The 8 Best iPhone 7/8 and iPhone 7/8 Plus Cases of 2020

These top cases are sure to keep your iPhone protected

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Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Spigin Liquid Air Armor at Amazon

"This case protects your phone solidly in an elegant, unassuming way."

Best Wallet Case: Silk Vault at Amazon

"The ultra-slim design is paired with high-grip textured sides to enhance comfort in the hand and prevent drops."

Best Protection: Otterbox Defender at Amazon

"A robust, ultra-tough three-layer polycarbonate protective case and synthetic rubber slipcover with a built-in screen."

Best Battery Case: Alpatronix BX170 for iPhone 7/8 at Amazon

"The case is both durable and sleek, only 0.63 inches thick."

Runner-Up, Best Battery Case: Maxboost Battery Case at Amazon

"The rugged two-piece design is engineered to protect against drops and sit comfortably in your hand."

Best Apple Battery Case: Apple iPhone 7 Smart Battery at Amazon

"The soft-touch silicone exterior feels really great in the hand."

Best Budget Battery Case: Ultra Slim Protective Charging Case at Amazon

"The sleek design is a real looker on any iPhone."

Best Durable Battery Case: Trianium Atomic Pro at Amazon

"It provides 3200 mAH of additional charge which will double an iPhone 7’s life."

The iPhone 7 and 8 may not be the latest and greatest phones, but they were expensive when they came out, and if you plan to keep holding onto yours, you want to make sure its protected. We've researched and evaluated a number of cases for the iPhone 7/8 to pick the best ones based off their durability, water resistance, and extra features. Aside from Apple's official cases, you also have your pick from Spigen, Silk, Otterbox, Maxboost, and others.

Best Overall: Spigen Liquid Air Armor

Presidio Grip
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What We Like
  • Slim build

  • Durable TPU layer

  • Reliable grip

  • Pass through wireless charging

What We Don't Like
  • Traps dust/lint inside

It’s hard to argue with a phone case that has such ridiculously good reviews from more than 700 buyers, so it’s possibly not a surprise that this slim Spigen case tops our non-battery list. And don’t let the relative lack of brand recognition sway you—this case protects your phone solidly in an elegant, unassuming way. There is a durable TPU layer that will protect your phone, and the shell is form-fitted while also including air cushioning on the edges for added drop protection. The finish itself on the outside is matte with a criss-cross geometric pattern that provides both a beautiful look and a reliable grip for your fingers. The precisely cutout button access points will provide equal precision on navigating your phone. Finally, if you elect to use this case on the equally sized iPhone 8, then it will also pass through the wireless charging technology.

"Spigen cases offer a great mix of price and protection to iPhone 7/8 users. It's also easy to slip into your pocket and won't catch on the fabric."Ajay Kumar, Tech Editor

Best Wallet Case: Silk Vault

Silk Vault
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What We Like
  • Slim wallet case

  • Useful textured grip

  • Includes scratch-resistant screen protector

What We Don't Like
  • Screen protector isn't tempered glass

Silk’s Vault 2.1-ounce slim wallet case has long been a favorite of iPhone owners and their newest iteration for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 is no exception. Capable of comfortably fitting three cards (credit cards, IDs, etc.), the ultra-slim design is paired with high-grip textured sides to enhance comfort in the hand and prevent drops. The durable, one-piece construction is designed to provide full-frame protection with a shock-absorbed reinforced ribbed substructure that will disperse the shock from a drop around and away from your iPhone.

Additionally, Silk includes a scratch-resistant screen protector with every case to further protect the device, but unfortunately it isn’t tempered glass. The card-carrying case has a tensioning spring that helps securely hold the loaded cards in place just in case you drop the device. It comes with a lifetime warranty and is available in black onyx, blue jade, gunmetal gray and purple orchid.

