Best iPhone App Review Sites for Developers

A List of the Top iPhone App Review Sites Devs Can Submit To

Submitting apps for review is essential if you want maximum exposure for your mobile app. Here is a list of the best iPhone app review sites for developers.

appvee screenshot

AppVee claims to be the “largest and most extensive’ resource of video reviews for iPhone apps. Though this claim could be refuted by some, the fact remains that it does offer a great platform for developers to showcase their app for review. This Website provides detailed written reviews and video walkthrough reviews as well.

Once you manage to prove that your app offers a good degree of utility to users, you can rest assured, as AppVee will feature it prominently on their site. More »

Freshapps screen

Freshapps scores very high in the iPhone app review site list. This service is similar to Digg for iPhone. Once you submit your iPhone app in here, reviewers can vote for your app, rate it and also leave comments and reviews that are publicly visible to all visitors to the site.

Freshapps is a favorite among developers, as it gives their app much more exposure than most other such sites. This particular service sorts apps in order of the latest entrants, the freshest and also the most discussed. Not only that, it makes two separate lists of free and paid apps. This gives reviewers a clear background about your app.  More »

Daily App Show
Daily App Show

This app review service offers reviews for iPhone, iPad and Mac devices. The site offers an amazing treasure-trove of app reviews, which is updated regularly. Besides, the team devotes a dedicated section for featured apps, which users find especially engaging, along with a list of pros and cons of each app.

As a developer, this online review resource is good for you, as it helps you get exposure for your app by way of the written word as well as a detailed analysis and video clipping of the same. More »

Apptism screen

Apptism is yet another good app review site. Probably the best thing about this Website is its easy-to-use UI and navigation feature, which lets the user find your app with practically no effort at all.

The service lets users not only write reviews about and compare different apps but also enables them to set their favorites and even share the same with another contact. This is an advantage for you as an iPhone developer, as it gives your app added exposure among more users​​ More »

148apps screen

The best thing about this resource is that it offers reviews of the top 148 apps for the iPhone. This comprehensive list includes the top 148 paid apps, game apps and newest apps each. Plus, it also offers readers information about app price drops. The reviews are in-depth, along with detailed screenshots and ratings, which are more than adequate for readers to judge your app’s performance. It also gives the reviewer greater scope to write about your app in detail.

This app review site can be of great help to developers, as it increases their chances of their app being featured extensively on the site. Not only that, in case you decide to reduce the price of your app, you can immediately issue a notice to users via the Price Drop tab More »

isuethis screen

iusethis is yet another online service that lets you submit your apps for review and request reviewers and users to comment and vote on your app. The unique aspect about iusethis is that it offers a totally unbiased review of your app, by showing users how many others have used your app.

This means that as your app rises in popularity, you will also have more number of users to show for it. The number of votes that your app gets will also be prominently displayed with a Digg-style icon. More »

Apple Iphone School logo

This app review site for the iPhone is great for you as a developer, as it helps you showcase apps you have officially submitted to the Apple App Store, as also those that you have jailbroken via Cydia.

Since this service features many categories of apps, you can expect to give your app a lot more exposure among users.  More »