Best Home Theater Add-ons and Accessories

Check out some great add-ons that can enhance the home theater experience.

Home Theater Add-ons and Accessories - A lot of attention is placed on the basic equipment needed to experience home theater, however, there are many unusual accessories that can enhance your home theater enjoyment. Check out my list of suggestions that can add both to the functionality and aesthetic enjoyment of your home theater experience. Some suggestions are very inexpensive and practical to implement, while others are expensive and indulgent, but all add to the variety and what can be attained in the home theater experience.

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The Darbee DVP-5000S Darbee Visual Presence is a small plug-and-play video processor that you place between an HDMI source (such as a Blu-ray Disc player, upscaling DVD player, cable/satellite box, or home theater receiver) and your TV or video projector.

However, unlike other popular video processing devices, the DVP-5000S does not upscale resolution, suppress background video noise or edge artifacts, and does not smooth motion response.

Instead, the adds depth information in the image using pixel level real-time contrast, brightness, and sharpness manipulation (referred to as luminous modulation). This process restores the missing natural-like "3D" information that the brain is trying to see within the 2D image. As a result, the image seems to "pops" with more texture, depth, and contrast range.

If used appropriately, the Darbee DVP-5000S makes a great addition to the TV and home theater viewing experience. In fact, it has garnered quite a following amongst a growing number of consumers and professionals.

Looking for a safe way to mount your flat panel LCD, Plasma, or OLED TV above a fireplace? Ordinarily, mounting a TV above a fireplace is not a good due to two reasons: Heat seeping through the wall can damage or shorten the life of your TV, and, two, mounting a TV over fireplace results in the TV being too high for a natural viewing experience, resulting in a lot of sore necks!

However, MantelMount may be just the solution as it sets the TV out from the wall to limit exposure to heat, and also provide articulation that allows the TV to not only be swiveled from left to right, but allows allows the entire TV frame to be lowered in front of the fireplace at a more natural viewing level (just make sure your fireplace is not being used at that time).

MantelMount is not hard to install - However, I definitely suggest that you check to see if your wall can support the weight of the mount and your TV and that your fireplace chimney does not generate an undesirable amount of heat that is transferred through the wall (Refer To The Mantel Mounting Requirements Guide).

In addition, is also important to point that although MantelMount is targeted toward consumers that desire an above fireplace installation, it can also be used on any wall that can support the weight of the mount and TV.

For additional questions, check out the MantelMount FAQ Page, or consult a home theater installer.

The Sunfire Universal Wireless Subwoofer Kit allows consumers to make a wireless connection between any subwoofer with LFE or line inputs and any home theater receiver with subwoofer preamp outputs. By plugging the SDSWITX transmitter to your home theater receiver and SDSWIRX wireless receiver to your subwoofer, you can eliminate the long, and unsightly, subwoofer audio cable that is usually required. An added benefit is that you have more freedom in placing your subwoofer in a spot you need to place it in for the best low-frequency response - as long as you have an AC outlet nearby to access power for your subwoofer and the SDSWIRX wireless receiver.
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Also, the SDSWITX transmitter can be used with up to two wireless SDSWIRX receivers, allowing the wireless connection of two subwoofers for your system, if you so desire. Some of the features of this kit are 25-foot transmission range via 2.GHz band, 16-bit audio resolution, and 48hHz sampling rate capability. The price for the SDSWITX transmitter and one SDSWIRX receiver is about $160. Priced separately, both the transmitter and receiver are priced at about $80 a piece.
Buy From Amazon - the SDSWITX universal wireless subwoofer transmitter.
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You've spent a lot of money and collected a lot of home theater components over the years. With each upgrade or addition, you have another power cord to plug in. After the number of wall outlet options run out, you add a surge protector, then another one, and then you still run out. One solution to this mess is to get a centralized power management system, such as the Panamax M5400-PM that not only provides all the outlets you need, but also includes additional connectivity organizes coax and ethernet cable connections, provides a practical way to both monitor and regulate your voltage level, and aids in clearing up power interference.

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Home theater has certainly given us more and better options for enjoying home entertainment. However, it has also given us the clutter of remote controls. Many of us have a half-dozen, or more, remotes on the coffee table. The quest for a remote control that can do it all is the true "Holy Grail" of home theater. There are many "universal remotes" that can then replace some of the functions of your remote control collection, but the Logitech Elite and Pro Remote Control Systems can just about do it all with the provided remote or via most smartphones with an installed app.


