The 12 Best IFTTT Applets for Google Home

Take the hard work out of programming your assistant

Aldis Hodge uses Google Home

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Google Home is an extraordinarily useful device; combined with IFTTT applets, the potential tasks the smart speaker can perform are almost limitless. Searching through IFTTT's sheer number of options can be a bit overwhelming, so we've compiled a list of the 12 best IFTTT Google Home skills and applets that will help you control your TV, curate your playlists, and so much more. 

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Record Notes in a Spreadsheet

Log notes in a Google Drive spreadsheet

Record those stray thoughts that pop into your head throughout the day without putting down what you're currently doing. For example, when you're washing dishes and remember something, just say, "Okay Google, take a note," then tell Google what you want it to write down. You can find the note in a Google Drive spreadsheet later.

What We Like
  • Easy, hands-free convenience.

What We Don't Like
  • Requires a Google Drive spreadsheet to be set up beforehand.

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Turn on the Lights

Tell Google Assistant to Illuminate

On its own, Google Home is capable of controlling certain brands of smart lights. If your particular smart lights don't work out of the box, you can set up an IFTTT applet (or find one someone else has made) and link it with your account. You can even change the activation word to something fun, like "Illuminate."

When you tell Google Home to turn on the lights, they'll flip on. You can specify which room you want lit up, and you can link certain rooms together. For example, if you turn on the bathroom light, the hallway lights should come on, too.

What We Like
  • It makes turning the lights on fun.

What We Don't Like
  • Will only work with certain brands of smart lights.

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Turn off the TV

Turn off TV by voice

With the help of a Chromecast, Google can turn on the TV, but turning it off requires the Harmony Home Hub accessory. When you turn on this IFTTT applet, you'll pair your Google account and your Harmony account together.

If you're going to connect your entire house to your Google Home, you may as well be able to turn off everything with your voice, right? This applet can help you do just that.

What We Like
  • Turning off the TV without a remote

What We Don't Like
  • It seems like this should be a feature without the help of Harmony.

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Party Time

OK Google, party time

If you've ever wanted to turn your home from drab to fab with a single word, this applet is for you. This applet works with Philips Hue lights, but it can be set up to work with any compatible smart lights. It sends the lights into a loop that cycles through every color available, so you get a rainbow light show in your home. This is perfect for showing off the capabilities of your smart home or spicing up a holiday party.

What We Like
  • Everyone loves light shows.

What We Don't Like
  • You need smart lights for it to work, so everyone won't be able to take advantage of this.

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Add Entry to iOS Calendar

Create an event on your iPhone's calendar with Google Home

Google Home will create events and reminders in your Google calendar without any additional help, but if you're part of the iOS ecosystem everywhere else, this applet will grant you the same convenience.

Just say, "Okay Google, add to my iOS calendar," followed by the name of the event, the date, and the time. It's quick and easy and saves you the trouble of entering it yourself.

What We Like
  • Compatibility with iOS.

What We Don't Like
  • The instructions to add the event can be a bit confusing.

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Post to Facebook With Your Voice

Post to Facebook by voice

Have you ever wanted to post to Facebook without actually sitting down and logging in? This applet lets you link Facebook to your Google Home account, which then lets you dictate a comment to Google and have it post for you.

Just say, "Okay Google, tell my friends," then give it the message you want to post. Anything you say after "friends" will be considered part of the Facebook post.

What We Like
  • All the fun of posting to Facebook without actually using Facebook.

What We Don't Like
  • No ability to proofread the message before it goes up.

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Tweet With Your Voice

Post a tweet using your voice

You can find an IFTTT applet that will let you Tweet with only your voice, too. Much like the Facebook applet, you link your Twitter account to your Google Home account.

Once the two are linked, you can Tweet just by saying, "Okay Google, tweet..." Whatever you say after "Tweet" becomes the message. Keep in mind that it may not send your Tweet if it exceeds the character count.

What We Like
  • Sharing random thoughts with followers with ease.

What We Don't Like
  • The character limit can interfere with the applet.

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Create a Christmas List for Santa

Christmas list

An easy way to find out what your kids really want for Christmas is to enable an applet called Christmas list; tell your kids it will send Santa a letter for them.

All they have to say is, "Okay Google, tell Santa I want [input] for Christmas." The applet will respond with, "Okay, I'll tell Santa," but will add whatever the kids say into a Google Spreadsheet. You can reference this spreadsheet later and find the perfect gifts to make your kids' Christmas special.

What We Like
  • It keeps the magic of Christmas alive in an age of technology.

What We Don't Like
  • If the spreadsheet isn't set up the applet might not save what is said.

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OK Google, bedtime

When you have a lot of smart home tech in your home, manually turning it all off or repeating the same phrases over and over to ensure each device is powered down for the evening can be troublesome.

With this applet, you can just say, "Okay Google, bedtime," and it will shut down your lights. You can link it up with more of your smart home devices so a single phrase will power off every gadget in your home so you can get a peaceful night's rest.

What We Like
  • One word to turn everything off.

What We Don't Like
  • Linking more than one device can be complicated.

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Reminders From Google

Reminders from Google

When you have a particularly busy day, it can be useful to set reminders when you're approaching a deadline or need to check something after a certain amount of time. With this applet, all you have to say is, "Okay Google, set a reminder for..." and tell Google what you need to do. When the time comes, you'll receive a push notification on your phone. The applet will also add the item to your phone's list of things to do, so you'll have double the reminders.

What We Like
  • It helps combat forgetfulness.

What We Don't Like
  • The default applet is set for Android, but one can be made for iOS.

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Find my Phone

Find your lost phone

If you're anything like us, you lose your phone in the couch cushions or set it down in another room and forget about it way too often. This applet makes it easy to find your phone. Just say, "Okay Google, find my phone," and Google Home will ring your mobile device. The applet also sets your phone's volume to 100% so it can be found even if you keep it on vibrate.

What We Like
  • No more messaging friends online to call you because you misplaced your phone.

What We Don't Like
  • May not work with iOS devices.

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Add Songs to Playlist

Add songs to Spotify playlist using Google Assistant

If you're in the middle of the workday and bopping your head along to a great song, you probably want to remember it so you can listen again later. This applet makes that easy. Just say, "Okay Google, add to playlist," then tell Google the song title and artist name. If you aren't sure what the song is called, you can ask Google for that information, too.

What We Like
  • Easy, fast additions of new music.

What We Don't Like
  • It would be better if the app didn't need the song and artist name.