The Best Idle Clickers for Android

A collection of fun and simple games to pass the time

The idle clicker genre's existence is rather ironic. They were inspired by a game called Cow Clicker by Ian Bogost. It was meant to be a criticism of free-to-play games, where Bogost distilled down their systems into one simple game. It was meant to be ironic, not to be enjoyed.

The problem for Bogost was that people unabashedly loved it and got hooked before Bogost killed off the game. However, the genre was yet to die. Cookie Clicker and Egg, Inc. came along and added new depth to the genre. Both were still based on clicking to get points, but feature idle generators that generated cookies and eggs respectively (the game's points and currency) added to the long-term appeal.

Since then, the genre has gone mobile and become surprisingly popular, with different variants even eschewing the original clicking to be just about the idle generation of resources. What was once an ironic criticism of games has since become a legitimate game genre, with other games starting to utilize their elements in non-clicker titles.

The idle clicker is perhaps the most basic of what a game can be, and the clickers that eschew clicking stretch the definition of a 'game' to its absolute outer limits. So, if you're still hooked and need your next clicker fix, or want to dive into the genre, here are the nine best idle clickers and clicker-inspired games for Android.

Bonus Clicker Tip: Reboot your Android smartphone or tablet for optimum performance.

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Bitcoin Billionaire

Bitcoin Billionaire
Noodlecake Games
What We Like
  • Super addicting.

  • Updates often.

  • Includes casino and other gambling games.

What We Don't Like
  • Long advertisements.

  • Pixel-style graphics become hard on the eyes.

  • Brainless gameplay can get boring.

This clicker can sink its hooks in deep and keep you playing for hours. A huge part of the reason is that the game throws plenty of things for you to do in the way. Random events with good or bad impacts will force you to pay attention, either paying to skip them if bad or enhance them if positive.

Various upgrades you can buy let you get more effective tapping, or even to just hold to generate revenue. Which, of course, is fake bitcoins. The game has a terrific sense of humor and a ton of customization that you can do to your character and to your bitcoin-generating abode.

You can even get a dog to help roam your room while you tap to get your bitcoins. Sadly, the game doesn't let you mine for real bitcoins, but there was once a game that let you mine for Dogecoin.

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Screenshots of the CivCrafter gram from the Google Play Store.
What We Like
  • Rich gameplay with lots to handle.

  • Relaxing music.

What We Don't Like
  • Infrequent app updates.

  • Can become overwhelming for a clicker game.

This clicker is a ton of fun because of just how deep it is. You have 3 different resources you can tap for. Then, you have all sorts of workers you can hire with your food, and use them to help farm other materials that you need. This is all in the name of building up your civilization, but there's also the competitive aspect to keep track of, as you can join a clan and fight your armies against other people, in the name of glory.

There's a surprising amount to take care of here, and the clicking often runs low in importance to managing your resources going toward everything else. Naquatic has a history of making games that are far deeper than they have any right to be, and this latest in their Crafter series of games is no exception. ​The spinoff, CivMiner, is well worth checking out, too.

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The Executive

The Executive
Riverman Media
What We Like
  • 100+ levels.

  • No ads or in-app purchases.

What We Don't Like
  • Must pay for the app.

  • No update since 2016.

The actual gameplay of the 2015 Android Game of the Year has little if nothing to do with clicking for its gameplay. But the structure of the game utilizes idle clicker elements to allow you to generate revenue while you're not playing.

This is great, because if you ever feel like you get stuck, you can just put the game down for a while, and likely have enough money to buy your next upgrade by the time you return. This appropriation of clicker elements in other games is something quite pleasant to see because it's an ingenious idea that doesn't have to be confined to one genre.

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Doomsday Clicker

Screenshots of the DoomsDay Clicker game from the Google Play Store.


What We Like
  • Interesting, unique gameplay.

  • Good music.

  • Permits lots of idle time.

What We Don't Like
  • Doesn't update often.

  • Might easily drain your battery.

This game falls more into just being about idle generation of resources, where you just keep building up your idle generators over time. There's very little clicking at all. But the game, inspired by AdVenture Capitalist and based on PikPok published game Tap it Big, features a clever hook to it in the restarts/prestige system.

