The 6 Best iPad Cases to Buy in 2018

Protect your iPad with these top durable, stylish and budget cases

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Apple’s iPad is the most popular line of tablets on the market, so it is only fitting that it has the widest range of cases to choose from. Whether you are looking for a chic pattern to complement your style or a utilitarian shell to keep your iPad protected against spills and drops, there is something out there to suit your needs.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: ESR Ultra Slim Smart iPad Case

The ESR Ultra Slim Smart iPad Case is hands down the top option for the new 2017 iPad. It's 9.7 inches, fully covers the device and is made of durable polyurethane. The soft microfiber lining and hard back cover to keep it protected from the elements. On top of this, the ESR case has a tri-fold front cover, which means you can prop it up for watching videos or typing with a Bluetooth keyboard accessory. And just like the smart iPad cases of old, this case has a magnetic cover that can tell your iPad to sleep or wake based on whether the cover is on or off.

This case only runs for about $12 and can be purchased in lots of colors, so you can customize your iPad to your heart’s content. Colors include black, champagne gold, lavender, mint green, navy blue, pink, red, rose gold, silver gray and sky blue.

Runner-Up, Best Overall: CaseCrown Bold Standby Pro

CaseCrown Bold Standby Pro
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The CaseCrown Bold Standby Pro is available for the iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad 2nd, 3rd, as well as the iPad 4th generation. It’s designed to protect your iPad without adding undue weight, and is the most durable case on this list.

The case has a high-end finish, is water resistant and made from synthetic leather. It also has a nylon elastic band to allow for more grip when using your iPad. The interior is a soft microfiber to prevent any damage to the screen. CaseCrown Bold Standby Pro also has excellent corner coverage, so if you’re someone who frequently drops your iPad, it makes for a good choice.

It's also super lightweight, weighing just 7.2 ounces for the latest iPad Air version. And you will be able to use all features of your iPad when using this case, thanks to its custom-fitted openings and cutouts. The case comes in red, black, blue and purple.

Best Budget: KHOMO Dual Super Slim Smart Cover

KHOMO Dual Super Slim Smart Cover
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With thousands of five-star reviews on Amazon, you know the KHOMO Dual Super Slim Smart Cover is doing something right. Available for the iPad Mini 1/2/3, iPad Mini 4 and iPad Air 2, this case is a featherlight five ounces in weight for the iPad Mini version. All of your iPad ports are still accessible, yet the polyurethane front and polycarbonate back keep your iPad from getting scuffed or damaged.

The simple design is low profile and comes in no less than 16 different bold colors variations, from dark blue to flaming red. The case allows you to stand up your iPad either vertically or horizontally, and there’s even a generous two-year warranty.

The cover is designed more to save your iPad from scratches and scuffs rather than protect it from repeated drops to the floor, so if you’re looking for more protection, choosing one of the more expensive options may be a better bet. The KHOMO slim case is a budget option that offers you virtually everything you’d want in an iPad case.

Best for Style: ESR iPad 9.7

Most people prefer an iPad case that promotes function over form. As long as the case protects the tablet, nothing else matters. If you aren’t one of these people, then you might be in the market for a case with the best style. While there are plenty of good looking options out there, nothing quite beats the look and feel of leather. That’s why the ESR iPad 9.7 case is the top pick when looks do matter.

Sleek and professional looks can go a long way with an iPad case. This case uses premium synthetic leather that comes in a few colors including black, blue and brown. Decorative stitching along the front and back add accents of color and texture to the look and feel of the case as well. Beyond the premium look, the use of synthetic leather also works as an anti-skid surface for the iPad when you have it propped up on a slippery surface.

Function is still definitely present in this case. On the inside, several durable pockets are there for organizing papers, cards, pencils and other small items you may want to carry along. The microfibers along the inside will clean off the screen and back of the iPad when not in use. The exterior surface has a large pocket and elastic strap for ergonomic handling when using the iPad. Sleep/wake functions are supported due to the magnetic clasp which will securely close the case when not in use. 

Runner Up, Best for Style: Ztotop Premium PU Leather Smart Cover

You don't have to break the bank to add some style to your iPad. The Ztotop Premium PU Leather Smart Cover is an elegant, affordable option that offers plenty of protection. Using sleek synthetic leather, the case sets itself apart as a more professional-looking alternative to brightly-colored rubber cases. Plus, the inside doubles as a wallet with several slots for cards and cash (kept secure with a tough magnetic closure) and a microfiber lining that cleans the screen any time you close the cover. There's even a hand strap on the inside cover for easy single-handed use. The case also includes a sturdy rear stand with several integrated slots to keep your iPad propped up at multiple viewing angles. 

The Ztotop Premium PU Leather Smart Cover comes in a variety of colors, from neutral black and brown to bright red. There are also options for different exterior materials, including two-tone cases that combine denim and synthetic leather. Stitching along the edges adds to the polished and professional feel. Designed for 9.7-inch iPad and iPad Air models, make sure your device is compatible before buying.

Runner Up, Best Budget: FYY Premium

A budget case shouldn’t have to be plain just because it’s inexpensive. If you’d like some visual appeal in a case, the FYY Premium is a great looking choice with an extremely affordable price. Made with a PU leather exterior and microfiber interior, the case is more than capable of protecting your iPad from the normal abuse that may occur during daily use. A strong, built-in magnetic strip keeps the cover closed and iPad asleep whenever you aren’t using the device.

Inside, you will find a variety of handy design features. The interior cover comes with various card slots, so you can hold things like business/bank, SD, and SM cards in addition to the tablet itself. A stylus holder sits on the side, out of the way from the other pockets. The microfiber interior cleans the screen when the cover is closed as well. Best of all, this case comes with different size options so you can find the right fit for either a standard iPad or iPad Pro.