Home Theater Products Of The Year - 2014

Dateline: 12/03/2014
2014 really turned out to be an exciting year in home theater. Despite the continued lackluster economy, and financial difficulty being experienced by some well-known consumer electronics companies, new products and innovations continue to be announced and introduced into the marketplace, not only in the TV product category, in the audio category as well.

The number of manufacturers jumping on the 4K Ultra HD TV bandwagon increased substantially, and even though Samsung appears to have put OLED TV on the back burner, having only introduced one model to date, LG moved full steam ahead with four models and more to come in 2015.

However, on the downside, 2014 marked the end of Plasma TV as both Samsung and LG have declared an end to Plasma TV production by the end of 2014. What is left on store shelves is it - so if you are a Plasma TV fan and want to purchase one, your time is running out, if it hasn't run out already.

In addition, a 2014 TV trend that really doesn't improve the quality of the TV so much buy adds some design flair to attract your attention (and entice you to part with your cash), is the increasing implementation of the Curved Screen. For more on my thoughts on this "innovation", read my article: Curved Screen TVs - What You Need To Know. Anther trend in the video category, although not getting a lot of attention, the cost of owning a video projector has gone down substantially, with the quality going up. Finally, if you are in the market for a home theater receiver, you will be amazed at how many features you get for our dollar.


Moving from video to audio, things were very interesting during 2014 - Especially in the are area of surround sound (see my first entry below for more details), as well as a product category continues evolve in both design and popularity: sound bars. In addition to an increase in sound bars offering better performance, an offshoot, the Under-TV sound system is really taking off (depending on the manufacturer, you will see these units referred to as a Sound Stand, Sound Plate, Power Base, Sound Base, Sound Platform, etc...).

Having had a chance to get either and extended hands-on review opportunity, or extensive demonstration of home theater products in all of the above, and more, product categories during the past year, I have narrowed down my "Products of the Year" picks for 2014.

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Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos

For me, the best home theater product of the year wasn't a single product, but a technology innovation that has redefined the way we listen to surround sound at home - Dolby Atmos. This innovation is giving rise to new lines of home theater receivers and speakers.

To put it simply, Dolby Atmos is a surround sound format that makes use of both traditional floor/bookshelf, as well as additional height speakers, as a vehicle to place sound objects in points in 3-dimensional space. However, in mixing for a Dolby Atmos soundtrack, rather than anchoring sounds to a specific channel or speaker, they are placed in specific spacial points. In other words, Dolby Atmos can be executed via several speaker configurations contain different combinations of horizontal and height speakers, and still deliver the desired effect. However, by adding more channels and speakers (especially in larger rooms), the result can be more precise.

Dolby Atmos-enabled home theater receivers and loudspeakers, are slowing becoming available from all the major audio manufacturers. including Onkyo, Denon, Marantz, Pioneer, and more...

Two specific Dolby Atmos-equipped products that represent both entry-level and high-end options to access Dolby Atmos are:

Onkyo HT-S7700 Home Theater-in-a-Box System

Marantz AV-7702 AV Preamp/Processor

Also, Dolby Atmos is compatible with both Blu-ray and Streaming content. So far, Blu-ray Disc is the first content delivery for Dolby Atmos, with four films releases so far: Transformers: Age of Extinction, Step Up All In, The Expendables 3, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014), with a steady stream expected to materialize in 2015.

However, it must be pointed out that even if you don't have a Dolby Atmos setup, you are not totally out of luck as all Blu-ray Disc players are backwards compatible with Dolby Atmos-encoded Discs, and any Dolby Atmos-encoded content is also auto-dowmixed to Dolby TrueHD 7.1 or Dolby Digital when a such a disc is being played on a Blu-ray Disc player connected to a non-Dolby Atmos capable home theater receiver.

For full details on Dolby Atmos and its impact on the way we experience surround sound in a home theater environment, read the following reference articles:

Dolby Atmos - From The Cinema To Your Home Theater

Dolby Gets More Specific On Dolby Atmos for Home Theater

Dolby, Paramount, Warner Bros and Best Buy/Magnolia Bring Dolby Atmos to Retail

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LG 55EC9300 OLED TV. Image provided by LG

LG made a big impact in 2014 with with its 55EC9300 OLED TV, which is not only razor thin and produces black levels that match, or exceed, the best Plasma TVs, but you can find it at your local dealer for about $3,500 or less. Considering its predecessor was in the $8,000-to-10,000 price range - this is a significant price breakthrough for OLED TVs.

