The 9 Best iPad Cases of 2023

Protect your iPad with these top durable, stylish and budget cases

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To ensure your iPad stays pristine, you need a case to protect your investment against the bumps and bruises of everyday life.

There’s more to the best iPad cases than just protection, though. Good iPad cases also offer features that make your tablet experience even better.

Most let you quickly prop up your iPad to watch movies, type and draw, or keep in touch with family and friends on Zoom and FaceTime. Some cases even provide different ways to hold your iPad, letting you use it on the go without fear of dropping it.

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Best Overall

ESR Rebound Slim Smart Case

ESR Rebound Slim Smart Case


What We Like
  • Auto sleep/wake cover

  • Two stand modes

  • Very slim profile

What We Don't Like
  • No drop protection

  • Not very sturdy in vertical stand mode

Most iPad users need something simple that provides reasonable, everyday protection at an affordable price, which is what the ESR Rebound Slim Case does. It proves you don’t need to spend much to protect your device.

It’s available for the 10.2-inch iPad models in five different colors and features a soft, TPU back cover with crack-resistant edges that pairs with a rigid polyurethane front cover. The result is an ergonomic design that lets you keep a firm grip on your tablet when you’re carrying it while also protecting it from minor drops, bumps, and scratches. 

Building on Apple’s Smart Cover design, the trifold front includes sleep/wake magnets for your iPad. It also wraps around the back to fold into a triangular stand, allowing you to prop it upright or lay it down at a flatter 20-degree angle suitable for typing and drawing. The flexible material on the back also makes it effortless to remove when you prefer to use your iPad without the case.

Compatibility: 10.2-inch iPad (ninth, eighth, and seventh generations) | Material: Composite | Water Resistant: No | Design: Folding kickstand | Screen Protector: Yes

Best Rugged

Urban Armor Gear Metropolis Folio Case

Urban Armor Gear Metropolis Folio Case for iPad


What We Like
  • Drop protection

  • Apple Smart Cover/Keyboard- compatible

  • Built-in stylus holder

What We Don't Like
  • Tactical aesthetic isn't for everyone

Urban Armor Gear has a reputation for making protective cases that are both stylish and rugged, and the Metropolis Folio is no exception. This case protects your iPad in some of the most demanding environments without looking clunky or adding unnecessary bulk. 

Made from composite materials, the Metropolis is surprisingly lightweight, considering it meets military drop-test standards. It claims to handle 26 drops from a 4-foot height with no damage. The detachable front folio cover also doubles as a stand and includes a strap that securely closes it and keeps your Apple Pencil in place. 

A durable and grippy exterior also means it won’t slip out of your hands while using it on the go, even in wet conditions, thanks to the water-resistant tactile grip material. Yet it’s also friction-free enough to slip effortlessly in and out of your bag. A bonus is that you can swap out the front cover for Apple’s Smart Cover or Smart Keyboard, giving you the best of two worlds. 

Compatibility: 10.2-inch iPad (ninth, eighth, and seventh generations) | Material: Polycarbonate, TPU | Water Resistant: Yes | Design: Adjustable, detachable kickstand; built-in pencil holder | Screen Protector: Yes

Best Cover

Apple Smart Cover

Apple Smart Cover for iPad


What We Like
  • Elegant design

  • Auto sleep/wake cover

  • Two stand modes

What We Don't Like
  • Doesn't protect the back of the device

  • A bit pricey

It may not be a "case" per se, but it's hard to beat Apple's Smart Cover if you're looking for something ultra-minimalist that protects your screen without adding bulk. While it doesn't offer any protection on the back, it does provide elegant protection for the front screen that keeps it covered and smudge-free, plus built-in magnets that put your iPad to sleep when you close it and wake it back up when you open the cover. You can also easily pair the Smart Cover with any number of affordable rear shell cases when you want extra protection around the back.

Since the cover magnetically attaches to the side of the iPad, it's completely effortless to remove and get out of the way or pop back on when you're ready to hit the road. Other magnets in convenient places allow the cover to fold behind the device to form a triangular stand for watching videos or laying it down at a 20-degree angle for drawing or typing on the screen.

It's available in black, white, dark green, dark blue, and salmon pink and fits the 10.2-inch iPad (ninth, eighth, and seventh generations), the iPad Air (third generation), or the 10.5-inch iPad Pro.

Compatibility: iPad (ninth, eighth, and seventh generations), iPad Air (third generation), 10.5-inch iPad Pro | Material: TPU | Water Resistant: No | Design: Folding kickstand, front cover only | Screen Protector: Yes

Best Slim

Fintie SlimShell

Fintie Slimshell iPad Case


What We Like
  • Storage for Apple Pencil

  • Very slim profile

  • Two stand modes

What We Don't Like
  • No drop protection

  • Not very sturdy in vertical stand mode

Fintie’s SlimShell Case is a solid option for anybody looking for a slim and affordable case to protect against everyday bumps and scratches. It’s a one-piece wraparound case with front and back protection and even a slot to securely store your Apple Pencil without leaving it dangling off the side. The soft, exterior thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) shell protects your iPad from scratches, minor drops, and impacts, while a microfiber lining on the inside protects it from scratches.

