The 8 Best Home Security Systems for Under $100 in 2019

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Best Overall: Fortress Security Store SO2-A Security Kit

Highly praised, the Fortress Security Store SO2-A security kit is an excellent option for DIY alarm fans looking for versatile solutions. The 110dB alarm offers more than enough volume to wake the neighbors and make potential intruders think twice. The alarm noise is complemented by the main control panel with auto-dialer (calls up to six numbers in a security breach) that supports five door/window contacts, two passive motion detectors, two key fobs for activating and deactivating the alarm, a panic alarm and four alarm stickers for placement around the house. Upon activation, the SO2-A can call any designated number in the event of a breach and play both a recorded message or custom sound. Homeowners can also call the system from their mobile phone and listen in around the house. Additional sensors for doors and windows, plus motion detectors, are all available for purchase to add extra protection throughout a home.

Runner-Up, Best Overall: Digoo Wireless Home and Business Security Alarm

Supporting up to 99 sensors in total, the Digoo wireless home and business security alarm is a budget system that offers effective security for its inexpensive price tag. Compatible with Wi-Fi, GSM, GPRS, 2G, 3G and 4G networks, the Digoo offers a 2.4-inch digital display alongside its touchpanel design. The wireless remote easily allows for alarm activation/deactivation for all sensors, as well as offers real-time push notifications to your smartphone. The system adds one touchpanel, two remotes, two door/window sensors and one motion sensor (additional accessories can be purchased separately). The automatic timer allows homeowners to activate the alarm whether they’re home or not. With support for gas, carbon monoxide, and smoke detection, the Digoo is truly a well-rounded alarm solution.

Best Value: Thustar Home Alarm Security System

The Thustar home alarm security system presents tremendous value for less than $100. Crack open the box and you'll find two motion detectors, 10 window sensors, four remote control keychain units, a 110db siren, and a keypad. With all of that available, it’s easy to provide immediate protection to your home including doors, hallways, and windows. Setting up the unit is incredibly easy as each window or motion sensor can be placed and active in a matter of minutes.  

Operating off a 2G GSM network, the Thustar system requires a separately purchased SIM card. When an alarm is triggered, the system calls any one of six pre-programmed phone numbers or emergency services. Each pre-programmed number can be saved on the alarm panel and dialed with a single button press. With a rechargeable battery that can last up to 9 hours, the Thustar provides peace of mind even in the event of a power loss. As with most DIY alarm systems, there are no monthly fees required save for the minimum cost of your 2G connection (required for dialing out). 

Best Budget: SABRE Wireless Home Security Burglar Alarm Set

One of the most inexpensive options available, the Sabre wireless home security system offers bare-bones packaging without sacrificing protection. The 120dB alarm is loud enough to be heard up to 750 feet away to help deter intruders and alert homeowners there’s trouble. There are three adjustable settings (off/alarm/chime); the chime is an easy solution for alerting you to doors opening and closing, a good solution for parents.

Each Sabre package comes with detailed instructions and images to help with the DIY process, including suggestions for proper placement for the best protection and how to set up your four-digit pin. There’s no wiring necessary as the keypad, door and window alarms are all powered by AAA or LR44 batteries that can easily be swapped after notification of low battery life.

Best for Smaller Homes: Doberman Security 8 Alarm Home and Office Security Kit

For smaller homes, apartments or offices, call upon the Doberman 8 alarm security system for peace of mind and added security. The simple peel and stick installation is ideal for novice DIY types. The equipment includes the four window alarms, two entryway defenders ideal for doorways and two ultra-thin window protectors perfect for sliding glass doors. The peel installation option is a standout solution for shoppers who want to adjust positioning frequently or take their alarm system with them if they ever move.

With no main control panel to utilize, these alarms are best left in the always-on position, so the 100dB alarm can activate in the event of an intrusion. Once an intrusion is detected, one of two alarm chimes will activate.

Best Setup: Fortress Security S02 Basic Security System

If you want a security system that’s easy to set up, especially for DIY types, the Fortress Security S02 is the answer. With 24/7 security monitoring, it's a complete system full of wireless sensors and sirens for home protection. You’ll receive a wireless-enabled keyboard, single motion and window sensors, two remote controls, and a plugin siren. Adding more pieces is as easy as the initial setup; just attach them and they’ll automatically discover the home network.

Giving the S02 an even greater advantage is its smart functionality. Connecting through a home or office Wi-Fi connection, there’s easy monitoring via the downloadable smartphone app. Enabling remote access, you can watch live video, receive notifications if a door or window is opened, and even notifications for low batteries. There’s two-way chat via the mobile app and main control panel so you can talk to someone in the home and let them know they are being monitored. As an added benefit, arming and disarming can be done via an optional outlet connection which includes voice control powered by Amazon’s Alexa service. 

Best Smart Home: COOWOO ST30 Professional Wireless Smart Home Security System

Don’t let the budget price fool you, the Coowoo smart home security system offers all the protection of more expensive options without monthly monitoring fees. Compatible with Amazon’s Alexa Skills, the Coowoo can be voice-activated and deactivated through an Echo device or through the Alexa app on both Android and iOS. The installation process is quick and easy right out of the box; it's a tool-free setup that’s plug-and-play relying on the smartphone to connect all the included pieces together for one cohesive alarm system.

All totaled, the Coowoo supports more than 50 separate sensors with one smart Wi-Fi hub, which includes the motion sensor, two-door/window contact sensors, remote control and a waterproof doorbell button. The 80dB alarm won't rupture your eardrums, but it will ward off any potential threats. The system also comes with a remote control that can activate and deactivate the alarm from anywhere in the world.

Best for Larger Homes: SABRE Home Wireless Burglar Alarm Security System

Featuring a 120dB alarm that’s detectable from up to 750 feet away, Sabre’s expandable alarm security system is a great choice for larger homes. Notably, the Sabre’s biggest selling point is the ability to add an unlimited number of sensors to its main panel, which allows for larger spaces to be properly detected at a fraction of the cost of a professional alarm system. With four operation modes (alarm, alert, home and standby), sensors can be placed up to 500 feet from the main control panel on either side without any interference.

The LCD smart panel is complemented by two door and window sensors, one remote control and a motion sensor. Adding extras is inexpensive, so buyers can add protection all over their property and still keep costs low. Other pluses: There are no monthly monitoring costs and a backup battery means you can stay protected in the event of a power outage.