Best iPad Apps for Blogging

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If you have an iPad, then you might already be using it to blog with applications such as the WordPress mobile app. However, there are many iPad apps that can make blogging easier, faster, and better.

Some of these apps are free, some offer free and paid versions (with additional features), and some come with a price tag. All of the iPad apps listed below are very popular, but it's up to you to review their features and choose the ones that will best meet your needs.

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1Password for iPad

There are many password management tools, but 1Password for iPad is one of the best. Instead of trying to remember all of your passwords while blogging on the go, you can login with a single password and access all of your saved websites using 1Password. It's a time saver and a stress reducer!

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Feeddler for iPad

If you subscribe to RSS feeds to keep up with news and commentaries related to your blog topic, then Feedler is one of the best iPad apps for managing and viewing content from your feed subscriptions. You can get ideas for blog posts, find content of interest to you, and more. This iPad app is free, so it's worth trying!

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Dragon Dictation for iPad

Dragon Dictation allows you to speak and your words are automatically typed into your iPad for you. Use the app to dictate text messages, email messages, Facebook updates, Twitter updates, and more.

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Analytics HD

Analytics HD for iPad is a must-try app for any blogger who likes to keep tabs on their blog's performance using Google Analytics. The app makes it easy to view your blog's performance metrics performance metrics at anytime directly from your iPad.

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HootSuite is my favorite social media management tool, and the HootSuite iPad app is the perfect choice for sharing your blog posts and building relationships with people across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

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Dropbox for iPad

Dropbox is an amazing tool for document management and sharing across computers and devices. With the Dropbox iPad app, you can access all of your files, update them, synchronize them, and save them, so they're available from any computer or device at anytime.

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Evernote is a great tool for keeping organized. With the Evernote iPad app, you can take notes, record audio notes, capture and save images, create to do lists, and more. All of these tasks, notes, and reminders are searchable from any device or computer.

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GoodReader for iPad

GoodReader for iPad enables you to view PDF documents on your iPad. Since so many documents that bloggers create, publish, and share are in PDF format, this is an essential iPad app for people who like to blog on the go.

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FTP on the Go for iPad

For more advanced bloggers who want access to the files on their FTP servers from their iPads, this is one of the best iPad apps to do it. You can manage all aspects of your blog via FTP with this mobile app.