You've spent a lot of money and collected a lot of home theater components over the years. With each component upgrade or addition, you have another power cord to plug in. After the number of wall outlet options run out, you add a surge protector, then another one, and then you still run out. One solution is to get a centralized power management system that provides all the outlets you need, monitors your voltage level, and also provides battery backup. One product that might do the job for you is the Panamax MX5102.

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The Panamax MR5100 functions as a convenient, centralized, power management system that provides all the power outlets you need for your home theater gadgets, as well as your coax and ethernet cable connections. The MR5100 features a front panel display that shows the incoming voltage and also aids in clearing up power interference and provides surge protection (including automatic shut down).

If you have a box of old Super-8 films and you want to preserve those precious memories in a more future-proof medium, then check out the Super 8mm Film To Digital Video Converter offered by Pacific Image. Although it looks like a video projector, it is actually a device that can capture each frame of a Super 8 film roll and digitize it so that you can transfer it to a PC or MAC (USB cable and software included), clean it up, edit it, and then either save to a hard drive, flash drive, or burn onto a DVD for TV viewing and safe keeping.

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Here is an interesting twist on a home theater add-on, the Wilson Electronics SignalBoost DT Desktop Cellular Signal Booster. The reason this product may make a great add-on for your home theater room is that if your home theater setup is in a basement or a location that has a weak cell phone signal, it can be a hassles to always leave the room just to make or receive a cell phone call, especially if you use the room for other activities or projects. The SignalBoost DT from Wilson Electronics solves this problem by providing a strong signal to your cell phone in your home theater room.Installation Video,

D-Box Integrated Motion System
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Ride with Anakin Skywalker in the famed Pod Race in Star Wars, Ep.1. Feel the cannonballs tearing through the ships in Pirates of the Caribbean. Experience the ground shake under the foot of the Tyrannosaurus Rex in Jurassic Park. If you think traditional subwoofers allow you to experience low-frequency sound, the D-Box goes a step further by putting you in the motion environment of the movie. Turn your movie viewing experience into a real thrill ride, without leaving your own home theater. More »

Movie posters
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OK, so you have a home theater room and great equipment, but the walls are a little bare. Add some genuine movie theater atmosphere by adding some vintage and modern movie posters to those bare walls. More »

If you have a dedicated home theater room, you need to outfit it with more than just all those gadgets, comfortable seating, and decor. You also need to provide some refreshment for your family and guests. Instead of trudging back out to the kitchen to grab a beverage and miss that crucial action scene, why not bring your refreshment access right into your home theater room with your own classic beverage cooler?

One great option for refreshment storage is the classic Coca-Cola replica refrigerator chest, which looks just like those coolers that were commonly used in gas stations and restaurants in decades past. This cooler can hold up to 80 12-oz cans or 60 8-oz bottles (or a combination of both) of your favorite beverages. This refrigerated beverage cooler makes a great add-on to a custom home theater setup.

Sometimes you just need that soda to wash down the popcorn during the middle of the movie. Instead of running all the way to the kitchen just to get a plain-old canned soda, just walk over to your new home theater Soda Fountain next to you new vintage popcorn machine. All you need now is a comfortable lounger, and you'll never leave your home theater!

Nothing makes a movie more enjoyable than a hot, fresh, bag of buttered popcorn. Don't settle for dull microwave popcorn. Add the true aroma and crunch of tasty popcorn to your home theater viewing. Add the feel of a real movie theater concession stands with a professional-style popcorn machine.

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Premiere Home Theater Surroundings - Home Theater Lounger

Premiere Home Theater Surroundings - Home Theater Lounger
Premiere Home Theater Surroundings - Home Theater Lounger. Image (c) Premiere Home Theater Seating

Don't settle for that dusty old couch or recliner to view your home theater presentations, step up to first class movie viewing with a specially designed home theater lounge chair. Check out some great, comfortable, home theater seating options from Premiere Home Theater Surroundings.

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Sanus Systems - Home Theater Cabinets and Storage

Sanus Systems
Sanus Systems

Your home theater doesn't need to be simply a collection of gadgets piled on top of each other, with cables strung everywhere. You don't live in an electronics retail store, so don't let your home theater room look like one. From stylish loudspeaker supports to home entertainment furniture, Sanus offers viable display solutions for your home theater setup that will please the most decorator conscious among us.

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