The 8 Best iPad Pro Keyboards of 2020

Alternatives for typing on-screen

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The Rundown

Best Overall: Logitech Slim Folio Pro

Logitech Slim Folio PRO for iPad Pro 11-inch


The best iPad Pro keyboards should provide solid protection for your iPad, ease of use and versatility, a reasonable price, and of course, a great typing experience. With high-quality keyboards already under their belt, Logitech’s Slim Folio Pro checks all of these boxes quite well. Thanks to Logitech’s solid scissor-switch keyboard design, the Slim Folio Pro's keys are nice and responsive, and you’ll be able to type for hours without fatigue. It’s a standard Bluetooth keyboard, so you’ll need to pair it with your iPad, but once it's connected, the keyboard is very easy to set up and use. There's also a magnetic dock that holds the keyboard in an upright position and acts as a power switch, automatically preserving battery life when it’s not in use. Since part of the front cover folds back to form a stand, this keyboard also makes for a great portable option.

It’s also one of the more versatile keyboard cases. While most iPad keyboards focus primarily on typing, the Slim Folio Pro is convenient for drawing or reading since you can fold the keyboard to place it flat or in your hand. It also has a full collection of iPad-specific keyboard shortcuts for quickly going to the home screen, adjusting the brightness of the backlit keys, controlling media playback and volume, and more. Plus, the magnetic latch that closes the case also gives you a storage loop for your second-gen Apple Pencil.

Best Budget: Fintie Keyboard Case for iPad Pro

Fintie’s basic keyboard case is a worthy alternative to some of the higher-end iPad Pro keyboards on the market. For the price, the keyboard provides a reasonable typing experience along with a protective case for your iPad Pro, and the detachable keyboard is a bonus, as you can use the slim folio case by itself. The keyboard is decent and responsive, with nice tactile response and no lag.

It’s also available in a wide variety of colors and styles, and while the ultra-slim design isn’t the most protective, it does securely hold the iPad Pro in place and the outer leather cover helps keep a solid grip. There’s also a slot in the back for your Apple Pencil.

Best Style: IVSO Keyboard Case for iPad Pro 11

If you’re looking for something with more flair, take a look at IVSO’s keyboard case, which features a faux leather exterior that’s available in a variety of color options. The case includes an integrated keyboard with decent tactile feedback and comfortability, as well as a smart stand that offers multiple viewing angles. Although a bit wide, an integrated slot below the iPad Pro provides storage for the Apple Pencil — it’s also not in an ideal charging position, although a cutout on top allows you to charge the Apple Pencil when you’re using your iPad Pro.

In addition to setting up the case for upright typing, you can also easily fold the keyboard under the tablet to sketch or read. A full four-sided plastic frame holds the iPad Pro securely in place while still providing access to all ports, and magnets in the front of the case can automatically put the iPad to sleep when the case is closed and wake it up once it's opened.

Best Protection: ZAGG Rugged Book Go

While most iPad keyboard cases offer basic protection against scuffs and scrapes, Zagg's Rugged Book Go is a solid choice if you’re constantly on the move with your iPad. Designed to take a beating, the case is rated for six-foot drop protection. Despite this, the Zagg is still a surprisingly lightweight case with a well-designed keyboard that’s second only to Logitech’s. The keys are full laptop-style with good tactile feedback, so long typing sessions won’t be a problem. And, not only is the keyboard backlit, but you’ve got seven different colors of lighting to choose from. There’s also a very secure slot to hold the Apple Pencil in position against the magnetic charging port, so it’s always ready to go when you need it. 

The keyboard is detachable, and since the kickstand is on the case and not on the keyboard, you can even type at a short distance from your iPad. Plus, Zagg’s keyboard offers the ability to pair with a second device, so it can be used as an iPhone or computer keyboard as well. 

Best Design: Brydge Pro Keyboard

Although Brydge doesn't offer the most protective solution, the Brydge Pro is one of the most durable iPad keyboards on the market. It's designed similarly to a MacBook keyboard and feels almost exactly like typing on a laptop, with responsive keys that have just the right amount of tactile feedback. Made from a solid aluminum construction, its design helps keep the iPad Pro and keyboard securely in place when typing without the need for a rear stand — also making it useful when you're typing in your lap.

The iPad Pro slips into two hinges on the keyboard, effectively creating a laptop-style clamshell design that can be adjusted to any angle, including a tablet mode where the keyboard stays tucked behind the iPad. Plus, the keyboard can be removed for when you want to use your iPad Pro without the burden of a case. While prior Brydge keyboards left the rear of the iPad exposed, the new 11-inch iPad Pro version includes a magnetic snap-on cover to protect the back of your iPad from scratches.

Best with Smart Connector: Apple Smart Keyboard Folio

Apple’s Smart Connector is arguably one of the most underused features of the iPad Pro — an intelligent docking connector found on the lower rear of the iPad, which facilitates the connection of accessories such as keyboards and charging docks. The new Smart Keyboard Folio provides a physical connection to the Smart Connector by adding a flap that also doubles as protection for the back of the iPad. 

Although most iPad Bluetooth keyboards provide long battery life, Apple’s Smart Keyboard Folio doesn't need to be charged to pair with the iPad. It draws its power from the iPad Pro, although not any more than a Bluetooth connection would, and there’s no need to do anything other than plug it in. Beyond that, however, it’s a fairly minimalist keyboard design, featuring little protection for the encased iPad Pro, but the keyboard is also one of the more thinner options, as it doesn't require space for batteries or Bluetooth radios.

Best for Apple Pencil: ZAGG Slim Book Go

While many iPad Pro keyboard cases feature slots for your Apple Pencil, Zagg’s Slim Book Go offers the most versatility. Most keyboard cases simply have a loop or holder outside of the case, and while this is an ideal position for charging the new second-gen Apple Pencil, it’s not the most well-protected spot when you’re carrying your iPad Pro around.

Slim Book Go provides three places to put your Apple Pencil: on the top of the iPad Pro for charging, a storage slot at the base of the cover, and a holder at the top of the keyboard for setting it down. While the storage slot makes the case a little wider than most, it's the safest way to carry this expensive accessory. The case and keyboard also feature a lightweight, portable design, and although it’s not the slimmest case from Zagg, it does offer nice laptop-style keys for a comfortable typing experience. The case also includes the same seven-color backlight and multi-device pairing as Zagg’s other keyboards, plus it’s detachable so you can also use the keyboard with your iPhone.

Best Standalone Keyboard: Apple Magic Keyboard 2

Since the iPad supports any Bluetooth keyboard, you don't have to limit yourself to just iPad keyboards. If a keyboard's quality is more important to you than portability, Apple’s Magic Keyboard 2 is just as solid of an option for iPad users as it is for Mac users. By using an Apple keyboard, you can use special function keys to control features like brightness, media playback, and volume control on the iPad. It’s also worth noting that a standard keyboard gives you an ESC key — which can be useful in many iOS apps but isn’t found on most iPad keyboards due to limited space for other special functions.

You can also use the Magic Keyboard 2 completely standalone and prop your iPad Pro up using any case you like. There are also a number of cases available that are designed for the Magic Keyboard 2, such as the Studio Neat Canopy or Fintie Carrying Case for Apple Magic Keyboard, although they work as iPad stands rather than cases and aren't designed for portable use.