In addition to implementing OLED TV technology, the 55EC9300 features a 55-inch 1080p TV with a Curved Screen, is fully 2D and 3D compatible via LG's Passive Cinema 3D technology (4 pairs of glasses included). The 55EC9300 also provides both 3D conversion for 2D sources and 3D to 2D conversion (if desired). Also, for two player game play, if you purchase an additional set of special glasses, the 55EC9300 provides split screen point-of-view for each player.

In addition to its video display capabilities, the 55EC9300 also incorporates LG's WebOS Smart TV interface. Via ethernet or Wifi, users can access services such as as Netflix, as well as full Web Browsing and access to content stored on other DLNA compatible devices.

For physical connectivity, the 55EC9300 provides an RF input for OTA or Clear-QAM reception of HDTV broadcasts, 4 HDMI inputs, 1 Shared Component/Composite video input, 3 USB ports, and a digital optical audio output for connection to an external audio system.

If that isn't enough for you, WiDi, which allows wireless streaming from compatible WiDi-equipped Laptops or Ultrabooks, and MHL compatibility for physical connection of compatible smartphones and tablets is also included.

Everything on the 55EC9300 can be controlled by LG's Magic Remote (which is provided).

For additional perspective, including more on the impact of OLED TV, read my LG 55EC9300 Overview.

The Official LG 55EC9300 Product Page - Compare Prices

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Samsung UN55HU8550 55-inch 3D Network 4K UHD LED/LCD TV

Samsung UN55HU8550 LED/LCD 4K UHD TV - Photo - Front View - Waterfall
Photo of the front view of the Samsung UN55HU8550 4K UHD TV - Waterfall Image. Photo © Robert Silva - Licensed to About.com

Also, I consider the LG 55EC9300 OLED TV as best TV introduced in the 2014, 2014 was undoubtedly the year of 4K. Available in both curved and flat screen configurations, an abundance of screen sizes, and ever more affordable prices, 4K Ultra HD TVs are just too hard to ignore.

At the 2014 CES, and at dealers I went to throughout the year  I had a chance to see 4K Ultra HD TVs from several brands, and, frankly, it is hard to pin down the absolute best one (although there were some that although provided a good 4K display image - didn't always cut it in other aspects) - However, I had a chance to live with Samsung's UN55HU8550 55-inch set for a couple of months and picked it for my "Products of the Year" list as a prime example of what you should expect from 4K.

The Samsung UN55HU8550 incorporates a flat screen configuration (which I think is the better option if you are trying to make up your mind between a flat and curved screen TV).

To support its 4K resolution display capability, the UN55HU8550 incorporates an LED Edge Lit LCD panel that does not deliver perfectly even black levels, but does a better job than most that use this technology.

Combined with a combination of fast screen refresh rate and additional motion processing (Samsung labels theirs as Clear Motion Rate), this set not only delivers an excellent image for native 4K source material, but does an excellent job of upscaling 720p, 1080i, and 1080p source material (such as upscaled DVD, TV/cable/satellite content, and Blu-ray). On the other hand, if you are still on analog cable or still watching old VHS tapes, the result is rather poor as there is only so much you can do with such poor quality source material.

However, that isn't the whole story. The UN55HU8550 is also a fully functional 3D (the 3D is excellent by the way) and Smart TV. Smart features include a full web browser, supported by Quad Core Processing (just like a PC) and built-in WiFi, that provides you with access to an abundance internet and home network-based content via Samsung's Smart Hub features.

If you are considering a 4K Ultra HD TV, the Samsung UN55HU8550 is an excellent example of what you can get.

Review - Photos - Video Performance Tests - Compare Prices

Also available in following additional screen sizes (the benefits of 4K resolution display capability are more visible, the larger the screen):

UN50HU8550FXZA (50-inches) - Official Product Page - Compare Prices
UN65HU8550FXZA (65-inches): Official Product Page - Compare Prices
UN75HU8550FXZA (75-inches) - Official Product Page - Compare Prices
UN85HU8550FXZA (85-inches) - Official Product Page - Compare Prices

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Vizio Full-Array Backlit LED/LCD TVs

Vizio Full-Array Active LED Zone Illustration. Image provided by Vizio, Inc.

OK, so we have OLED and 4K, but what about just a good 1080p TV. With almost no new Plasma TVs introduced in 2014, the only viable choice is LED/LCD.

The last great Plasma TVs came out in 2013 - The Panasonic ZT60 Series Plasma sets - which were on my 2013 Products of the Year List), as well as the Samsung F8500 Series.

