The 6 Best Hisense TVs to Buy in 2018

It's time to invest in a new television from this underrated brand

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Chinese TV maker Hisense entered the U.S. market not long ago with new technologies at low prices. And while it doesn’t yet have the brand recognition of Samsung or Sony, the company is making a valiant effort to ensure its TVs are considered alongside the competition. More recently, it has expanded its offerings further with higher-end TVs, targeting buyers who are willing to spend a little more for top performance. So whether you’re looking for a budget buy or something to show off to your friends, here are our favorite Hisense TVs.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Hisense 55H8C 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2016 Model)

Hisense’s H8 series comes in a range of sizes, offering 4K compatibility and HDR support at competitive prices. As they get bigger, they add additional features, but for most people, this 55-inch model is the perfect combination of price and picture quality. It displays accurate colors, sharp detail and bold contrast no matter the environment. It also features multi-zone dimming, which dims the backlight behind various zones of the screen depending on what you’re watching. With UHD upscaling, you can watch 1080p content in as close to 4K as possible for the best possible viewing experience. Although the picture quality degrades quickly when viewed from an angle, those parked right in front will enjoy an awesome experience that rivals that of better-known brands.

Best Budget: Hisense 32H3B1 32-Inch 720p LED TV (2016 Model)

When cost is a concern, the first thing that should be tossed out the window is a brand name. Although some people seek comfort in a name they recognize, they’d be overlooking some fantastic TVs if they didn’t expand their search slightly. The Hisense 32H3B1 is the perfect example of an underdog that overperforms. It’s an LED HDTV with a full-array backlit display to keep dark images darker and bright images brighter.

Resolution tops out at 1080p, but for under $200, you shouldn’t expect to find a 4K TV anyway. And while it doesn’t have smart functionality, that’s pretty standard in a budget TV. Couple it with a Google Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV stick and you won’t be missing anything. Plus, with three HDMI ports, one USB port, one RF input, one RCA component input, one RCA composite input and one digital audio output, you can max out the connectivity with your favorite peripherals.

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Best 4K: 4K UHD Smart TV (42.6" diag.) 2017 Model 43H7D

Often used interchangeably with Ultra HD, 4K refers to a resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels. Technically, however, UHD resolution is 3840 x 2160, which is the equivalent of a 16:9 ratio TV. Still, this resolution is 4X what you’ll get with a Full HD resolution, so the picture is clearer and reveals more detail. There’s been talk about 4K for years, but only recently is it becoming more relevant to mainstream TV buyers as companies such as Netflix and Amazon producing content fit for the format.

What was once a premium feature is now also coming down in price, and we see that here with the budget-friendly 43H7D. While it doesn’t offer all the bells and whistles of more expensive 4K TVs, those things aren’t always necessary. And it’s the features that this TV gets right that earn it our pick for Best 4K Vizio TV. Its edge-lit LED display produces bright and accurate colors and offers high dynamic range processing. Some reviewers claim that the picture can be a bit too shadowy, but it didn’t bother us. The audio is surprisingly good, with relatively deep bass considering the set doesn’t have a subwoofer, and the TV has an intuitive interface for navigating your favorite streaming apps.

Best Value: Hisense 65-inch UHD Smart LED TV (65H8C)

Compared to other 4K TVs in its price range, the 65H8C delivers an impressive picture. The native contrast ratio (4152:1) and black uniformity translate into remarkable performance in dark settings. It also has good response time with little motion blur, making it especially adept at handling action-packed sequences and sports.

On the downside, the picture degrades quickly when viewed from an angle, and even though the TV features full-array backlighting, the local dimming is not highly effective. But depending on your home theater setup, that might not be enough to deter you. Reviewers on Amazon also applaud its loud sound, making the need for external speakers erroneous.

Best Curved TV: Hisense 65H10B2 Curved 65-Inch 4K Smart ULED TV (2015 Model)

Curved TV screens attempt to give the viewer a more immersive experience by wrapping around you ‐ think IMAX for your home. They also improve the sense of depth and give a wider field of view. On the downside, some people complain that they exaggerate reflections, limit viewing angles and look awkward if hung on the wall. While some still consider them a novelty, there’s much to love about Hisense’s 65-inch 4K Smart ULED TV.

It has full-array backlighting with 240 local dimming zones for more precise control of black and white levels, and also features 3M's QDEF (Quantum Dot Enhancement Film) that claims to enhance color performance. Add on a 120Hz refresh rate and you’ve got yourself a jaw-dropping display that handles motion with flying colors.    

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Best Splurge: Hisense 100-inch class 4K UHD Smart Laser TV (Model 100L8D)

This “100-inch TV” is in actuality a short-throw projector with a screen and 5.1 surround sound system. It has HDR support and 4K resolution, plus a laser light engine, which means you never have to replace a bulb. It claims a brightness of 300 nits, which is much better than a standard projector but still doesn’t stand up to an LCD TV, and has a wide color gamut (95 percent of DCI-P3).

We call this TV a splurge because, at $10K, it’s not cheap. But when compared to other 100-inch TVs, let alone a 4K TV, the price tag is actually pretty reasonable. Regardless of the price, it’s a true showstopper that will have the neighbors talking.