Magnets in the front cover automatically trigger the sleep and wake functions on the iPad, and it folds around the back to convert into a stand, either for watching videos or typing directly on the touchscreen. It also clips on and off the iPad quickly enough to take it off when you’re at home and want to use it naked, yet it easily snaps right back on when you need it.

In a world of mono-colored cases, Fintie offers the SlimShell Case in a refreshing selection of unique artistic designs and patterns, including marble, a galaxy print, a Van Gogh painting, and a composition notebook.

Compatibility: 10.2-inch iPad (9th Generation, 8th Generation, 7th Generation) | Material: TPU | Water Resistant: No | Design: Folding kickstand, built-in pencil holder | Screen Protector: Yes

Best Multi-Use

Fansong Case for iPad

Fansong Case for iPad


What We Like
  • Sturdy kickstand

  • Built-in hand strap

  • Removable shoulder strap

What We Don't Like
  • Bulky

  • Screen protector doesn't always sit flat

Fansong's iPad case is one of the most versatile options for the user who's always on the go. Not only does it provide solid protection, but it also offers a wealth of ways to hold it, carry it, and prop it up, so you're never stuck trying to figure out the best way to work with your iPad in just about any given situation. 

A silicone outer shell protects against drops, with a second hard inner shell offering an extra layer of protection. Around the back, a 360-degree rotatable hand strap lets you hold the iPad in any orientation to tap away on your screen without fear of dropping it. Behind the hand strap, there's a rotatable kickstand for viewing the device at any angle, whether participating in FaceTime or Zoom calls or watching the latest shows on Netflix or YouTube. 

A removable shoulder strap is included, so you can tote your iPad around without putting it into a separate bag. The strap can be attached to carry the iPad in a traditional laptop bag style or vertically like a messenger bag. There's also a slot on the back for storing your Apple Pencil, including a front screen protector. 

Compatibility: 10.2-inch iPad (ninth, eighth, and seventh generations) | Material: Polycarbonate, silicone | Water Resistant: No | Design: Rotatable kickstand, built-in pencil holder, removable shoulder strap | Screen Protector: Yes

Best Keyboard

Apple Smart Keyboard

Apple Smart Keyboard for iPad


What We Like
  • Keyboard doubles as a cover

  • Ultra-slim profile

  • Automatically pairs with your iPad

What We Don't Like
  • Doesn't protect the back of the device

  • No backlighting

Although you can pair your iPad with just about any third-party Bluetooth keyboard, Apple’s Smart Keyboard features an elegant design that seamlessly connects with your iPad and adds little bulk. It’s the most minimalist yet versatile keyboard case you can get for the iPad. 

Like Apple’s Smart Cover, the Smart Keyboard isn’t technically a case since it doesn’t offer any protection for the rear of your device. Instead, it attaches magnetically to the side, docking up with Apple’s Smart Connector (those three dots on the side of the traditional iPad models). This physical connection means you don’t have to worry about the hassles of Bluetooth pairing or batteries.

The Smart Keyboard also has magnets in all the right places. It folds over the front of the iPad when not in use, protecting the screen and putting it to sleep. When you want to type, it folds underneath to create a stand behind the iPad, using minimal space for the keyboard and keeping your fingers within easy reach of the touch screen. Best of all, when you don’t want a keyboard, you can easily remove the cover or wrap it around the back of your iPad to keep it out of the way. 

Compatibility: 10.2-inch iPad (ninth, eighth, and seventh generations), iPad Air (third generation), 10.5-inch iPad Pro | Material: Polyurethane | Water Resistant: No | Design: Full-size keyboard with folding stand, front cover only | Screen Protector: Yes

Best for Kids

Fintie Kids Case

Fintie Kids Case for iPad


What We Like
  • Lightweight

  • Good drop protection

  • Kid-friendly design

What We Don't Like
  • Bulky

  • Difficult to get on and off

If you plan on letting your youngster use your iPad, you want a highly protective case that is easy for them to hold. The Fintie's Kids Case offers rugged protection and an easy-grip handle large and wide enough for young kids to grab onto.

Thick but lightweight EVA foam provides excellent shock protection, along with a raised edge on the front to protect the screen from scratches and drops. EVA is the same foam you find in high-end sneakers, and it's BPA-free. 

The Fintie Kids Case also converts into a stand for propping the iPad upright to watch videos, FaceTime with family, or play games. The case is available in seven fun colors and fits the 10.2-inch iPad (ninth, eighth, and seventh generations), the iPad Air 3, and the 10.5-inch iPad Pro.