My choice for 2014, which may surprise many of you, are Vizio's E and M-Series LED/LCD TVs - The reason: they all incorporate Full Array Backlighting.

The main benefit of full-array backlighting includes deeper and more uniform black levels across the entire screen surface. This contrasts with edge-lit technology used in TVs (including high-end ones from noted manufacturers) that is subject to white "blotching" and "corner spotlighting". Also, to provide even greater control of blacks and whites, the Vizio full-array backlit sets feature, depending on screen size, from 5 to 36 independently controllable (local dimming) Active LED zones. In other words, the use of LED Full-Array backlighting provides the foundation for providing an image with excellent contrast and even black levels across the entire screen, which also benefits color display.

This contrasts with the bulk of TV makers that incorporate less precise LED Edge-lighting technology in their sets (including the above-listed Samsung UN55HU8550 LED/LCD 4K UHD TV).

Some of the Vizio E-Series sets also include Smart TV features, while M-Series sets are all Smart TV-enabled (including built-in WiFi), and also incorporate fast screen refresh rates and additional motion processing. However, it is important to note that none of E or M-Series sets are 3D-enabled, which, although may not be an issue with many consumers, is kind of a drawback as the use of full-array backlighting can aid in providing a more refined 3D viewing experience.

For more details and perspective, read my reports:

Vizio Announces New E-Series TV Line for 2014

Vizio Announces M-Series TV Line

Are there higher-end TVs that you think might also deserve this spot on my list - of course. However, Vizio's application of full array backlighting across almost its entire TV product line, in my opinion, deserves to be recognized as the one the standout TV product lines of 2014.

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OPPO BDP-105D Audiophile Blu-ray Disc Player with Darbee Video Processing

OPPO Digital BDP-105D Darbee Edition Audiophile Blu-ray Disc Player. Image provided by Oppo Digital

I saw a lot of Blu-ray Disc players during 2014, and it is hard to find a truly bad one these days, but, in my opinion, OPPO Digital remains king-of-the-hill. Last year (2013), I named the BDP-103D Darbee Edition Blu-ray Disc player, as the top Blu-ray disc player of the year, and this year, although I have seen a lot good Blu-ray Disc players, there is one Blu-ray player that provides that extra edge for the total home theater and music listening experience, the OPPO BDP-105D.

The OPPO BDP-105D is built on the platform of OPPO's BDP-105 flagship player, but as a little extra.

Along with the addition of Darbee Visual Presence, a Silicon Image VRS video processing chip included for core video processing - this baby also includes two HDMI outputs, and two HDMI Inputs - you heard that right, there are two HDMI inputs so you can connect additional sources and take advantage of the BDP-105D's onboard video processing capabilities (including DarbeeVision) - and, with one of the HDMI inputs being MHL-enabled, you can also connect compatible smartphones and tables, and/or connect the MHL-version Roku Streaming Stick with adds over 1,800 channels of internet streaming content sources.

For audio connectivity, the BDP-105D (unlike most Blu-ray Disc players these days) has an abundance of the audio output options that include (in addition to HDMI, Digital Optical/Coaxial), both 5.1/7.1 and two channel analog audio outputs. Also, the two channel analog audio outputs come in two flavors: RCA and XLR Balanced. In addition, an upgraded USB DAC input in included that can support the DSD audio format. The BDP-105D is also playback compatible with DVD-Audio and SACD discs.

Also, to further support the audiophile music listening experience, the BDP-105D incorporates two ESS SABRE32 ES9018 DAC chips - one dedicated for the 5.1/7.1 channel analog audio outputs and one for the dedicated 2-channel analog audio outputs. For more details, refer to the SABRE ES9018 product sheet.

Finally, the BDP-105D employs a Toroidal transformer, with associated power supply circuitry, for efficient and stable power.

Of course, all this does come with a price - $1,299 - but if you want the best, you have pay little extra to get it. However, there are some similar high-end Blu-ray Disc players that are about the same or even more expensive. Perhaps someone will push OPPO Digital off the mantle in 2015.

For complete details on the OPPO BDP-105D Darbee Edition, check out the Official Product Page.

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Kaleidescape Cinema One Movie Player

Kaleidescape Cinema One Movie Player - Photo of Front View
Kaleidescape Cinema One Movie Player - Front View Photo. Photo © Robert Silva - Licensed to About.com

The next entry in my 2014 Best-Of list is a product that is a little different - it looks like a Blu-ray Disc player, but is more than that - it is also a movie server.

