certainly get at least double the time with your phone on a single charge.

The case has a rigid internal frame to protect your phone and a rubberized outer shell to ensure it won’t slip. The charge input is the standard Lightning cable, and the input that plugs into your phone from the case sits in a fully flexible shell so it won't break along the bottom. There’s an outer series of LEDs that let you see how much charge is in the battery case, and at only about $25, this case is a surprisingly good deal for the features you get.

Best Wallet Case for iPhone XS Max: Snakehive Wallet Case

If you put your iPhone XS Max into a case like this, you might even forget that it’s a phone — it looks and feels like a high-end leather accessory. The case is handmade in the UK, stitched from high-quality European Nubuck leather. There is an internal, rubberized layer of TPU to both hold your phone in place and add a bit of drop and shock protection, too. The inside of the leather cover also serves as a stand for your phone. They’ve aligned the cutouts to allow for easy port access as well as access to the buttons and volume rockers. There are three card slots inside for credit cards, IDs and more, and there’s even a larger compartment in there for cash or receipts. It comes in five colors: green, black, blue, red and our choice, a warm brown. It’s a bit on the expensive side for a case, but with the high-quality leather and the high-end look, it's worth it.

Best Case for iPhone 7/8: Caseology Envoy Series

Caseology Envoy Series
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One of the iPhone’s strongest selling points is its elegant design. So why hide the sleek phone behind a bulky or bland case? Caseology’s Envoy series offers a variety of sophisticated designs that accentuate the iPhone 7/iPhone 8’s slim profile while protecting the phone with a well-engineered case.

The case’s protective prowess relies on raised bezel protection to protect your screen while allowing easy access to ports and buttons. A combination of shock absorbent TPU and durable polycarbonate provide a dual-layer defense that has been drop tested to ensure that your phone remains safe.

You can choose from a number of sleek designs, one of which is sure to fit your style. A carbon fiber textured black case is clean-cut and understated, while leather beige and cherry oak add more visual flair without appearing gaudy. All cases are easy to snap on and off your phone, meaning you can even change out styles depending on your mood.

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Best Battery Case for iPhone 7/8: Trianium Atomic Pro

For a battery case, the Trianium Atomic Pro is fairly lightweight in comparison to other models, only 6.1 ounces and 0.4-inches thick. It holds a 3,200 mAH battery, which adds an extra 14 hours of talk time or 10 hours of web browsing — essentially doubling your phone’s lifespan. It also features sync-through technology, so you can connect your phone to your laptop without having to remove the case. The Trianium even comes with a microUSB cable that allows you to charge your iPhone and the battery pack simultaneously.

The Trianium case also boasts its sturdy, yet sleek design. It's highly resistant to everyday bumps and scratches and features a dual-layer, 360-degree bumper: the interior is a shock-absorbent cushion, and the exterior has a hardened scratch-resistant shell. The case also includes LED indicators to keep track of power levels, so you’ll never worry about running low on power. The only downside we could find is fairly minor: the Trianium only works with Apple AirPods and other Bluetooth headphones and is not compatible with traditional 3.5mm earbuds.

Best Waterproof Case for Older iPhones: JOTO CellPhone Dry Bag

JOTO CellPhone Dry Bag
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Looking to swim this summer but you want to snap some pictures or avoid keeping an eye on it from afar? Take it with you in the pool or sea with the JOTO CellPhone Dry Bag case (available for the 6, 6S or 6S Plus).

The JOTO CellPhone Dry Bag case is IPX8 Certified waterproof, meaning it can handle a depth of 100 feet. The case features a simple snap and lock access which keeps out water, snow, dust, sand and dirt, and maintains full touch-screen capability. 

Though the case is somewhat bulky, giving off the feeling of a bag, it only measures .2 x 6.7 x 3.9 inches. There’s a clear window on both the front and back sides, so you won’t have trouble taking pictures, watching videos or checking your e-mails while you’re in the water. The case can fit any smartphone measuring 6 inches diagonally and comes with a neck strap for convenient carrying. Colors come in every style: black, white, green, blue, magenta and camo. 

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