Best Home Theater Seating Options for 2018

Options for Comfortable and Flexible Home Theater Seating

A lot of attention is placed on the TVs, video projectors, audio equipment, speakers, cables, and wires needed to experience home theater, but there are many add-ons that can enhance your home theater enjoyment. One add-on that is many times overlooked, is comfortable seating. Check out my list of suggested home theater seating manufacturers and seating options that will make your home theater viewing and listening experience more pleasurable.

Best For Single Viewers: Octane Seating Turbo XL700 Power Recliner

Check out a great, comfortable, a home theater seating option from Octane Seating, the Turbo XL700 Power Recliner.This comfortable chair is great for home theater viewing with powered reclining, two armrests, a padded footrest, and storage compartments to keep those remotes about of view when not being used, and a swivel tray and cup holder for all your snacks and beverages. Also, you can combine two, or more, Turbo XL700's to create a row of comfortable seating for family and friends.

Best For Couples: Flash Furniture Recliner with Storage Console

Here is a comfortable home theater seating option, the Flash Furniture 2-Seat Black Leather Home Theater Recliner. This setup is great for couple. Both chairs provide variable recline positions, as well as a storage are between the two chairs for remotes, snacks, etc. In addition each chair has its own cup holder.

Most Affordable Single Seat: Mainstays Home Theater Recliner - Black

The Mainstays Home Theater Recliner is pretty basic, but is affordable for those on a budget, while providing all the comfort you might need for an evening of movie watch. It features a steel reclining mechanism, comfortable foam padding, and naturally sloped armrests for extra comfort.

Just The Basics: Giantex Manual Recliner

If you looking for a comfortable home theater chair, but don't need any frills, then check out the Giantex Manual recliner. Featuring solid construction with comfortable leather. the Giantex is ready for an evening of TV or movie viewing - the only downside is that there is any cupholder - so if you like drinks and snacks, you will need a side table or tray. However, for less than $200, the Giantx manual recliner is a good value.

Best 3-Seater: Coaster 600130-3 Pavillion Contemporary

Need more than two seats? - Check out the 3 seat Coast Pavilion. For less that $1,500, you get four attached individually manually recline-able chairs with solid wood frames, comfortable cushions, with pillow-top head rests that are also individually adjustable. Also, cup holders for each chair are also included. In addition, if three seats aren't enough, you can add more on each end.

Best Sofa: Case Andrea Milano

If you are looking for a looking for a flexible home theater seating option, check out the Case Andrea Milano 3-seat/double recliner.

For individual viewing, you can just spread out and lie across its length, or if you have two or three people, the two, or three, of you can cozy up. If you want to recline, you need to sit on the two end portions. The sofa is made of plush bonded leather and available in either black or brown. The entire unit is 74-inches wide.

Best With Loveseat: Octane Edge XL800 4 Seat Configuration

Here is a great 4 seat option for families that provides a really comfortable TV or movie viewing. The kids can sit on the ends, while Mom and Dad can share the center loveseat. Each seat features powered recline (including each section of the loveseat). Also, the included cup holders are dishwasher friendly.

The whole unit is well-constructed, with comfortable interior foam and exterior brown leather. Also, for optimum viewing the 4 seat assembly is slightly curved. The whole unit can be easily assembled and is expandable.

Affordable Customization: Jaymar Home Theater Seating

Jaymar goes back to the basics - comfortable seating without all the frills - if that is all you want. However, if you want to add extra features to your seating, you can request a variety of options, including cup holders, chrome or wooden legs, leather or other fabric, and an extensive choice of colors. You also have the choice of single seats or a series of seats in a either a straight or curved row.

Best Custom Options: Fortress Seating

Fortress makes really comfortable home theater seats, loungers, and sectionals. However, my favorite thing about Fortress Seating is that they offer a lot accessory options that can meet all your home theater comfort (and control) needs. If you are looking for home theater seating that is more than just a seat, check out what Fortress has to offer, such as the Kensington Dual shown in the photo.

Best Luxury Option: Elite Home Theater Seating

If you are looking for luxury home theater seating that ultimate home theater, check out the offerings from Elite Home Theater Seating. Consumers have the option buying a pre-designed chair, but you can also design you own custom seating via Elite's Build Your Chair page - choose from 12 styles, 6 back rest types, material (leather/Suede) and color, cushion (soft, medium, firm), and layout (single chair or a variety of chair groups) .

In addition, Elite Home Theater Seating also offers the inclusion of Crowson Technologies Tactile Effects System products, as well as additional accessories, if desired.


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