Although internet streaming is convenient, audio and video quality varies quite a bit, especially depending on your broadband speed.

One way to address this problem - especially with movie content is with the Kaleidescape Cinema One Movie Player. What make this component different is that not only is it a Blu-ray/DVD/CD player, but it is also a movie server that can store up to 100 Blu-ray Quality movies on a 4 TB harddrive. Movies can be imported directly from a disc or downloaded (in full Blu-ray audio and video quality) via the internet via Kaleidescape Store. In addition, you can also import DVDs and CDs directly as well.

Download times vary depending on your broadband speed - which means downloading a movie can be as short as 30-minutes or as long 12 or more hours. Also, when you download your movie, you have the option of also downloading all of the bonus feature content that you might find on a DVD or Blu-ray Disc release of the same title. Just think of a DVD or Blu-ray without the actual disc.

Also, as I mentioned above, you can also import Blu-ray Disc and DVD movies (or music CDs) that you currently own right into the Cinema One as well - However, due to the MPAA's copyright restrictions, when you play a Blu-ray Disc movie that you imported via physical disc, that disc must be inserted into the player every time you play the movie (I know, this doesn't seem to make sense - but I explain this more in Cinema One review - click on link at the end of this entry).

Other features include the ability to upgrade your own DVDs to Blu-ray quality via the Kaleidescape Store, as well as being able to link two Cinema Ones together, or if you have a large physical disc collection, pair the Cinema One with a Kaleidescape Disc Vault for additional storage and additional-room playback options.

In my opinion, the Kaleidescape Cinema One was one of the more interesting home theater products of 2014.

Review, Photo Profile, Video Performance Test Results.

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Channel Master DVR+ TV Antenna DVR

Channel Master DVR+ TV Antenna DVR Package
Photo of the Channel Master DVR+ TV Antenna DVR Package Contents. Photo © Robert Silva - Licensed to About.com

I get a lot of questions about video recording of TV programs on DVD, but, unfortunately, due to several factors, DVD recorders are very hard to find on store shelves. The only commonly available method to record TV programs these days is with a cable/satellite DVR - However, what about those that aren't on cable or satellite, but depend on a TV antenna to receive their TV programming. Although there aren't many options available, one option that is, interestingly, comes from a TV antenna maker.

Channel Master is is offering up its DVR solution for those that need it, the DVR+ Antenna DVR, which comes in two versions: A standard model with a built-in 16BG Hard Drive ($249) and a "souped-up" model that comes with a built-in 1TB hard drive ($399)

The standard DVR+ provides up to two hours of recording storage with a built-in 16GB hard drive, and also provides two USB ports that allow almost unlimited storage expansion with compatible external hard drives (1TB and 3TB options available).

On the other hand, the 1TB model, can be further expanded to 2 or 3TB via add-on hard dive, but it is important to note that if you add an external hard drive to the 1TB model, it cancels out the internal 1TB storage. What this means in practicality is that you if you plan to add an external hard drive to the 1TB version, add the 3TB drive as adding another 1TB drive doesn't result in an additional 1TB of storage expansion.

Other than the hard drive size and external hard drive function difference, both DVR+ units are identical inside and out.

In terms of style, the DVR+ only 1/2-inch high and includes Dual ATSC HD Tuners so that you can record two different over-the-air HD (or SD if they are also available) broadcast channels at the same time or watch one program and record another at the same time. However, on the 16GB version, an external hard drive is required to record two channels at the same time, but you can watch one channel and record another at the same time on the 16GB version.

Also, built-in Ethernet, or WiFi via optional adapter, connectivity is available so users can access internet streaming content from Vudu and Pandora

Also, Channel Master provides an easy-to-use visual Electronic Program Guide (requires internet connection).

For additional flexibility, the DVR+ is also compatible with the Slingbox 500, which enables users to stream content received or stored the either DVR+ to other compatible devices in your home, such as a PC/MAC, smartphone, or tablet.

It is also important to note that in order to play back your recorded programs on a TV, that TV must have an HDMI input - there are no analog video connection options (composite or component) provided for connecting the DVR+ to a TV or video projector. For its solution for providing video recording options for those that receive their TV programming over the air via antenna, as well as its ability to access some internet streaming content, and integrate with the Slingbox system, I have included the Channel Master DVR plus on my list of best home theater products of the year for 2014.