Compatibility: 10.2-inch iPad (ninth, eighth, and seventh generations), iPad Air (third generation), 10.5-inch iPad Pro | Material: Ethylene-vinyl acetate | Water Resistant: No | Design: Convertible stand that can become top handle | Screen Protector: No

Best Portfolio

tomtoc Portfolio Case

tomtoc Portfolio Case for iPad


What We Like
  • Storage compartments for cords

  • Hardshell design

  • Fits most iPads

What We Don't Like
  • Large for an iPad case

  • No shoulder strap

Tomtoc's portfolio case is ideal for busy professionals who need to carry around more than just an iPad but don't want to lug around a full briefcase or shoulder bag. Its zippered organizer is similar to many standard notepad portfolios but with your iPad in mind. The pocket fits any standard iPad model and is large enough to accommodate Apple's Smart Keyboard or other slim cover or shell cases.

In addition to a protective pocket for your tablet, there's space for USB cables, earbuds, and other small accessories. Four elastic straps let you secure more oversized items, while a mesh bag provides storage for other small gadgets and cables. There's also a card slot for credit cards or business cards and even a place for a small, A5-sized notebook. 

The exterior of the portfolio features a patented groove design that makes it comfortable to grip, and there's also a convenient wristband to ensure you don't drop it when you're on the go. An EVA hard shell provides drop protection of up to four feet, while water-repellent fabric and quality YKK zippers ensure everything remains protected and accessible inside.

Compatibility: Tablets measuring between 10 and 11 inches | Material: Ethylene-vinyl acetate | Water Resistant: Yes | Design: Padfolio with elasticized compartments and side handle | Screen Protector: No

Best Style

Twelve South BookBook for iPad

Twelve South Book Book case for iPad (2nd Gen)


What We Like
  • Creative design

  • Doubles as a stand

  • Interior stylus holder

What We Don't Like
  • Pricey

Twelve South's BookBook is one of the most unique and stylish folio cases you can put on your iPad. The handcrafted leather has a classic vintage book design that ages well, with a natural patina that makes it look even classier as time goes by. It's one of the few cases you can buy that looks better after withstanding everyday wear and tear. 

But there's a lot more to BookBook than just its looks. A soft microfibre interior protects the iPad on the front and back, and it also offers multiple display mode angles for typing directly on the screen or watching movies. There's also a slot inside to hold your Apple Pencil. When you're done, just lay it back down, fold the case closed, and zip it up, and your iPad is safe against the elements and everyday bumps. 

Compatibility: 11-inch iPad Pro, fourth-gen. iPad Air | Material: Leather, microfiber | Water Resistant: No | Design: Portfolio with an integrated kickstand and built-in pencil holder | Screen Protector: Yes

What to Look for in an iPad Case


Apple's iPad lineup has significantly expanded from its humble beginnings as a single model, and today you can find them in a wide range of models and sizes. Always ensure the case you're purchasing lists compatibility with your iPad model. However, don't just look at the screen size; the thickness varies between different models. Apple's entry-level iPad still features a more traditional design with a home button and a 10.2-inch screen. You may also find older iPad Pro and iPad Air models with 10.5-inch and 9.7-inch screens on the market.


Almost all iPad cases can be used as a stand to prop up your device, but make sure they allow the angles and orientations you're looking for. They work great in landscape mode but can be awkward if you want to use your iPad in portrait orientation for FaceTime calls. Also, consider whether you want a slot for your Apple Pencil or pockets to store additional cables or documents. If you plan to use your iPad on the go, you may also want to look for a case with a strap or handle on the back so you can hold it securely while working with it.


Since the primary reason for buying a case is to protect your iPad, you want to make sure your choice can handle whatever you plan to put your iPad through. If you usually carry it in a laptop or messenger bag, you may be OK with just a cover, but if you want to tote it around by itself or be able to toss it into a backpack, you need something more rugged to protect it from dents, scratches, and potential drops.

  • Which cases are compatible with your iPad?

    iPads are available in different sizes and generations, including the iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro, and iPad mini. It's important to know both the model and generation of your iPad before you buy a case because it affects the size and thickness of the case and where the cutouts are for hardware features such as cameras and volume controls. You can find this information by visiting your iPad's Settings app and looking under General > About

  • Can you use an iPad case with a keyboard?

    That depends on the kind of keyboard you're using. The Apple Smart Keyboard must be physically connected to your iPad to work, so if you have one, you need to look for a Smart Keyboard-compatible case. If you have a Bluetooth keyboard—that doesn't need to be physically attached to your tablet—you should be able to use it with any iPad case, although you have to carry it around separately.

  • What is the auto sleep/wake feature and how does it work?

    Many iPad cases that include a screen cover advertise an automatic sleep and wake feature, which means your tablet immediately wakes and sleeps based on contact with the cover. These covers have magnets that trigger the tablet's sleep sensor. When the magnet touches the screen, the sensor tells the iPad to sleep and wake up when you open it and remove the magnet.

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