Where prestiges to start over often come with rewards in other games, here, it's actually a part of the game. The apocalyptic narrative means that you collect humans, and with every doomsday you trigger, you can mutate your humans and use each mutant to increase your total output. So, over time, you have to trigger more doomsdays in order to advance further and unlock more by generating revenue quicker.

Like many clickers, it's ultimately pointless, but fun. And PikPok's humorous style is well in play here, with plenty of funny doomsday scenarios, and an amazing song when you blow up the world.

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Tap Titans

Tap Titans
Game Hive
What We Like
  • A bit more action than a typical clicker.

  • Decent graphics.

  • Simple gameplay is easy to understand.

What We Don't Like
  • Slow to release new updates.

  • Relatively large download.

  • Sometimes crashes.

This clicker's hook is the boss battle system. You tap to defeat enemies, with your revenue you generate through active tapping and idle generation all going toward upgrades of various kinds. But every few levels, a timed boss fight pops up that forces you to defeat the boss in a limited amount of time.

Fail, and you have to try again. The cool thing about this is that it throws these moments of intensity right at you ever so often. Clickers can feel repetitive at times because repetition is a core part of their essence. But this one throws some nice screwballs at you. 

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AdVenture Capitalist

AdVenture Capitalist
What We Like
  • Clean, modern graphics.

  • Buy upgrades, auto-clickers, and more.

  • Updates regularly.

What We Don't Like
  • Occasional problems displaying ads.

This clicker feels like one of the first clicker games that was built around removing as much clicking as possible. While you have units that you can tap to buy more of, there are also lengthy times between taps. Also, you can hire managers to tap automatically for you.

Whether this feels like a streamlining of the process that helps make the interesting idle-revenue-generating and empire-building part of the game happen sooner, or like it takes a core part of the clicker experience away is for the player to decide.

One of the developers of Doomsday Clicker told me that removing the clicking takes a lot of the fatigue out of the genre, and that makes sense. Really, this depends on the player's taste. But it's hard to deny that AdVenture Capitalist has been an influential game in the clicker genre.

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AdventureQuest Dragons

Screenshot of the AdventureQuest Dragons game in the Google Play Store.



What We Like
  • Fun time waster.

  • Super easy to grasp.

What We Don't Like
  • Annoying sound effects.

  • Shallow gameplay.

  • Points for watching ads hardly works.

This clicker is notable for two reasons. One, it was developed in conjunction with the developer of Cookie Clicker, which helped get this whole mess of a genre started.

Second, this is a clicker where you get to play with dragons, including appropriately enough, a cookie dragon! Finally, cookies and dragons are brought together in sweet harmony.

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Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes
What We Like
  • Fun designs and animations.

  • Occasional app updates.

What We Don't Like
  • Small menu text.

This clicker is one of the more popular RPG-clickers out there, and it's been adapted for mobile from its web and Steam versions. This one has you trying to defeat enemies and leveling up your weapons and party-mates who do increasing damage over time.

Thankfully, the game's goofy sense of humor goes a long way toward making this more than just the usual clicker, as you try to bash enemies and become the biggest, most powerful hero possible.

The cameos from other games are fun, too. Ever wanted to repeatedly bash the Crossy Road chicken? That can be done in this game! There's a ton of depth here for fans of clickers to peruse, including some fun multiplayer features. 

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Evolution: Heroes of Utopia

Screenshots from Evolution:Heroes of Utopia from the Google Play Store.


What We Like
  • More interactive than most clickers.

  • Still gets updated.

  • Amazing graphics.

What We Don't Like
  • Not ideal for devices with low storage.

  • Commentary gets in the way.

It can be fun when games bring some levity or make fun of themselves. Evolution: Battle for Utopia is a serious free-to-play RPG. This spin-off brings many of the same heroes and giant bosses to fight, but in a much more comical manner.

Maybe the physical act of tapping to win instead of RPG combat is part of it. But the levity in the art goes a long way, too. Sometimes it seems like the clicker joke has gone too far, but a game like this can still be amusing and impressive.

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