Review - Photo Profile

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Anthony Gallo Acoustics A'Diva SE 5.1 Speaker System

Anthony Gallo A'Diva SE Satellite and TR-3D Subwoofer Speaker System with Optional Table Stands
Photo of the Anthony Gallo A'Diva SE Satellite and TR-3D Subwoofer Speaker System with Optional Table Stands. Photo © Robert Silva - Licensed to About.com

So, you want speakers that actually look as good as they sound? Well, my top home theater speaker system pick of 2014 may be just for you.

After listening to several speaker systems during 2014, I found the Anthony Gallo Acoustics A'Diva SE 5.1 Channel Home Theater Speaker System to be the most impressive.

This system consists of five compact center/satellite speakers that feature an innovative compact spherical design combined with a 10-inch powered subwoofer in a cylindrical cabinet. The center/satellite speakers can be mounted on a table or mounted on the wall via an optional kit.

The A'Diva SE's reproduced distinctive vocals and dialog, along with excellent detail with transient and high frequency sounds.

I also found the companion 300 watt-capable TR-3D powered subwoofer to be an excellent match for diminutive A'Diva SE center/satellites, deliver the need power to product good low end response and deep, tight, undistorted bass. In addition, the TR3D also provided good upper bass frequency response (without annoying boominess), providing a seamless transition to the center/satellites. The TR3D also provides flexible connection and setting options, including the crossover bypass and the +3db/+6db bass boost setting options when faced with less than desirable room conditions, or when listening at low volume levels.

If you are both a movie and music fan, the Anthony Gallo Acoustics A'Diva SE 5.1 speaker system delivers on both counts. However, the system is a little pricey at $2,366.00, but is a great value for those looking for a great sounding home theater speaker system that also looks good and doesn't take up a lot of space. If you have a small or medium-sized room and are looking for a speaker system that provides that extra quality you may not get from other compact systems - The A'Diva SE 5.1 system may be just the ticket - it definitely deserves a spot on my Products of the year list.


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Denon AVR-X2100W Home Theater Receiver

Denon AVR-X2100W Home Theater Receiver - Photo - Front and Rear View
Photo of the Denon AVR-X2100W 7.2 channel network home theater receiver as seen from both the Front and the rear. Denon AVR-X2100W - Front and Rear

If you haven't shopped for a home theater receiver in a few years, you will certainly be surprised as to how much bang you can get for your buck these days - in fact, it may be very difficult to determine what is the best choice for you, after all you can find home theater receivers in prices ranging from below $300 all the way up in the thousands... However, in most cases, a mid-range priced receiver resting in the $499 to $999 price range may do the job - One great example is the Denon AVR-X2100W (suggested price: $749.99), which I have selected for my 2014 Products of the Year list.

At its foundation, AVR-X2100W provides up to a 7.2 channel speaker configuration supported by Dolby TrueHD/DTS-HD decoding, and Dolby Pro Logic IIz audio processing. You can also send select audio sources connected to the AVR-X2100W to a two-channel Zone 2 system, with the use of an external amplifier. The AVR-X2100W is rated at 95wpc (.08% THD (measured at 20Hz to 20kHz with 2 channels driven with an 8 ohm load).

For video, 8 (7 rear and one front) HDMI inputs are provided, which are both 3D and 4K compatible and support the AVR-X2100W's analog to HDMI video conversion with 1080p or 4K video upscaling capabilities. Also, two HDMI outputs are included that allow you to route the same video signal to two TVs, or video projector and TV, at the same time.

Also, these days, a home theater receiver in mid-range class has to offer more than just good audio and video features and performance, and, with that in mind, the AVR-X2100W also includes both network and internet streaming capabilities. First off, this receiver includes both Ethernet connection or built-in WiFi network/internet connection options, which provide access to vTuner, Pandora, Sirius/XM, and Spotify).

In addition, for local streaming content access, the AVR-X2100W also provides built-in wireless Bluetooth and Apple AirPlay so you can integrate a variety of compatible portable devices, such as smartphones and iphones into the mix.

For its well-balanced offering of features and performance - I have chosen the Denon AVR-X2100W home theate receiver as one of my products of the year for 2014.