Best Protection: Otterbox Defender

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What We Like
  • Robust, durable three-layer case

  • Built-in screen protection

  • Rated for drops

What We Don't Like
  • Adds bulk and weight

Otterbox is the premier name in iPhone protection and its Defender series is among the toughest cases on the market. A robust, ultra-tough three-layer polycarbonate protective case and synthetic rubber slipcover with a built-in screen offer premium protection against scratches, drops and bumps. Additionally, port covers help protect against dust and debris. Few companies take testing products as seriously as Otterbox; its “Drop+” protection includes 24+ tests over 238 hours before a case design is certified.

At 4.64 ounces, it’s on the heavy side of iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 cases, but that’s due to the ultra-protective nature and rugged build. As an added bonus, Otterbox includes an optional polycarbonate holster that doubles as a belt clip and hands-free kickstand. A one-year warranty from the original purchase date offers a full replacement at no charge for any defects. Colors come in black, blazer blue, tempest blue and rosemarine.

"Otterbox is a known name in the phone case world, and the Defender lives up to its reputation, offering drop resistance and protection that's far better than the competition." — Ajay Kumar, Tech Editor

Best Battery Case: Alpatronix BX170 for iPhone 7/8

What We Like
  • Large added battery

  • Durable and sleek

  • Scratchproof with raised edges

What We Don't Like
  • Only comes with micro USB cable

  • Not compatible with standard Apple earbuds

For maximizing your phone’s potential, the Alpatronix BX170’s features one of strongest batteries on our list. It contains a 3200 mAH UL-certified internal battery, capable of extending a single charge to 120%. The product also comes with a micro USB charging cable, which allows you to sync your phone to your computer and recharge the case without removing it. The BX170 is 100% compatible with all the past iOS versions (and future updates), Apple Pay, and Apple-branded accessories like AirPods. The only downside is that it isn’t compatible with the standard Apple earbuds—only Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Design-wise, the case is both durable and sleek, only 0.63 inches thick. It’s built with a shock-absorbent rubber interior and a hardened exterior shell to resist inevitable drops. The Alpatronix also has a scratch-proof guard and raised edges to further protect your screen. It’s important to note that the BX170 model is only compatible with the 4.7-inch iPhone 7/8 models. For users with a 7/8 Plus, you’ll want to choose the BX170plus model, which has more or less the same specs.

This device is CE, RoHS, and FCC certified, which speaks to the highest standard of the industry. Additionally, it’s backed by a lifetime warranty with a 30-day money back guarantee should you find any reason to be dissatisfied. 

Runner-Up, Best Battery Case: Maxboost Battery Case

What We Like
  • Massive added battery

  • Sync-through technology

  • Useful LED indicator light

What We Don't Like
  • Tricky to get off phone

  • Adds bulk and weight

The Maxboost's massive 5000 mAH Li-polymer battery will provide up to 30 additional hours of talk time and a whopping 26 additional hours of data use. The sync-through technology allows you to sync with your computer just like a caseless iPhone without the need to, well, go caseless. That same technology applies to charging — plugging in your phone will charge both the case and your device at the same time. The relatively slim design and button access cutouts allow for seamless use of your phone, while the LED battery indicator light on the back will make sure you know exactly how much juice is in your Maxboost at any one time. Finally, the rugged two-piece design is engineered to protect against drops and sit comfortably in your hand. But be warned: some users say this is tricky to get on and off your phone. If you're someone who frequently removes their case, that could be a downside.

