The 12 Best IFTTT Applets for Google Home

Take the hard work out of programming your assistant

The Google Home line of smart speakers uses the Google Assistant to control smart lights, play music, answer questions, and more. When you add IFTTT applets to your Google Home setup, you'll unleash near-limitless potential and functionality. There's an overwhelming number of IFTTT applets, so we selected our 12 favorites for home productivity and fun.

To learn more about IFTTT, read our overview of this web-based service.

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Record Notes in a Spreadsheet

Log notes in a Google Drive spreadsheet IFTTT applet
What We Like
  • Easy, hands-free convenience.

  • Dictate notes with your voice.

  • Don't lose that brilliant thought.

What We Don't Like
  • You'll need to set up a Google Drive spreadsheet first.

Record those stray thoughts that pop into your head throughout the day without stopping what you're currently doing. For example, when you're washing dishes and remember something, just say, "OK Google, take a note," then tell Google Assistant what you want to be written down. Find the note in a Google Drive spreadsheet later.

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Turn on the Lights

Tell Google Assistant to Illuminate IFTTT applet
What We Like
  • It makes turning the lights on fun and easy.

  • Voice command sounds cool.

What We Don't Like
  • Will only work with certain brands of smart lights.

On its own, Google Home is capable of controlling certain brands of smart lights. If your particular smart lights don't work out of the box, set up or find an IFTTT applet like this one and link it with your account. It's even more fun to use an activation word like "illuminate."

With this applet, tell Google to illuminate, and the lights will turn on. Specify which room you want to be lit up, and even link certain rooms together. For example, if you turn on the bathroom light, have the hallway lights come on, as well.

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Turn off the TV

Turn off TV by voice IFTTT applet
What We Like
  • Turning off the TV without a remote

  • Easy and convenient.

What We Don't Like
  • Requires the Harmony Home Hub.

With the help of a Chromecast, Google Assistant can turn on your TV, but turning it off requires the Harmony Home Hub accessory. When you enable this IFTTT applet, you'll pair your Google and Harmony accounts. With this applet, simply say, "OK Google, turn off the TV," and head to bed.

If you're going to connect your entire house to your Google Home, you may as well be able to turn off everything with your voice, right? This applet can help you do just that.

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Party Time

OK Google, party time IFTTT applet
What We Like
  • Everyone loves light shows.

  • Put your Philips Hue lights in a color loop.

What We Don't Like
  • You need smart lights in conjunction with this applet.

If you've ever wanted to turn your home from drab to fab with a single word, this applet is for you. This applet works with Philips Hue lights, but it can be set up to work with any compatible smart lights. When you say, "OK Google, it's party time," this applet sends lights into a loop that cycles through every color available, so you get a rainbow light show in your home. This is perfect for showing off the capabilities of your smart home or spicing up a holiday party.

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Add Entry to iOS Calendar

Create an event on your iPhone's calendar with Google Home IFTTT applet
What We Like
  • Compatibile with iOS.

  • Add a calendar entry with just your voice.

  • Customize details later.

What We Don't Like
  • Instructions to add the event can be a bit confusing.

Google Assistant will create events and reminders in your Google calendar without any additional help, but if you're part of the iOS ecosystem everywhere else, this applet will grant you the same convenience.

Just say, "OK Google, add to my iOS calendar," followed by the name of the event, the date, and the time. It's quick and easy and saves you the trouble of entering it yourself.

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Add Songs to Spotify

Add songs to Spotify Playlist using Google Assistant IFTTT app
What We Like
  • Easily add your favorite songs to a Spotify playlist.

  • No more forgetting a song title.

What We Don't Like
  • You'll need to know the artist and song title to add it.

Have you ever heard a catchy tune you wanted to add to your Spotify playlist, but then forgot about it before you had a chance to open the app? With this applet, whether you're hearing a new song or are reminded of a beloved old song, just say, "OK Google, add to playlist [artist], [song title].

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Use Google Assistant to Post a Tweet

Use Google Assistant to post a tweet IFTTT app
What We Like
  • Easily share random thoughts with followers.

  • No more typing.

What We Don't Like
  • Character limit can interfere with the applet.

When you link your Twitter account to your Google Home account, tweeting becomes much easier. Simply say, "OK Google, tweet...," and whatever you say next becomes your message. Make sure to stay within Twitter's 140-character count limit.

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Create a Christmas List for Santa

Christmas list IFTTT applet
What We Like
  • Keeps the magic of Christmas alive in the digital age.

  • Gift list delivered safely to Santa.

  • Copy of list is saved to a Google Sheet.

What We Don't Like
  • Must set up a spreadsheet ahead of time.

To help your kids get their most-wanted-gifts list to Santa, enable this applet. All they have to say is, "OK Google, tell Santa I want [gift] for Christmas." The applet will respond with, "OK, I'll tell Santa," and will add the item to a Google spreadsheet. Reference this spreadsheet later to see what Santa should be bringing.

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OK Google, bedtime IFTTT applet
What We Like
  • One word turns off all the lights for bedtime.

  • No need to go room to room to turn off lights.

  • Link to other smart home gadgets to power them down too.

What We Don't Like
  • Linking more than one device can be complicated.

When you have a lot of smart home tech, manually turning it all off, or repeating the same phrases over and over to ensure each device is powered down for the evening, can be troublesome.

With this applet, just say, "OK Google, bedtime," and it will shut down your lights. Link it to more of your smart home devices so a single phrase will power off every gadget in your home, ensuring a peaceful night's rest.

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Reminders From Google

Reminders from Google IFTTT applet
What We Like
  • Combats forgetfulness.

  • Perfect for busy parents, teens, employees, entrepreneurs, and more.

What We Don't Like
  • The default applet is set for Android, but one can be made for iOS.

When you're having a particularly busy day, it's incredibly helpful to set reminders when you're approaching a deadline or need to check something after a certain amount of time. With this applet, all you have to say is, "OK Google, set a reminder for..." and tell Google what you need to do. When the time comes, you'll receive a push notification on your phone. The applet will also add the item to your phone's list of things to do, so you'll have double the reminders.

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Find My Phone

Find your lost phone IFTTT applet
What We Like
  • No need to bother friends to call your phone.

  • Adjusts volume to 100 percent so you can hear your phone ring.

What We Don't Like
  • May not work with iOS devices.

We all misplace our phones at home, whether they're in another room or wedged into the couch cushions. This applet makes it easy to find your misplaced phone. Just say, "OK Google, find my phone," and Google Home will ring your mobile device. The applet also sets your phone's volume to 100 percent so you have a good chance of hearing it, even if you had it set to vibrate.

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Add a New Contact

Use Google Assistant to add a new Google contact IFTTT applet
What We Like
  • Add a new contact quickly and easily.

  • No more punching in digits.

What We Don't Like
  • You'll need to remember the number long enough to add it.

If the effort of grabbing your phone, adding a new contact, and filling out the information is just too much for you, use this applet to easily enter a new contact with just your voice. Say, "Ok Google, add [Name] to my contacts. The number is [number].