Review - Photo Profile - Video Performance Tests - Compare Prices

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Pioneer SP-SB23W Speaker Bar System

Pioneer SP-SB23W Speaker Bar System Package
Photo of Pioneer SP-SB23W Speaker Bar System Package. Photo © Robert Silva - Licensed to About.com

One of the most popular product categories in audio/video is the sound bar - they are everywhere! As a result, I have had a chance to review several during 2014, but one that stands out is the Pioneer SP-SB23W Speaker Bar System, designed by Pioneer's resident speaker guru: Andrew Jones, who is also responsible for coming up with Pioneer's very popular inexpensive home theater speaker line-up (read my previous reviews of two Andrew Jones budget-priced speaker systems, the Pioneer Bookshelf System and the SP-PK22BS Home Theater Speaker System.

The SP-SB23W system comes with a 36-inch wide main sound bar unit paired and a wireless subwoofer housing a 6.5-inch downfiring driver further supported by a front mounted port.

The system also provides connectivity for one analog and digital audio source (such as the audio output of a TV and one additional component), as well as a portable Bluetooth device.

For its simplicity and sound quality, I have included the Pioneer SP-SB23W Speaker Bar System on my Home Theater Products of the Year List for 2014..

Review - Photo Profile.

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Vizio S5451w-C2 5.1 Channel Sound Bar Home Theater System

Vizio S5451w-C2 5.1 Channel Sound Bar Home Theater System
Photo of the Vizio S5451w-C2 5.1 Channel Sound Bar Home Theater System. Photo © Robert Silva - Licensed to About.com

What do you do if you don't want a sound bar, but still don't want a of speaker and speaker wire clutter? Well, the answer might the Vizio S5451w-C2.

What makes this home theater product a little different is that it combines a 54-inch wide sound bar (a good visual complement for TVs 50 to 60-inch TVs) with a wireless subwoofer and a pair of surround channel speakers. The sound bar houses the left, center, and right channel speakers supported by built-in amplifiers. The sound bar also has a wireless transmitter for sending bass and surround sound audio signals to an 8-inch wireless subwoofer that also powers and provides audio signals to the surround speakers, which connect to the subwoofer via RCA audio cables.

The sound bar section houses HDMI, analog, and digital audio inputs. Dolby and DTS support is provided for movie 5.1 channel listening experience. Also, Vizio provides a Matrix Surround Processing option to enhanced surround sound listening experience for both movie viewing or music-only listening. In addition, Wireless Bluetooth is included for accessing music wirelessly from compatible portable devices, as well as a USB port for accessing music stored on flash drives.

Although we are not talking high-end here, the Vizio S5451w-C2 does deliver a very good surround sound listening experience, that is both affordable and easy to set-up and use.
Review - Photo Profile - Offiical Product Page

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Roku Streaming Stick - Non-MHL HDMI Version

Last year (2013), I chose both the Roku Streaming Stick and Google Chromecast as products of the year - but since then, Roku has introduced a new variaton of its streaming stick that is compatible with any TV that has an HDMI input (last year's version was only compatible with TVs that had MHL-compatible HDMI inputs. The only other requirement is that you need either a USB or AC power source (adapter and cable provided for both power options).

The result is that this version of the Roku Streaming (simply labeled as the "HDMI version") keep Roku as top-dog in media streaming devices, able to not only take on the challege of Google's Chromecast, but Amazon's Fire TV and BiggFi plug-in media streamers (refer to my honorable mentions list for more info on those devices).

In other words, any TV with an HDMI port can access over 1,800 channels of internet-based streaming content that include movies, TV programs, sporting events, news, and social media. You can even control it with your iOS or Android phone or tablet (a remote control is also provided with the unit).

The suggested price: $49.00

Previous Report - Official Product Page - Compare Prices.

2014 Honorable Mentions

In addition to those products listed above, there were also a lot of other great products that deserve recognition. Among the other products I reviewed this past year that deserve honorable mentions include:

Samsung UN55H6350 55-inch 1080p Smart LED/LCD TV,

Samsung BD-H6500 Blu-ray Disc Player

ARCAM FMJ-AVR450 Network Home Theater Receiver

Sony STR-DN1050 Home Theater Receiver

Wharfedale Diamond 10-Series Speaker System

Monoprice 10565 "Premium" 5.1 Channel Speaker System

Velodyne Wi-Q10 Wireless Powered Subwoofer

Amazon Fire TV Media Streamer

AWOX StriimLINK WiFi Home Stereo Streaming Adapter

Blumoo Universal Remote Control System

BiggiFi Family Stick Smart Control Media Streamer

DVDO Air3 WirelessHD Adapter.

Bonus: Blu-ray Disc Movies Reviewed in 2014:

Gravity (3D)

Godzilla (2014 - 3D)

Transformers: Age of Extinction (3D)

Step Up All In

The Expendables 3