Best Apple Battery Case: Apple iPhone 7 Smart Battery

Apple Battery Case
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What We Like
  • Premium, soft-touch finish

  • Great compatibility and Lightning support

  • Modest size and weight

What We Don't Like
  • Expensive

For a field once dominated by third-party brands, Apple’s entrance into the smart battery case race has been a very good thing. While the company's pricing may be higher than the competition, options like intelligent battery display showing on the iPhone lock screen has won over die-hard Apple fans. As a “smart” case, Apple has pre-programmed software that tells the case when to charge and when to turn off, leaving the iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 owner at the mercy of the case itself. The soft-touch silicone exterior feels really great in the hand, even if the bump on the backside is awkwardly placed. A soft elastomer hinge will offer easy on and easy off even though the bulgy design will have to grow on you.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 charging case will include 2,365mAh of battery life, compared to 1,877mAh for the iPhone 6S version. Ultimately, that amounts to around talk time of around 26 hours, 22 hours on an LTE network for Internet and even longer audio and video playback times. It’ll come as no surprise that Apple’s own case supports Lightning accessories, such as the Lightning to USB cable, as well as the Lightning dock. At 7.2 ounces, the smart battery case adds a bit of weight to the overall feel in the hand, and while we’d like to manually control the on/off battery, Apple’s own case is a great fit that feels better than it looks.

"Apple's first-party Smart Battery Case may not have the lowest price, but the combination of the premium finish, intelligent charging, and support for Lightning accessories makes it the case to get if your iPhone keeps running out of juice." — Ajay Kumar, Tech Editor

Best Budget Battery Case: Tiitarn Ultra Slim Protective Charging Case

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What We Like
  • Slim for a battery case

  • Decent capacity

  • Supports sync-through technology

What We Don't Like
  • Not very attractive

Sometimes when it comes to battery cases, you have to break the bank for quality. Other times, you have to sacrifice sleek and slim design for high capacity. But this 4000 mAH battery case provides 70 extra hours of audio, 18 hours 3G talk time, or 13 hours of web browsing — astounding features given the price. This device doesn’t stop there, either: it’s also super thin at 0.43 inches and mega light at only 1.58 ounces. There’s a four-state LED light on the back that ensures more accuracy in battery level indication, and the sleek design is a real looker on any iPhone. It’s rounded out by easy sync through technology which means you’ll never have to take the jacket off your phone. 

Best Durable Battery Case: Trianium Atomic Pro

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What We Like
  • Long-lasting charge

  • Bumpers for added durability

  • Lifetime warranty

What We Don't Like
  • Adds quite a bit of bulk and weight

The Trianium Atomic Pro could go toe-to-toe with many of the battery cases on this list, feature for feature. It provides 3200 mAH of additional charge which will double an iPhone 7’s life, which will, in turn, give you 10 additional hours of that precious social media and browsing time. The LED light indicators keep you up to date on the level of charge, while the charge through technology standard on battery cases passes your micro USB signal straight through to the lightning connector. But the 360-degree protection provided by the full bumper technology and rugged hardshell back earns this case its spot as most durable. And to add to that peace of mind, Trianium is confident enough in the product that they’re including a lifetime warranty to replace the case if it fails due to normal wear and tear.

Final Verdict

If you're still holding onto your iPhone 7/8 and want to eke a little bit more life out of it, the Spigen Liquid AIr Armor can help keep your phone protected for longer. The case is sleek and thin, but still grippy. It offers a good balance of price and protection. If you need to carry a few things, the Silk Vault will help you carry cards and cash while keeping your phone thin. And if your battery life is always running out, the beefy Alpatronix BX170 will give you a good amount of extra juice, though it adds quite a bit to bulk.

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What to Look for When Buying iPhone 7/iPhone 8 Cases

Drop protection - Style is important because you don’t want your expensive phone to look ugly, but protecting it is even more critical. Look for a case that can keep the phone from breaking and the screen from cracking if you accidentally drop it.

Grip - Some cases look great, but they’re too slippery to hold comfortably even when they’re completely dry. Look for a case that has an added texture or is made from a material that’s easy to hold on to. If you like to use PopSockets grips, stay away from silicone, waterproof cases, and excessive texture on the back of the case.

Kickstands - Some cases come with a fold-out kickstand you can use to prop up your iPhone, which makes it easier to use hands-free. This feature is useful for watching YouTube, taking selfies with the front-facing camera, and chatting on FaceTime.