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Great iPad games to test your brain

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Do you love puzzles? Ever since the breakout popularity of Angry Birds, the Apple App Store has been overloaded with different puzzle games, from simple puzzles to physics-based puzzle games to hidden object games. Unfortunately, not every game is made equal, and some of them are just plain outright bad.  

We'll sort through some of the best puzzles on the iPad, allowing you to get your fix whether you want to test your brain by solving Sudoku puzzles over your morning coffee or you are interested in wasting a few minutes waiting in the doctor's office by helping out those angry little birds. It should be noted that we are drawing a distinction between straight up puzzle games and puzzle-heavy adventure games. For this list, we'll just concentrate on puzzles. 

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 This one is easily the most inventive and most beautiful puzzle game on this list. In Shadowmatic, you rotate objects that are reflected as shadows on the wall. The object of the game is to find the right silhouette for the puzzle. You may discover several different objects created by manipulating the shadow, but the room's environment will give you a hint at what you need to create. For example, if the room is within a ship, you might concentrate on sea creatures.

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Threes is a fun game where you push numbers together on a small grid to make bigger and bigger numbers. You are restricted to combining numbers only if they match, except for the one and two which push together to make a three. The game is fun, fast and yet still has quite a bit of challenge to it. I've linked to the free version, but there is also an ad-free paid version of the game.

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Angry Birds Star Wars

The Angry Birds series are the definitive physics-based puzzle games on the app store. Each game presents a fun challenge wrapped in both humor and style, with easy entry levels quickly giving way to brain teasers. The Star Wars version mixes in one of the best space operas in history, giving the game a lot of charisma, and now that the sequel is available, the original is set at a discounted price. 

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Tetris Blitz

Tetris doesn't need much of an introduction. The game has been dragging people into the depths of game addiction for three decades now, and with a rather nice variation on it, Tetris Blitz feels new and old at the same time. Tetris Blitz is a timed version of the game where you shoot for the highest score within the time limit. There is also a more traditional version available.

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Cut the Rope

Do you like candy? Who doesn't? Especially monsters. Or, at least the Om Nom, the monster inside a mysterious package that arrived at your doorstep. And it is up to you to feed the monster the candy it craves by using your rope cutting skills combined with neat effects like reversing gravity. Just look out for the spiders and jagged spikes. Cut the Rope is a mix of physics-based puzzle solving and cute gameplay.

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Dots is about as minimalist as it gets on the app store. The game consists of a screen of dots and gameplay consists of matching the dots by drawing a line between them. Sound simple? It is. And that's perhaps why it is so addicting. It might sound like a simple game of connecting the marbles, but what puts Dots apart is the special move of making a square, which takes out all dots of that color. This small addition changes the entire strategy of the game from getting the biggest connection to setting up making square after square.

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Have you ever wondered what you would get if you put Tetris into the teleporter from The Fly, but a Boggle piece was in the teleporter as well, turning it into a crazy gene splicer that spits out a Tetris/Boggle hybrid? Probably not. But if you ever do wonder what that would look like, it's Puzzlejuice. This game is one of the most addicting on the list. Like Tetris, you arrange shapes to make lines, but after they land, you search through them to form words. Amazingly simple and yet amazingly fun.

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Bubble Ball

Bubble Ball is one of the top physics-based puzzle games on the iPad. The gameplay is simple: you place wooden and metal beams in order to guide a dropped ball to the finish line. But while the premise may be simple, actually solving the puzzles can be quite a challenge.

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The New York Times Crossword

Where would a list of puzzles be without the crossword puzzle? You'll get the same daily puzzle that is in the newspaper plus a lot of extras like additional puzzle clues, mini-puzzles, and crossword packs. The only bad thing is that the New York Times Crossword requires a subscription after your free trial runs out. 

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Shanghai Mahjong

Mahjong has long been an addicting puzzle game, and it really comes to life with over 50 different beautifully-rendered tilesets in Shanghai Mahjong for the iPad. And with over 200 layouts, you'll have plenty of different puzzles to solve. Shanghai Mahjong also supports the Game Center, so you can show off your best scores to all of your friends. This is definitely a must-have app for Mahjong fans.

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No list of great puzzle games would be complete without a version of Sudoku, and CrowdCafe's Sudoku HD will be the best buck ever spent by the Sudoku addicted. The game includes thousands of grid designs, so you won't run out of puzzles anytime soon. It also has a lot of neat features, like the ability to let the iPad solve the puzzle for you.

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World Of Hidden Objects

 Would this list be complete without at least one hidden object game? A virtual game of Where's Waldo, hidden object games beckon you to find all of the secrets hidden within an image. Unlike many similar games on the app store, World of Hidden Objects doesn't contain a story. Instead, it is simply a collection of beautiful photos that contain hidden objects for you to find. 

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